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  1. SeriousWine(OD)

    FFXIV AM Team Events

    Woooot, was awesome. Ty 4 hosting :D !
  2. SeriousWine(OD)

    FFXIV AM Team Events

    I'll be there !
  3. SeriousWine(OD)

    Final Poll: Where Shall We Go?

    Miss Wine, lvl 15 already. Hopefully I'll have some time to play at least a bit tomorrow !
  4. SeriousWine(OD)

    Final Poll: Where Shall We Go?

    All in for Uldah for my part. the GC is very close to the main aetheryth. Fate group would be nice but with the XP boost on Jenova you gain lvl crazy fast only with main story quests and hunting log.
  5. SeriousWine(OD)

    Final Poll: Where Shall We Go?

    Depending on the hour you guys wanna come up, I might be able to come on for a few minutes.
  6. SeriousWine(OD)

    Final Poll: Where Shall We Go?

    So since you guys will probably start during the weekend, I'm starting my character right now. That way I wont be too far behind. Going for gladiator/Tank
  7. SeriousWine(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Hdin Gear???

    This topic is now marked as resolved. If you feel your problem/situation was not fixed please get in contact with Administration.
  8. SeriousWine(OD)

    Final Poll: Where Shall We Go?

    Okay sounds good! So depending on where we go, I'll probably start friday during day or the next monday.
  9. SeriousWine(OD)

    Im leaving OD

    Sometimes a little time off thats all you need. That being said there's few things we can do to increase activity in different time zones. I dont know if your decision is final or not but we should talk about it before doing anything drastic. I wont resign in letting you leave before trying everything we can.
  10. SeriousWine(OD)

    Final Poll: Where Shall We Go?

    Seems like Jenova is pretty popular. I'm down for whatever you guys think its best. When are you planning to restart so I can try to tag along ?!
  11. SeriousWine(OD)

    Is There Still Interest?

    D2 occupies quite of my gaming time, that being said I'm still interested in playing FF14. I got my character up to lvl 50+ so depending on my availability, I'll surely attend some events !
  12. SeriousWine(OD)

    Fresh blood

    Welcome to OD my friend, let me know if you need anythaaaaang !
  13. SeriousWine(OD)

    New member

    Welcome to OD, let me know if you need anything !
  14. SeriousWine(OD)


    Weeeeeelcooome my friend !! Let me know if you need help with anything !
  15. SeriousWine(OD)

    well i finally joined.

    Welcome to the OD family, nice to have you aboard !