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  1. What's the best thing you've found so far?

    Found a 32 Life Light Skill GC about 15 minutes ago in Nightmare Cows. MOOOOO
  2. DH's ISO/MF List

    Adding a another character(of which I've yet to make) to my ISO/MF list: Trang'Oul Necromancer: Full Trang'Oul set, ideally with 45 Fire Resist on Trang'Oul Shield Death Web Wand(ideally perfect with -50% Poison Resistance and +2 P&B) Marrowwalk Boots Mara's Amulet Rings: Undecided atm but presently pegged to be Dwarf Star and Wisp Projector. Ultimately might go with dual Rare Rings with +Stats/Resistances(notably in Fire/Lightning). Torch&Anni with Anni being the hard part lol Switch CTA/Spirit Monarch(I have Spirit Monarch on me provided the character holding it doesn't die). ECA Insight, EFort/ETreachery/EShafstop(with Um rune), and Andy(Ethereal if possible along with Ral) Harmony Bow(For Iron Golem) 4 x 5/5 Poison Facets
  3. DH's ISO/MF List

    Figure for those playing HC this season I'd give my ISO/MF goal. Presently I have a Cold/Blizz Sorceress in Act 5 Nightmare(level 64) and a Concentrate/WW Barb in Act 1 Hell(level 59). Gear wise, neither one have much of anything but I did find an Aldur Weapon yesterday, which might cause me to make an Aldur Druid for fun. Anyways... here's what I'll be looking to get for each character: Barb: Full IK Set plus 2 x 40/15 Jewels for Mace(to get 70 IAS on Weapon for WW) and 3 x Ber Runes to get 24% DR(to go along with Set's 20%). Ravenfrost and BK Rings Mara's 2 x BO Sticks(Should be able to get these but so far no luck at Malah) Barb Torch/Anni Act 1 Faith Merc Gear Sorc: HotO(Will take some time) Stormshield(costly I know) plus 15 Resist/15% Requirements Jewel(or Eld rune if all else fails) Shako(Baal enough I should find one) plus Um or 15 Resist/7 FHR Jewel AP CoH(this will take awhile) Spider Magefists(Shouldn't be too hard to get) War Travs(or any good pair of Boots) Maras 2 x SOJ CTA/Lidless on Switch unless Eld is in SS. Then go Spirit Monarch. Sorc Torch/Anni Act 2 Infinity Merc Gear Druid(Have yet to make him, purely optional): Full Aldur Set(Got Weapon) plus 3 x 15 Resist/7 FHR Jewels, Um(or 15 Resist/7 FHR Jewel) and 2 x Ber. StormShield plus Eld Rune Spider Magefists 2 x SOJ 2 Druid/20 FCR Rare Amulet with stats/resistance(Poison preferable) CTA/Lidless on Switch Druid Torch.Anni If you happen to MF anything, lmk and I'll see what I can haggle for it lol.
  4. 15IAS 30+ED Jewels

    Yeah... good luck with that. ED/IAS Jewels are a needle in a haystack. With Bots being drastically curtailed, supply of gg items(notably Runes and Jewels) is way down.
  5. PvM Trang'Oul Poison Necromancer

    In light of the fact that Anni charms are hard to come by, I figure I would update this build not only for myself but for anyone who might be inclined to try this build out. If you're not fond of sets, then I recommend CotDaniel's PvM Poison Necro build where you're able to teleport and deal decent amounts of damage. The fact my initial build uses Treks(I must have a strong bond with those boots when Marrowwalks would do so much more), I figure I'd dust this build off and update it. @CotDaniel(OD) what ya think? Skills: Nothing has changed from initial build, being a Poison Necromancer and all 20 Poison Nova 20 Poison Dagger 20 Poison Explosion 20 Skeleton Mastery 1 Lower Resist *Primary Curse* 1 Dim Vision *Useful on Souls and other range foes* 1 Revive *Although not permanent, these guys pack a punch when buffed by Skeleton Mastery* 1 Summon Resist *Boosts Resistance of Revives and other summoned minions* 15 Prerequisites 99/110 Surplus points as you see fit but I'd do Bone Wall/Prison to boost Bone Armor or Golem Mastery to boost life of Iron Golem Stats: Strength: Enough to equip. Highest Strength item will be your switch Shield at 156 Strength. Your primary shield yields 25 to Strength but will not be counted due to the fact it won't be equipped if you intend to utilize a Spirit Monarch on switch. If you opt to use Lidless, then your highest item will be your Boots at 118. Keep in mind that if you wish for your Boots to be equipped on switch that the Strength boost from your primary shield may not be counted. If you don't care about that, then your Strength requirement will be far less. Base Strength is 15 so under ideal conditions, your Strength will sit at 60. Adding in 58 points will be enough to equip your boots, thereby raising your Strength to ideally 138, leaving 18 more points(for a grand total of 76) to hit the mark of 156. If you opt to equip Lidless and don't care about Boots on Switch, then you will be at 85 under ideal conditions, leaving 33 points to invest. Granted, this assumes you have a perfect stat Anni charm. With them in short supply or hard to come by, your stat investment will be at least 20 points higher. Dexterity: Enough for Max Block. Might be a bit insane to shoot for 75% Block given the stat investment required but this build would benefit greatly in doing so due to its unique perk. To achieve max block at level 99 will require 263 Dexterity, less if you opt to place an Eld rune into the Shield. This build doesn't call for that but I'm throwing it out there for those who want to consider it. Base Dexterity is 25 and under ideal conditions, you will be sitting at 102 after all Item/Inventory bonuses have been applied. That leaves another 161 points to invest, which is no small task and considering Anni charms are hard to come by, your stat investment will be much more than that. Vitality: All remaining points here Energy: None and with this build you shouldn't need it Gear: Full Trang'Oul set(encompasses Helm, Chest, Gloves and Shield) that yields following: +5 Necromancer skills(+3 from complete set, +2 to each tree) +25 to Strength +15 to Dexterity +88 to 95 Fire Resistance(recommend 45 roll on Trang'Oul Shield) +120 to Cold Resistance + Can't be Frozen +100 to Lightning Resistance +130 to Poison Resistance +25% Physical Resistance +25% Poison Skill Damage -25% to Enemy Poison Resistance Replenish Life +25(that's 2.5 life/second) Regenerate Mana 105% 25% Faster Hit Recovery 40% Faster Run/Walk Turn into a Vampire with Fire skills Socket 5/5 Poison Facets into Helm, Chest and Shield for additional buff to Poison modifiers. Weapon: Death Web +2 Necro skills +1-2 to P&B Skills(will want +2) -40-50% to Enemy Poison Resistance(will want 50 here) Socket with 5/5 Poison Facet Switch: CTA/Spirit Monarch Boots: Marrowalk 20% Faster Run/Walk +1-2 Skeleton Mastery(want 2 here) +10-20 Strength(roll here don't matter much unless you want to use Spirit Monarch) +17 Dexterity Regenerate Mana 10% Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope +2 skills +5 stats +20-30 All Resistance(recommend 30 here) Rings: Dwarf Star and Wisp Projector Fire and Lightning Absorb rings. This build, however, does give flexibility at the ring slot. You can opt to use one or neither of the rings listed here and choose to go with dual SOJ for +2 skills and 50% Mana or you can go with dual rare rings that boost stats and resistances(notably Fire and Lightning) even further. Inventory: Torch, Anni* Skill GC's are purely OPTIONAL and if chosen, I recommend having +Dex as a suffix to reduce stat investment :) *Anni's are hard to come by lately but if you're lucky enough to get one, don't complain about the roll you get. Merc: Act 2 Prayer Merc with ECA(Ethereal Cryptic Axe) Insight, EFort/ETreachery/EShafstop(with Um) and Andy(preferably Ethereal with Ral rune). **Iron Golem** Necromancers have the unique skill of Iron Golem wherein a Golem takes on the properties of the item that was used to create it. Since Iron Golem is a prerequisite of Revive, this build has the ability to use it. Some players like to use Inisght for Iron Golem since if the Golem dies, it can be easily replaced since Insight sets are cheap and you don't care what damage the Golem does so long as it provides the Meditation Aura. Seeing as this build calls for a Act 2 Prayer Merc with Insight(to take advantage of the healing synergy), what item to use for Iron Golem? Well, again you have flexibility here but I find it comes down to two options: Beast runeword for Fanatacism to bolster the effects of your summoned minions(which will mostly be Revives but you can throw some Skeletons in there for good measure) or Harmony runeword for Vigor Aura. For this build, I recommend Harmony for the following two reasons: 1) As a Vampire in Trang'Oul set, you walk as fast as you run. Since you can't Teleport, anything that boosts your movement speed enhances your mobility even further!! 2) This movement speed bonus is applied to your minions, thereby giving them insane movement speed(thereby allowing them to engage foes that much faster). If you need another reason to go with Harmony, Harmony is a CHEAP runeword to make: Tir + Ith + Sol + Ko. Meaning even if your Golem should happen to die, it won't be too difficult to recast him again to get that level 10 Vigor Aura(+36% Faster Run/Walk) that also is granted to Allies(so who needs to Teleport?). Plus, more often than not you will be playing with Smiters/Zealers or Bow Amazons that utilize Fanaticism Aura(and are stronger than what Beast would yield), and very rarely will anyone have Vigor active. In a party, Vigor makes clearing Chaos or any area so much easier(especially if they cant teleport). Gear yields following: +13 to Necromancer Skills(14 with Anni) +2 to Poison&Bone 75% Block which is active 24/7 thanks to Walk perk from Trang'Oul set 96% Faster Run/Walk(60% from gear, 36% from Iron Golem) Regenerate Mana 115%(105% from Trang'Oul set, 10% from Marrowwalks). May not need Insight after all but its there as insurance and for allies. With Mana Regeneration that high, liberal use of Nova and Curses is advised :) 48 All Resistance(minimum) with it going as high as 95 All Resistance(capped at 75). 48 Resistance is without an Anni and its possible to hit 75 All Resistance but requires a 45 Fire Resistance roll on Trang'Oul Shield, 30 Resist Mara's and a perfect Resist roll on Torch. Anni Charm is the only way to get up to 20 stacked resistance. More so if you go with Rare rings with Resistance(preferably with Fire and Lightning). Cold and Poison Resistance is guaranteed at 75. 25% Damage Reduction. Not ideal, particularly for Hardcore, but its better than nothing. +45% Poison Skill Damage(with 4 x 5/5 Poison Facets) -95% to Enemy Poison Resistance(with Perfect Death Web and 4 x 5/5 Poison Facets). Against most monsters in the game, you're looking from anywhere from -79 to -100 Enemy Poison Resistance when affected by Lower Resist Curse(hence x1.79 to x2 or double damage!!). If the enemy is immune, you're looking at the following Resistance: 100 yields -6(-11 from breaking, -95 from gear), 105 yields -1(-11 from breaking, -95 from gear) and 110 yields +4(-11 from breaking, -95 from gear). Anni charm reduces resistance by another point thanks to hitting 60 threshold. Anything above 110 Resistance you can't break. -59%(60% with Anni) to enemy Resistance via Lower Resist Curse(stacks with Conviction for Fire/Cold/Lightning). Level 35 Poison Nova yielding 4687 to 4859 Poison Damage(boosted 45%) over 2 seconds. Level 36(with Anni) gives 4906 to 5078(again boosted 45%). Life Calculations: At level 99 and assuming ideal conditions: 45(Base Life) + 147(Life from leveling) + 536(268 remaining stat points into Vitality) + 90(Torch, Anni, Mara's boost to Vitality) + 106(Dwarf Star + Trang'Oul Belt) = 924 Life(728 of which is BO'able). Conclusion: This build is mostly a support build meant to cast Lower Resist Curse to assist Sorceress and other classes dealing Elemental Damage while providing additional support through Revives and other Summons. If necessary, this build can get up close and personal quickly thanks to the 96% FRW and unleash a Poison Nova or two before retiring to the rear or heading to the next hot spot. Against Poison Immunes, you have Fire Skills to unleash on your immune foes but know that they don't pack the punch that a Fire Sorceress can unleash and there will be times that you can't do jack against them. Plus if you like trolling friends, this build is definitely for you :)
  6. Most popular builds for Necromancers are Summoners(Skeletons and/or Revived) and Bone(all Bone related skills, notably Spear). Poison has a few noteworthy ones as well and Poison is arguably the best choice for the Necromancer's Elite set in Trang'Oul. The build requires a reliance on Lower Resist Curse as this removes Poison Immunity on a few of the enemies you will face on Hell but doesn't break all of them(Sand Maggots and Venom Lords being the noteworthy ones). Fortunately, on those situations you have another element at your disposal: Fire. Although the Fireballs and Meteors at your disposal(granted from the set) aren't as potent as a Fire Sorceress, they should be strong enough to help you whittle down or eliminate the Poison Immune foes you will face. For those Fire and Poison Immune situations, either have your Merc kill them, your Revives kill them, an ally kill them or simply avoid if possible. Without further ado, the build: Stats: Enough to equip and for max block(optional but recommended), rest into vitality Skills: 20 Poison Dagger 20 Poison Explosion 20 Poison Nova 20 Skeleton Mastery 1 Lower Resist 1 Summon Resist 1 Revive 1 Bone Wall 1 Dim Vision 15 prerequisites(6 Curses, Teeth, CE and Bone Armor plus 6 in Summon Tree) Gear: Helm: Trang-Oul Guise 25% Faster Hit Recovery Replenish Life +5 +80-100 Defense (varies) +150 To Mana Attacker Takes Damage of 20 Chest: Trang-Oul Scales +150% Enhanced Defense Requirements -40% 40% Faster Run/Walk Poison Resist +40% +100 Defense vs. Missile +2 To Summoning Skills (Necromancer Only) Lightning Resist +50% (3 Items) Damage Reduced By 25% (Complete Set) Shield: Trang-Oul Wing +125 Defense +30% Increased Chance Of Blocking Poison Resist +40% Fire Resist +38-45% (varies) +15 To Dexterity +25 To Strength +2 To Poison And Bone Skills (Necromancer Only) -25% To Enemy Poison Resistance (3 Items) Replenish Life +15 (4 Items) Belt: Trang-Oul Girth +75-100 Defense (varies) Requirements -40% Cannot Be Frozen Replenish Life +5 +25-50 To Mana (varies) +30 Maximum Stamina +66 To Life Cold Resist +40% (3 Items) Gloves: Trang-Oul Claws +20% Faster Cast Rate Cold Resist +30% +30 Defense +25% Poison Skill Damage +2 To Curses (Necromancer Only) Partial Set Bonus +18 To Fire Ball (2 Items)* Regenerate Mana 15% (2 Items) +13 To Fire Wall (3 Items) Additional Regenerate Mana 15% (3 Items) Additional Regenerate Mana 15% (4 Items) +10 To Meteor (4 Items) Complete Set Bonus +3 To Necromancer Skill Levels 20% Life Stolen Per Hit +3 To Fire Mastery +10 To Meteor +13 To Fire Wall +18 To Fire Ball* +200 Defense +100 To Mana Regenerate Mana 60% All Resistances +50 Transforms into Vampire Weapon: Death's Web +50% Damage To Undead -40-50% To Enemy Poison Resistance (varies) +7-12 To Mana After Each Kill (varies) +7-12 Life After Each Kill (varies) +2 To All Skills +1-2 To Poison And Bone Skills (Necromancer Only) (varies) Boots: Sandstorm Treks(Ethereal if possible) +140-170% Enhanced Defense (varies) +20% Faster Hit Recovery +20% Faster Run/Walk + (1 Per Character Level) +1-99 Maximum Stamina (Based On Character Level) +10-15 To Strength (varies) +10-15 To Vitality (varies) 50% Slower Stamina Drain Poison Resist +40-70% (varies) Repairs 1 Durability In 20 Seconds Rings: SOJ and Wisp Projector SOJ: +1 To All Skills Increase Maximum Mana 25%* Adds 1-12 Lightning Damage +20 To Mana Wisp Projector: 10% Chance To Cast Level 16 Lightning On Striking Lightning Absorb 10-20% (varies) 10-20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (varies) Level 7 Spirit of Barbs (11 charges) Level 5 Heart of Wolverine (13 charges) Level 2 Oak Sage (15 charges) Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope +2 To All Skills All Resistances +20-30 (varies) +5 To All Attributes Switch: CTA and Spirit Monarch(for Buffing) Inventory: Torch, Anni and Poison&Bone GC's(optional) *Add Sockets to Weapon, Helm, Chest and Shield. For Helm, recommend Um Rune or 15 All Resist/7%FHR Jewel. For Weapon and Chest, 5/5 Poison Facets(+10% Poison Damage, -10% Enemy Resistance). For Shield, either Eld Rune(for higher block chance) or Ber Rune(to tack on more Damage reduction)* Merc: Act 2 Defiance with ECV Insight, Eth Fort and Eth Vamp Gaze(15 All Resist/15 IAS Jewel) Gear yields: +13 Necromancer skills(Buffed) with +2 to Curses, +2 Summoning and +3-4 to Poison and Bone Minimum of 160 All Resistances(175 with Helm socketed) with All Resistances potentially hitting 190(205 if Helm is socketed). Cold and Poison will be well above that, although you won't benefit without +max Resistance +25% Poison Skill damage(35% with Poison Facets) and -65-75% Enemy Poison Resistance(75-85% with Facets). Lower Resist will drop it an additional 61% so unless the enemy is Poison Immune, all non-immune targets will have their resistance dropped into the negative Level 36-37 Poison Nova(dealing roughly 5k base Poison Damage over 2 seconds) 45 FHR(52 with Jewel) 25% Damage Reduction(33 if you opt to Ber Shield) How to play: Pretty simple really: Cast Lower Resist, cast Poison Nova once or twice, watch enemy die. Revive fallen foes to prevent their resurrection and to bolster your own firepower(particularly to handle Poison Immune monsters). Merc raises your defenses while replenishing your mana and due to the 60 FRW from set and boots, you'll be hard to hit(not to mention having fun pranking other players).
  7. Member Winter Award Results!

    Based on what happened last night on Discord, one would wonder how MelodicRose keeps winning Most Quietest. Not everyday you have to explain to people around you that the loud sound coming out of your headset speakers was a certain someone on a FF14 raid -.- I will take Most Ominous though eventually
  8. Share your pics!

    Keep baiting me and I'll add your Panda to my kill list.
  9. Found a Rainbow Facet Jewel!

    Decent find but not to burst your bubble but unless its 5/5, people rarely, if ever, buy them.
  10. PVM - Hybrid Poison Necro

    Yeah but I've played with Trang's before too and I find it to be quite adequate and I don't get dependent on Corpse Explosion(I use Revives instead of Skeletons and they do considerable damage if I get a pack of Snakes or other good monsters like Megademons). If there's any drawback to Trang's is that you can't teleport to force your minions to shield you(but that's where the higher defensive stats of the set come into play, allowing you to take a hit or two, more so if you have Absorb rings). Plus with Trang Set, your -%Poison Resistance can hit -95% with a perfect Death Web. Meaning against anything not Poison Immune, you're easily at -20 or greater(with Lower Resist pushing you to at least -80 or -100). Against Poison Immunes that you happen to break, that extra -25% Resistance goes a long way in dealing damage. So much so that it might remove most, if not all of their Resistance entirely. The thing is that if you opted to swap for Trang Shield and Belt in your build, you'd lose 3 to Necro skills(and lose 2 to Curses for a net of -5, but gain 2 to P&B so net result on that is -1) and 40 to All Resistance(Trang Shield does come with Fire and Poison Resistance though, as does the Belt on Cold so you only lose Lightning Resistance and the one that ultimately matters imo). I also agree that Poison Necro's are under-represented considering that the vast majority of monsters in the game they can kill, even those that happen to be Poison Immune at first. The main reason I support Trang's is that you're leaving a lot up to those rare items when it comes to Resistance. If you can get a godly 2/20 Helm with great All Resistance and 2 sockets, more power to you. You could also throw in a CoA as a third helm option, although it might require Stat Points into Strength(largely based on how godly of a FCR/Strength ring you can acquire). As I said though, not bad but how one gears a Necromancer is all up to personal preference :)
  11. Passing the Torch

    Yeah well I'm going to pull a Resignation coup by giving Tris a 3rd option. This option, largely based on whether Tris is willing to accept it, is as follows: 1) Tris will instead be set-ranked down to Sergeant Major or Staff Sergeant(his call) and will be exempt from promotion. As an Enlisted, he's free from having to do ANYTHING but just has to make sure he logs into the website at least once every 2 weeks(which I'm sure he can do but you never know lol). 2) Aerineth must get on Starcraft 2 and then DEFEAT Tris in a 1v1 match using w/e rule set Tris desires(Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm or Legacy of the Void. Do note the rule sets do matter as it determines what units and upgrades are required/available for each faction). If Aer wins, Tris will stay. If Tris wins, Tris can do w/e he wants :P 3) If Tris was to stay, I was contemplating doing a Husband and Wife Tournament on Starcraft 2 someday. Considering its free to play, its not out of the realm of possibility to host one but Tris just went and forced my hand. 4) I'll agree to end my Panda hunt on MelodicRose if and only if Tris agrees to this 3rd option(Aer... your panda will die). If Tris doesn't agree to these terms, then I wish him the best. It's extremely hard to call it quits when you've devoted as much time and effort as he has to a community.
  12. Passing the Torch

    Come now... you don't recognize Sarcasm? Now you'll deny me the attention I was seeking
  13. Passing the Torch

    Ditto what Dabomb said but I know full well I'm going to get blamed for this >_>
  14. PVM - Hybrid Poison Necro

    Decent guide and finally one from someone other than me(or Tiedye). Even if I have to go back and clarify/fix things in supplemental posts lol. Generally Poison Necro's aren't ideal for being the main runner because everything doesn't die in an instant like they would from a Hammerdin, Javazon or Sorceress(unless you use Corpse Explosion but that requires a corpse and I'd much rather use em for a Minion). Furthermore while Teleporting is nice(as it clumps your minions together on you), I find Necromancers(regardless of build) are better as a Support class and keeping low level players alive in runs by casting curses(Dim Vision or Decrepify to slow them down) and using their minions to occupy the enemy while they escape from harm. As such, I think one might want to consider the full Trang'Oul set for this hybrid Poison build if only because it gives you a far more "Defensive" build(I have one posted if anyone wants to read it, although I don't use Iron Golem. Not everyone knows or utilizes that skill's unique perk). I understand that if played properly, you shouldn't be hit to begin with for this build but not everyone is flawless or perfect when playing this game(like me lol). Plus, as currently constructed, this build lacks on the DR/Resistance front(8% DR with Enigma, 40 All Resistance with perfect Torch, Anni(hard to come by now it appears) and Mara's. Trang Gloves(which you forgot by the way along with Torch and Anni), boost Cold to 70). The Gloves are already a given(any Expansion Necromancer who doesn't use them is frankly an idiot lol) and the Trang Shield gives a nice boost to -%Poison Resistance when combined with a 3rd set item(typically the Belt due to its Can't be Frozen mod and the upside of other items at Chest/Helm) and I find -%Poison Resistance to be more powerful than boosting Poison skill damage. By subbing Trang Shield and Belt in for Spider/Hommunculus, you might as well go all the way in equipping the entire set ;P. If you do so, you gain the following. +3 Necromancer skills(original build had +7 here) +2 to Summoning and Poison&Bone(Curse Tree is really the only one adversely affected) Insane Walking Speed* 25% DR 60 All Resistance(minimum) with Cold at max Regenerate Life +25(that's 2.5 life/second) Regenerate Mana 105%(who needs Insight lol) Fire skills to help deal with Poison Immunes(although they're nothing compared to a Fire Sorceress) 3 Armor Sockets(Helm, Chest, Shield) for Facets(same number as primary build) *Thanks to the set turning you into a Vampire, one of the perks of the set is that you walk as fast as you would run. This means you suffer no loss in BLOCKING and hence should strongly consider getting max block, although the stat investment would be quite high(263 Dexterity at level 99. Eld rune would save you some points). Furthermore, without Teleport and the inherent casting delay the set has, FCR is all but pointless to get. Meaning FCR rings aren't needed and can go with dual SOJ for +skills and mana(or absorb rings if you wish to go more defensive). You might also want to mention what you have on Switch(CTA/Spirit?).
  15. DH here with your now regularly scheduled source of being an Asshole having now been promoted to WO1(To those who it may concern, you were warned :D). This has been simmering for awhile now but since its now a new year, I felt the need to enlighten the rest of the clan about the expectations we hold for our Leadership. To quote your own guidelines: TLDR: All Generals are to be evaluated every 3 to 6 months. Guideline expressly states every 3 months but I give leeway and if memory serves it was 3 to 6. Triny meets that criteria, as does Dabomb and Pops(with Compfreak and Xayj(as a Colonel) falling within the last 6 months). The rest of the General staff, unfortunately, does not have an Evaluation recent enough to satisfy your own Guidelines. The biggest culprits of them all? Our very own 5-Star Generals(aka Commanders), some of which have unacceptable DSL for their rank. The last Commander to be evaluated was Terra and that was when she was looking to get her 5th star over a year ago. Rest of the Commanders haven't been evaluated in roughly 2 years(if not longer). Are Commanders exempt from the Evaluation process or do we get to hold their ass to the fire like every other General? Lets face it folks, either they get evaluated or they need to resign as Commanders because not being able to hold everyone accountable amounts to tyranny and the Libertarian in me just can't have that. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way so what say you Commanders? For the record, I was doing the following this morning: PS: If I get demoted for this, I take full responsibility. Do take into consideration I may be doing this just for that reason . Also if I'm stuck as a WO, may I get bumped to the correct usergroup here, on Discord and Teamspeak? Also to anyone reading this:
  16. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    I explained why I made this topic in my OP. I was promoted to WO, told people that they'd regret that happening, and consequently decided to begin my reign of Assholery by putting a foot up some complacent asses because honestly it needed to be done(and no one in the Officer or General ranks appears to have the stones to say/do so and you, Terra, said so yourself that I had some real balls for doing this). As the title states: "Commanders need to be evaluated" implied that I thought the 5-Star Generals(aka Commanders) should be put under review just like every other General and what made my argument for doing so even stronger is that it has been over 2 years(if not longer) for 4 of you with regards to being evaluated(Terra being the lone exception having been promoted to Commander roughly a year ago). While my ultimatum may have been a bit rash, I was in a win-win situation. Either Commanders put themselves up for review(hence I win) or I got demoted back down into the Enlisted ranks for pointing out something rather obvious and a clear loophole in their Evaluation policy(or failure to abide by it if there isn't one). Me being demoted for pointing out the obvious would come across as striking a nerve and would engender sympathy and support from the Community at-large. Furthermore with the possibility of me being demoted to Enlisted being that I could go back to not giving a damn about contributing, it meant I had nothing to lose in doing this. If I was kicked out for doing something like this, eh fine and its your loss. I suppose if there was anything I did wrong was that I did this out in the open for everyone to see and hence violating the cardinal rule of "Creating unnecessary Drama". Yet I believe it was you, Terra, who complained that they didn't have anything to do or there wasn't enough problems/drama to deal with. Well, if you want issues to deal with, I can be your Asshole I got Ragnorak to post an Evaluation, which is an accomplishment in its own right because the guy doesn't post much and the fact hes now on Discord as a result of this is a positive achievement. You, Terra, have posted an Evaluation, which leaves Aer(who said he'd be doing one), Tris and Badboi. I should mention that another trigger for me doing this was the high DSL that you all seem to have been getting lately and the fact Generals are immune to the site repercussions but will be held against you when put up for review. Yet if you're not up for review, how can this be held against you?
  17. I've been playing the Civilization series since I got Civilization 2(Gold Edition) back on an old Power Macintosh in the 90's(yes I've been playing for a long time lol). The game has undergone a rather vivid transformation over the years, most notably in the GUI department where instead of a plain map with bland terrain features and inanimate pictures for units to one with a more defined environment filled with units that actually move, attack and show signs of life. If your new to the series, the game shouldn't be too hard to pick up. Its those that have played Civ 5 that might take a bit longer to learn the ropes because we've become used to the Civ 5 parameters. The biggest change, as I see it, is the change towards City States. No longer are they a source for Gold and Workers like they were in Civ 5(where aggressive players/Civs would demand tribute on a daily basis). Now its much more beneficial to keep them alive as crazy as it sounds because they provide a passive bonus to your Empire each and every turn in the form of +Science, +Production(two forms of it too), +Culture or +Gold depending on the type of City State. Its even better if you can manage to get them to become your Ally, wherein they provide a unique bonus to your Empire that can turn the tide in your favor(in addition to whatever military or resources they happen to have at their disposal). The other change is that there is now two tech trees: One for Science that we're all accustomed to but one now for Culture that forces players to not neglect one's own Culture as the Culture tree unlocks more advanced forms of Government and Wonders that can help you advance Technologically and Spiritually(aka Religious). When trying the game out for the first time(mind you I'm still a beginner and probably won't play much due to love of other games and the fact someone monopolizes it... *cough*), I chose Rome on a True start location game. This brought back memories of Civilization 2&3 where Civilizations could be made to start where they actually existed. Rome has always been a favorite of mine, be it in Civ 2, 3, 4 or 5. Their Legions retained the ability to build a Roman Fort from Civ 5 but lost their Civ 5 trait of building Roads. The reason for this is because they don't have to :D. Every Roman City you found(or capture) is yielded two distinct perks. Firstly they're granted a free City Center building(which in most cases is a Monument) and a Trading Post. Through the Monument and Trading Post, they quickly boost Culture while at the same time expanding your Trade Network since the Trading Post establishes a Road Network to all nearby Trading Posts. Meaning every town in your Empire will have a Road leading to it, hence all roads lead to Rome. This Road perk pays HUGE dividends as it means two things. 1) You don't have to trade domestically to generate the roads/trading posts(saving you time that could be spent trading with City-States and other/more lucrative routes) and 2) You don't have to train Military Engineers to build them later on in the game if you never get around to it. This means sending reinforcements on a military campaign is much easier and makes Rome a very versatile Domination Victory Civilization as Trading Posts are automatically established on Foreign Continents(meaning if a Civ fails to generate them on their own, you will do so for your own benefit). As far as I know there are no Railroads, which is another change that might surprise some people. To those who are new, Railroads drastically lower movement point cost on terrain, making moving units extremely easy, which made life in Civ 5 and previous generations so much easier. The newest addition to the game are Districts. These Districts are placed within a city's radius and tailor to a specific theme: Encampment(Military), Holy Site(Religious), Campus(Science), Theater Square(Culture), Entertainment(Amenities or Keep people happy), Industrial Zone(Production), Commercial(Gold), Harbor(Naval Production/Sea Resource Production), Aqueducts(Fresh Water/Housing), Neighborhoods(Housing), Aerodrome(Air Units) and Space Center(Space Exploration and necessary for Science Victory). As one who's played the game before, these Districts are based off what Great People would create in cities or as a terrain improvement in past iterations of the game. Furthermore, these Districts house structures(like a Library for example) that would normally all be squeezed into a single city tile in past iterations of the game. As luck would have it, these Districts generate Great People points of the type in question when manned by Civilians in the Town they're built in and receive bonuses from City-States if you have enough Diplomatic Influence with them(hence why you should keep them alive!!). Some Civilizations have unique Districts that are more powerful than their generic cousin. See Civ 6 Districts for more info. In addition, Wonders are placed on actual tiles, making building them a bit more delicate as one can't simply spam them all into one city like before. Careful planning and placement of Wonders and Districts is the key to your long-term success. List of Wonders: Civ 6 Wonders. Natural Wonders(like Mount Everest) yield particular buffs as well and colonizing around them can pay off if your fortunate enough to be near one. Natural Wonders list When playing my game I purposely selected my opponents. I chose both Greek Leaders(Gorgo(Sparta) and Pericles(Athens). Alexander is in the next expansion that hasn't been released yet), along with China, Japan, America, Aztecs and Brazil in a Standard 8 player, 12 City-State game on a True Start Location(Earth) map. I chose both Greek leaders with the hopes of catching one of them as they're off trying to settle their capital(since one would obviously colonize first) but as luck would have it, both were too close to my capital of Rome and I managed to get both of their Settlers(thereby eliminating both of them from the game prior to them even starting. Call it an exploit if you want to but it gives anyone willing to try it a strong early game push with 3 cities(which with Rome's unique perks is huge). With them now gone, I have no one near me as the closest Civilizations were on the other side of Asia or across the Atlantic, hence I was free to expand at will with only Barbarians in my way. As luck would have it, there were 5 City States nearby: Carthage(Military and its a real shame they're a city state... would love to have Hannibal vs. Scipio again lol), Hattusa(Science), Kabul(Military), Kumasi(Culture) and Zanzibar(Gold). Furthermore, their unique benefits were ideal for Rome: Carthage expands Trade Route capacity for each Encampment District, Hattusa yields a copy of every Strategic Resource you've revealed but do not own(that's HUGE since it makes upgrading/building units of the next era much easier), Kabul doubles experience gained from battles you initiate, Kumasi adds a Cultural modifier to all Trade Routes to City States(meaning with each Trade Route to a City State is +Culture, hence isn't that hard with Carthage perk) and Zanzibar yields two unique Luxury Resources, granting 6 Amenities each Empire-Wide. That's on top of +Production to Military Units(Carthage/Kabul) in Capital and Encampments, +Culture in Capital and all Theater Districts(Kumasi), +Gold in Capital and all Commercial Districts(Zanzibar) and +Science in Capital and all Campus Districts(Hattusa). See a full list of City-States here: City States As you can imagine, with 5 City-States largely to my own, I advanced rather rapidly and quickly explored the rest of the world, meeting my remaining competitors and earning their jealous ire. Brazil and America, in particular, were the ones to get their fate sealed first. I had an inkling something was about to go down when America used a Spy to sabotage one of my Industrial Districts(it died in the process). About 10 turns or so later, Brazil and America both declared war on me(joint war) and having few military units at the time(I had no reason to have one with no one around me), I was a bit unprepared like America was at the start of WW2. However, I was vastly more advanced in terms of Research compared to everyone and had more advanced units and far better production with virtually every city in my Empire having an Industrial District. Furthermore, I had the Venetian Arsenal Wonder(see: Venetian Arsenal) that might be the best Wonder in the game from the Military side of things. Therefore, I had that city cranking out ships left and right(which wasn't a problem with a Harbor District complete with a Shipyard) and soon had a Battleship Armada(several of them actually) quickly and effectively taking control of the Atlantic while my meager but far more advanced land military made their way to South America(as Brazil was the bigger threat). I underestimated just how many damn Knights they had though because I must had killed like 10 with a single Battleship Armada alone by Buenos Aires and countless more with my land units but alas I lost an Infantry unit to them. I avenged that loss by quickly steamrolling the continent, effectively using my Battleships and an Artillery unit to bombard and remove city and encampment fortifications. Before moving up the Central American Peninsula, I got an Aerodrome District and began cranking out Air units and Carriers while a few land cities began cranking out my latest technological advancement: Tanks :D. America fell much more quickly than Brazil did and I attribute much of that to the fact that their military was embarked in the Atlantic to invade either Africa or Europe where I resided. Subsequently my Battleships caught them at sea and basically eliminated them at will. Any naval assets either civilization had were meager and no match for what I had so I basically had superiority in all 3 facets: Land, Naval and Air(this one I had supreme control because no one else had any LOL). As Sun Tzu would say: WTF were they thinking? I declared war on the Aztecs because I shrewdly became allies with two city states in North and South America: Toronto and Buenos Aires(Both Industrial City States with exceptional Ally perks) and the Aztecs stupidly declared war on Toronto(I was at peace with Aztecs at the time). This gave me the ideal excuse to declare war on them to protect Toronto and essentially steamrolled my way through North America(and in much faster fashion than South America since I had to fight Brazil's land army on land without air support). After they fell, I switched my attention to the two remaining Civs. They didn't put up much of a fight after I formally declared war(I mean what can you do with Musketman against Mechnanized Infantry and Modern Armor, not to mention Jet Fighters and B-52's(Jet Bombers)) and I quickly won a Domination victory after I captured Japan's Capital with a Destroyer Armada(yes Naval melee ships can kick some ass!!). The game was released with the Aztecs as a special addition to those who pre-ordered but was later added in as a DLC 90 days after launch. Several more DLC's have been released since then but I only have the base version plus Aztecs. Another DLC is slated to be added later this year with several new Civilizations(including Alexander for Greece if I'm not mistaken). Ironically the Mongols are missing still from the Civilization list(AFAIK) and one could argue they had an instrumental impact on the formation of Asia and Europe but maybe they plan to add them later on in another DLC. Mayans and Incas are also missing from the Civilization list having been in past Civilization iterations(same with Sioux). Overall though I give this game a solid 9.5/10. I would have given it a 10 but its missing a building queue and honestly that annoys the hell out of me.
  18. Do you have WCIII keys sitting around?

    Rule of thumb: Nothing on the interwebs is "free". Either its a scam or some malicious backdoor way into gaining access to your computer. I havent used my WC3 keys in probably forever but I'm sure I gave a spare ROC key out for someone to use for Ops at one time(and I forget which one much less to whom I gave it to(was years ago)). I've also forgotten where I put those original keys even though I have at least 1 ROC/FT pair bound to my B.Net account.
  19. How do I use teamspeak, just downloaded

    If you downloaded and installed the application successfully, open it up wherein it may prompt you to update it(if its not at the latest version). Update it if that's the case, otherwise getting on is actually not that hard. Click Connections -> Connect in the drop down menu. Type in the server address: ts3.overdosed.net(no password) and your nickname(in this case Son(OD)). Then hit connect and you should see everyone there that happens to be online. To set up your Microphone/Headset, go to Tools -> Options and the Capture tab(Push to Talk is advised). Then merely ask an Officer or above to set you to your appropriate user group(Trial Member/Enlisted, etc.) and your main game(which I believe is Diablo 2 no?). These settings are computer specific so if you have 2 computers like I do, it's a bit of a pain lol. If you have any questions, just ask.
  20. HC Help

    I might be on tomorrow, I might not lol. Going to be busy tomorrow but if I'm not around then Thursday ought to be it(pretty much any time Thursday short of 8-9pm PDT when I have to head off for sleep lol). That's IF Civilization 6 doesn't consume me first. New game allure after all.
  21. 2018 Movie of the Year

    Bit premature to call this award(and honestly I could care less 99% of the time) but I think the following might win the award on sheer Starcraft-esque style or "Hell, its about time". I don't normally push sequels but I've been waiting on this one and if it doesn't win Movie of the Year, it sure as hell will win Animated Film of the Year. Frozen 2, another sequel, will win 2019, even though the expectations for that movie are astronomical. They're even trying to keep interest in that Franchise alive by airing a Frozen short with the new Coco movie that just debuted recently. Even the expectations for the movie below are quite high. PS: That's @TypeReaL(OD) when wearing pants.
  22. HC Help

    Rush you how far? I've noted that you're like level 50 in Normal right now so I could probably do Nightmare with my Druid but Hell... as usual, may prove a bit more difficult because I haven't found the gear I need yet XD. Despite that, I'll see what I can do to help you next time I'm on.
  23. DH's ISO/MF List

    Heh I found IK Helm after killing Baal once and gave it to a clanmate that I was Baaling at the time. Was either Jaquise, Radarrick or someone else that seems to escape me lol. I suppose I could take possession of them at some point but I'd like to get him Hell Rushed and level'd more since the Maul and Armor require level 76.
  24. NFL 2017 Season: What I got right/wrong

    The NFL season has only 1 game left for Week 6 but its safe to say that I was right on some things but horribly wrong on others. What I got right: 1) Raiders are overrated. I said in another thread that the Raiders got super freaking lucky last year and that their Defense still sucked. Today they lost their 4th game in a row on a last second FG because their Defense couldn't get a stop. I said in my regular season predictions that the Raiders might go 6-10 and it looks like my prediction is going to be spot on, with or without Derek Carr. 2) 49ers, Colts and Browns are awful. Both Niners and Browns are currently 0-6(while Colts are 2-3 so far without Luck, a sheer miracle) and I don't see the Niners or the Browns winning a game the rest of the season. Granted, I will give both teams credit in that they both fight to the very end but the talent on both sides of the ball, notably on Offense, is just so bad that it would require the opposing team basically giving the game away(like the Redskins almost did today). 3) Patriots will win AFC East by default. Even with losses against Carolina and Kansas City, the AFC East is so bad that the Patriots will still win it by default. Even the referees agree with me because they basically robbed the Jets of a Touchdown. What I got wrong: 1) Rams are the real deal. The way the Rams have played so far this season is a blatant indictment of Jeff Fisher and where the fuck was this Todd Gurley last year when he was on my Fantasy Team -.-. I gave the Niners a shot at winning a game against the Rams but the way they've looked so far this year, I don't think its going to happen. 2) Patriots Defense is that bad. I knew their Defense was average at best but I never thought it would be this bad. Six straight 300 yard passers, including Josh McCown of the Jets today. Despite that bad defense, they're still going to win that Division but when it comes to the Playoffs, I can't put them as a lock to go far. 3) Packers would be winning the NFC North. Rodgers going down today kind of takes the Packers out of the running and opens the door wide open for the Vikings, Lions and hell the Bears(who won today) to take the Division. Also, just for you Cleveland fans: You can add Hogan and Kizier to that list now too.
  25. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to this but I've been busy and have been patiently waiting for everyone to chime in. Skimmed through pretty much everything that has been posted so far but as I told @Aerineth(OD) on Discord, It doesn't stop me from saying that all Generals, including Commanders, should be evaluated at least every 6 to 12 months(regardless of whether or not they intend to go up the rank chain). This is to ensure that complacency doesn't set in and that those with the power are actually using it. The fact that the majority of Commanders have gone over 2 years since they were last evaluated is a bit eye raising. I mean sure you have no where to go on the rank chain but it'd be nice to get an update as to what you're all up to right now and whether or not we feel you warrant getting a kick in the ass. Here's a brief rundown of what I've seen from the Commanders in my time here: Aerineth has been relatively active in Overwatch and lately Final Fantasy, helping MelodicRose establish a small and growing Division within OD. Been awhile since your last evaluation but you noted that you were thinking of actually doing one(might be time no?). Tris, not sure what you've been up to but real life has sure been good to you(much luck on that btw). An Evaluation might help shed some light on your day to day exploits. Badboi, outside of making beer and doing Overwatch, you're kind of in the same boat as Tris. Terra, although your 4 to 5 Star Evaluation was roughly a year ago, it might be nice to know what you've been up to since then. Ragnarok... I think I speak for everyone when I say that you need to enter the 21st Century. AIM is dead and Trillian has been largely replaced by better and more modern platforms. I mean Discord is basically Trillian but MUCH, MUCH better. Also thought you'd be doing FF14 but I've yet to hear of you being on there so... what gives? May not be accurate representations of every Commander but that's what Evaluations are for(to clear the air and inform everyone what you've been up to). I went into this thread with the objective to ruffle some feathers(seems I succeeded). That was Step 1. Step 2: ????(working on that and may require multiple objectives). Step 3: Profit(or in this case 2024 Coup Commander run). Note that this topic wasn't aimed at 1-4 star Generals but our 5-star Bureaucrats(and if anyone doesn't get the Southpark joke, you all suck).