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    Gosh... hard to make a list but obviously SPACEBALLS! Then Star Wars and TMNT(the old ones and yeah I had a thing for them back in the late 80's, early 90's).
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    Like movies, hard to list but when it comes to TV shows I morph back into a child in a way as I watch primarily animated shows(like Star Wars Rebels, Futurama, Family Guy, Simpsons, etc.). A few more notable ones are Avatar series(Last Airbender and Legend of Korra) and Code Lyoko(relatively unkown import from France). Also watch Big Bang Theory and Law&Order when there's nothing else to watch.

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    Computer Games and classic console gaming(N64 and before). Also like NFL(despite concussion issue), Swimming and Tennis(without the grunting). Politically, I'm rather Libertarian in nature so you can guess how I feel about upcoming elections.

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  1. New kid in town...

    *Facepalm* Really... Rickrolled? Why would you go to the pain of doing that... your Torture skills are getting lax man...
  2. Brace yourself, Finals are coming!

    It improve reaction time and focus? Haven't seen any indication that it does and you might need a bit of that to be successful in Diablo 3. Else an Arcane Beam or other effect will waste you harder than a Mallet Lord. Anyways, good luck with Finals. You're going to need it :). I take it you're not going to give Diablo 2 reset any love as a consequence? :D
  3. Brace yourself, Finals are coming!

    no one ever got better at Diablo by smoking weed.
  4. Welcomed

    Well, outside of regularly logging into website to keep your DSL down, just be yourself and active as much as you can. Don't dedicate your life to OD like the Protoss did for Auir in Starcraft(heh get the My life for Auir pun?) because real life always takes priority. Considering D2 reset is not that far off, might want to see if you can't join up on a Team(if you haven't already). That way when Tuesday evening rolls around(unless you're in Australia or Europe in Sassy's case(dear god @Sassy... 3am is when servers go down for you... yeesh), you'll be ready to go. Its advisable that you be on Teamspeak prior to the reset so as to group up with your Team and square away who's going as what class if there happens to be last minute changes. Then grind with the group for as long as possible. Run bots will acknowledge runs by any character level 10 or above for the first few weeks and any "run" will count. Cows, Trist, Tombs, Chaos, Baal and even Magic Find or MF runs. MF runs are basically hitting the best Treasure chest areas of the game: Pit and Andy in A1(Countess for runes and key chance on Hell difficulty), Tunnels in Lost City(and Summoner for key chance on Hell Difficulty), Council and Meph in A3(and maybe Kurast if you want some fun), Chaos in A4 and Pindle, Nilathalk(for Key), Baal and special dungeons in A5. The more MF opportunities you have, the better the chance for good loot to drop(including runes). If your looking to recruit new blood into the clan, might suggest asking for pointers from Sassy and D2 Leadership(as well as a rundown on what to do when recruiting someone). Aside from that... just be yourself and keep doing what you've been doing.
  5. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    Eh can't just assume you know. What if you opted to make a Javazon or something else on a whim. Doesn't hurt to confirm it ;P. Light Sorc too or you going Meteorb to start and then swapping over after getting gear?
  6. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    @Sassy Confirm class? Not sure how long I'll be on but depending on when reset starts, I ought to give 3-4 hours, maybe more. Although its a reset, real life and sleep come first -.-. Decent teams so far, although I agree that some might want to go to Barb, Necro, Druid or other classes to balance it out. Surprised there aren't more Javazons(they can rape). Having multiple Paladins isn't necessarily bad though but one ought to go Conviction if only for the benefit of the group(both melee and casters benefit).
  7. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    What matters to you is PST or 5pm PST when the servers go down for the reset. If memory serves, Australia is 18 hours ahead of me or 6 hours behind the next day. So when its 5pm my time, its like 11am your time Wednesday. Granted I could be completely wrong on that :P Hammerdin I take it or something else?
  8. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    If he's a legit good player and your buddy, that's like "Danger Will Robinson" sign that he's ripe for recruiting(unless he's already mentioned he's not interested(in which case you stubbornly persist for the rest of eternity until he relents)). That said, what are you going as? Sassy is all but a Sorc based on her track record :P
  9. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    Ya know with them doing all these "resets" to do bans, it makes one wonder if they actually plan to patch D2. Last time they did, it took them like 8 hours to do the reset lol. Any idea on how long it will take them to reset the servers? I mean they take them down at 5pm my time(bonus of being PST?) so figure 5:30pm they're brought back up or perhaps faster or sooner? XD
  10. Congratulations are in Order

    There's another reason to bump this ;). Not only are you a cancer survivor(which is monumental in its own right) but you will have been in OD 3 years as of tomorrow :). Dear lord has it really been that long?
  11. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    Hardcore and I'm going Barbarian for it. I assume Sassy is going Sorceress as usual?
  12. Griswold(OD) Why is it overdosed?

    D3 doesn't suck eggs. It's just... different. Its not the Diablo that we remember from its first incarnation or heck the much touted and successful sequel in Diablo 2(that still has numerous bugs lol). Its more of a casual hack and slash similar to the arcade game Gauntlet(cant tell you how many quarters I dumped into that one time). Some people prefer the old school Diablo feel that 1 and more importantly 2 provides while some don't mind the Hack and Slash that Diablo 3 provides. If there is any downside is that Diablo 3 lacks any sort of Economy so one can't simply trade or get particular gear they want or need. That leaves it up to the RNG gods which frankly D2 limited to great success imo. I mean sure drops are random but when something drops, you know what you're going to get and with what mods/stats. D3... they threw that out the window with the random primary/secondary crap and main stat... is all that matters. Some people like how Diablo 3 operates so better to leave it be than to outright trash it(Plus we support it so that's even more reason to leave it alone). I'm not that knowledgeable about the clan's beginnings but what I do know is that one of the Founders did actually die from an overdose. Therefore there's irony within the name. It's also been around for so long that it would be blasphemy to even consider changing it. If we were, it'd be Spaceballs or bust. Seriously folks, who wouldn't want to join a band of marauders going to plaid? I'm Steve or DarkHelmet(DH for short) and I welcome you to Overdosed. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and if you got issues, talk to an Officer or General within your main game. If all else fails, bother a Commander(they need a swift kick in their ass anyway :P).
  13. Cool kids on the block party game

    So basically an event that is like Single player with the the difficulty maxed at player 8. Can think of maybe three to four builds that would just outright melt through anything, regardless of help and players. Now when you say act by act, does that mean every monster in every dungeon? Furthermore, does it include Merc’s or not? If so, I can think of some Bone Necro’s or Hammerdins that would like to have a talk with you on the Magic immune pricks in Act 2 and especially Act 3 lol. Ran into the MI Gargantuan Beasts when doing my Stat quest the other day. Cold Sorcs won’t be able to kill everything either heh. Nah if you want some fun as a Sorceress, go hunt for Kaa The Soulless in Tombs. You want to see Immunity up the yin yang, there it be lol. Magic immune plus the odds of being immune to two elements(Lightning and Fire being the most common but Lightning and Cold is a possibility too. Can’t have all three because it’s not possible). Even worse is facing him when he’s PI lol. Barbs would be completely out of luck without help.
  14. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    LOL Rak isn’t OP. He can be mitigated against with Ranged attacks and Light Resistance(Resist Lightning is a godsend but you won’t have it until late in Act 1 or Act 2). I think I’m going to settle on HC with an IK WW Barb with Concentrate as a Boss back-up. Actually maxes five skills while having several 1 point wonders and prerequisites that use up the remaining 10 available points. Hard part will be getting the set(particularly the Armor) along with 40/15 jewels for the Mace to hit the 4 Frame WW breakpoint. Easily hits 75 All Resistance(actually stacking the Resistance in this build as it hits 91 All Resistance(Minimum) on Hell Difficulty) and with 3 Ber runes in Armor hits 44 DR(not ideally at 50 but close enough). Also hits 36 Battle Orders on switch, which really isn’t all that bad when you think about it. Unless a Barb goes as a Singer or goes all out on the +skills and charms, most Barbs don’t go past 36/37 on Battle Orders. Haven’t even thought about Merc either heh.
  15. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    Alas no. Last time I did HC, I lasted to Act 4(died in chaos) while someone, I forget who, died in Act 2. I even recall someone dying in Act 1 once but I forget where and again who was the unlucky soul. I also need to devise a new witty name for reset.