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  1. team 1 bill fluid team 2 zilka more time team 3 alarlord haag. team 4 killer links. team 5 fury lena team 6 dusk evard team 7 jinco manny
  2. Yes there is would you like to be one
  3. Team 1 camilos, evaird, team 2 biill, fluid, team 3 thyrst, more time, team 4 killer, haag team 5 rave, xayj team 6 dusk, wowlord team 7 fury, jinco team 8 manny, ogsquishy The map will be joust map starting gold will be 1500 random god pick. there will be gems to the winners. the start time is 7 cst. Best 2 out of 3. The subs will be lena and spike.
  4. On march 25 i will be hosting a 2 v 2 tournament. It will be random god pick. Their will be a gem prize. You will get put into a random generator, to find out who your partner is going to be. put your name down below if you want to join. More info will come out as I find out who is going to be in it.
  5. Their will be gems for the player who done the best at the end of the night. It will be voted on bye all the smite player and whoever shows up. You don't have to be the best player to get the gems eather just play the best you can and if you surprise everyone you could be the one to gain the gems
  6. march 4 their will be inhouses. If you would like to be apart of them be there anytime from 6 pm through the rest of the night. i will be there i hope the rest of you show up thanks guys.
  7. http://challonge.com/tournaments/bracket_generator?ref=ITZzIA4ofr
  8. Do to me not being able to read my own schedule the tournament will be held this weekend. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Killer43(OD)

    1v1 info

    If you have not talked to me about wanting to join the tournament you will have till Wednesday to join. Here are the people I have so far rave, xayj, thyrst l, dusk, fury, hang, killer, alarlord, fluid, ghost, jinco, Manny, squishy, Wofford, spike. If I forgot you I'm sorry. Comment below if you would like to join.
  10. and lord this will be a running total
  11. I have rave, thyrst, xayj, fury, fluid, manny, potato, haag, jinco, if i missed you say you would below.
  12. in 3 weeks i will try and host a 1 v 1 tournament. it will be the same as the one i try to make the last time i did it. but it will be on a Saturday.if you a interested in it write down below or message me some how. i will give more detales latter on when i know how many people will be competing. Their will be prizes at the end also. Could possibly be around 7.
  13. Killer43(OD)

    more inhouses

    there will be another inhouse games tonight at 7 pm CST. If we could get people on again it would be great.
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