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  1. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    I will be barb.
  2. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    Hey Thank you for organizing that chart! I will be available on Reset Day @ 8:00 pm US Eastern time! Also took off the next day! Count me in on Team2!
  3. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    @boydbrooks(OD) What's the status of teams? You told me theres a change right...?
  4. lunatikz(OD) long time no see !

    welcome back
  5. Community Meeting! 11/12/17 7pm CST

    When's the next meeting?
  6. Hey Wind, hope all is well!

  7. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    @boydbrooks(OD) I'm gonna request for the 13th off.. I'll try to be home by 8:00pm EST. Will keep you posted.
  8. Kimchi(OD) Reporting

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Let's get it 2018!
  9. Kimchi(OD) Reporting

    Hello. I was away a bit but I am back. Can someone help me with connecting to the TeamSpeak channel? Thanks~
  10. d2 or wc3 cd keys

  11. Favorite Band, Movie, music

    Jazz + HipHop = Awesome^2 https://youtu.be/oWGuHIPRnfY
  12. d2 or wc3 cd keys

    Our new member posted this in the d2 section :index.php/topic/63957-freebies-from-bounty Cheers~^^
  13. the new guy. not like the movie.

    Lol... Welcome aboard! Hope to crush chaos and baal soon.
  14. Josh aka Bounty

    Welcome and thank you for uploading tons of keys for us~~ lol... Look forward to gaming together. BTW don't forget to sign up for our level 9 fist duels on 04/23.
  15. Overdosed on what? Oh um...I mean HI!

    Welcome aboard~ Look towards owning together! ^^