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  1. Martial Arts Ironman Tournament 02/20/2018

    Thanks for the event! It was good to have some fun with OD members. Can't wait for Druid Bowling.

    I'm in for FFA. KimChi(OD) / ParkYou@jsp
  3. Softcore Unique Class Set Walk

    --Thinking T_T
  4. SCAVENGER HUNT! come play <3

    Bambii(OD) is 2nd~
  5. SCAVENGER HUNT! come play <3

    I'm pretty sure that bambii(od) and I have been the only ones working on this one lol...
  6. SCAVENGER HUNT! come play <3

    I led the person to a recruiter aka Disco(OD) LoL... My voucher is Bambii(OD) as we both worked on this event.
  7. SCAVENGER HUNT! come play <3

    I have completed all the requirements at Level 17. All Act 1 WPS, and all items! Let me know what to do!
  8. SCAVENGER HUNT! come play <3

    KimChi(OD) + Bambii(OD) We are starting now! :D Hope I win ;)
  9. Freebies <3 Ladder, SC East

    Sure just hit me up man!
  10. Freebies <3 Ladder, SC East

    Hey Collin come on TS3. I can help ya out~ Hit me up kimchi(od)
  11. Freebies <3 Ladder, SC East

    Im a orb/fb sorce. I can use some gear!
  12. lunatikz(OD) long time no see !

    welcome back
  13. Community Meeting! 11/12/17 7pm CST

    When's the next meeting?
  14. Hey Wind, hope all is well!

  15. Kimchi(OD) Reporting

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Let's get it 2018!