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  1. Ammunition(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    Thanks, if you need a spot covered let me know 🙂
  2. Ammunition(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    I am up to start a char with you all just have to work it around my work schedule and all of yours. I will probably roll a Sorc or Druid depending what is needed mostly.
  3. Ammunition(OD)

    Recruiting in POE

    No problem, sent! Hopefully they fix it soon!
  4. Ammunition(OD)

    Recruiting in POE

    I rolled a character Vexr, I just started, did you all make a guild or just go off friends list?
  5. Ammunition(OD)

    Recruiting in POE

    Alright, I will create a character. You all on standard or Delve?
  6. Ammunition(OD)

    Recruiting in POE

    What mode does all play? softcore or hardcore?
  7. Ammunition(OD)


    Welcome to OD!
  8. Ammunition(OD)

    need guild on wow

    Yeah I went to Illidan, are you on horde?
  9. Ammunition(OD)

    I returned after 13 years!

    Welcome back!!
  10. Ammunition(OD)

    need guild on wow

    It would be nice to play with all you but we all spread out across so many realms haha if you get that community up let me know Collin would like to join!
  11. Ammunition(OD)

    A Song About The Worst Armor in D2

    Awesome song! Encore! Haha and yes tyreals might is shit!
  12. Ammunition(OD)


    Hi! Welcome Tony! If you need anything feel free to drop a message!
  13. Ammunition(OD)

    need guild on wow

    As far as I know we are playing on Silvermoon horde
  14. Ammunition(OD)

    Hello Everyone! :)

    Welcome to OD!
  15. Ammunition(OD)

    Path of Diablo

    Looking interesting I will give it a go, it seems fun.