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  1. Candy(OD)

    Just for fun

    oh am I late for the party? :D Rose will bring roses haha.
  2. Candy(OD)

    HAPPY 50th birthday

    omg, don't shoot! I just come to say Happy birthday Pops...
  3. Candy(OD)

    Kimchi(OD) Reporting

    Good to see you again, kijun :)
  4. Candy(OD)

    Sup Doods

    Welcome to OD, Joe. And many thanks to Ubique(OD) for helping me with the recruiting
  5. Candy(OD)

    New member

    Welcome to OD :)
  6. Candy(OD)

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to OD, Ray :) btw, should be (OD), not (od) ...
  7. Candy(OD)

    Ubique(OD), I just joined.

    Welcome to OD, Dakota :)
  8. Candy(OD)


    Haha, have fun Justin
  9. Candy(OD)

    New to OD

    Welcome to OD :)
  10. Candy(OD)


    Welcome to OD, Rocco
  11. Candy(OD)

    Hi there

    Welcome to OD, Jessica :p
  12. Candy(OD)

    Hey look it's Ploom.

    Welcome back, ploooooom, lol
  13. Candy(OD)


    Welcome to OD! Cute kid, lol :D
  14. Candy(OD)

    Hello! (Sincore)

    Welcome to OD.
  15. Candy(OD)

    Josh aka Bounty

    Hi Josh, welcome on board