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  1. Sadly: Green :( I want to go skiing already!!
  2. BlueDream

    Dark Web

    Just imagine ebay or amazon but for drugs and other illegal things, its pretty much like that.
  3. BlueDream

    Dark Web

    Can confirm. You can get pretty much anything and have it shipped to you in 1-2 weeks or less. It wasn't that hard for me to learn how to use Tor and VPNs; I had a harder time learning how to use bitcoin and how all that works.
  4. If anyone wants to play Civ 5 this week we can organize something.

  5. 43->44 BlueDream is here time to lurk to victory
  6. I don't play it at the moment because there is a a lot of bugs, other wise I would. Every fucking time I get a pokemon in a pokeball the game freezes so I have to restart the app and I have to hope I caught it otherwise I lost the pokemon all together, this bug is like the safari zone in the extreme. Plus the GPS is off center a little so it always thinks I'm like 50-100m away from where I actually am.
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