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  1. Hey Everyone! The next behind the mic interview will be with Triny! Once again this interview will be done by your lovely MelodicRose(OD). So don't worry. You don't have to sit here for an hour and be plagued by my voice. So once again let's fire up those brains(or what's left of them) and give @MelodicRose(OD) some questions for @Triny(OD) for her interview.
  2. Just a quick update on this. This interview is still happening. We're just waiting on Triny to feeling up to actually sitting down and doing a prolonged interview. Once she feels she's up to it her interview will take place.
  3. If anyone still wishes to get questions in for this interview. Do it before the weekend. I will be putting together my list of questions for jester and sending them to him and scheduling a time ASAP.
  4. Hello OD Gamers! This one is a long time coming. Now that I'm finally overcoming the virus that decided to take place in my lungs. I've decided to go ahead and get a 2nd interview going alongside the one @MelodicRose(OD) is planning on still doing with @Triny(OD). If y'all have any questions for @SupremeJester please leave them here.
  5. This is we will be recording any Divison Member, Community Member, or Ex-Member/Guest and their B.net Tag. Division Member(s) Xayj(OD): Xayj#1103 Melrak(OD): MelrakTundra#1530 ZeroesHero(OD): ZeroesHero#1760 Akhans(OD): Lolpole#1581 Pidgeon(OD): Pidgeon#1710 Acerspacer(OD): ACERSPACER#1803 Ruber(OD): Ruber#1413 Noods(OD): Noods#1299 Honeybadger(OD): HoneyBadger#12874 Non-Division Member(s) Terra(OD) : Terra#1232 TrueChill(OD) : TrueChill#1129 SpikeSpiegel(OD): SpikeSpiegel#1545 Ganker(OD): UnNaMeD#1688 Azhriel(OD)(OD): talon4ever#1766 Ammunition(OD): Ammunition#11898 Cardiackid(OD): Cardiackid#1165 Washu(OD): Washu#1192 Zark(OD): Zark#1698 Creptice(OD): Creptice#1151 Townkill(OD) : Kindiliniak#1460 Nekrath(OD) : SkyIsHere#2838 Community Guest(s)/Ex-Member(s) SmmGibson(OD) : SmmGibson#1591 ExFrankie(OD : ExFrankie#1105 Lychondy(OD): Lychondy#1980 BeardedPixel(OD):BeardedPixel#1282 dabears(OD) : dabears#1432 KingPhoenix(OD) : KingPhoenix#1982 Lynx(OD) : Lynx#1477 Seshmir(OD) : Seshmir#1220 Shrouds(OD) : Shrouds#1249 CrimsonRed(OD) : TheScout52#1346 Charlie(OD): CarnagE#1824 missclick(OD): kirstenstrom#1679 zbake(OD): zbaby93#1586 lumberjack(OD): dustiqueef#1544 xIcex(OD): xIceX7#1823 LancerLX(OD): X80sScoutX #1736 Chamtrain(OD): Chamtrain#1142 Lightningwolves(OD): Handoflight#1104 Deathby(OD): DeathbyOD#1850 Magik(OD) : Maytuck#1482 SS12Apex(OD): SS12Apex#1276 Coalesced(OD): Coalesced#1686 LrdStrkil19(OD): LrdStrkil19#1615 Spida(OD): Spida#1397 homebrewhero(OD): Chopper#1374 Veganleader1(OD): Veganleader1#1558 Inflames(OD): mrbrooks#1380 Skyd0g(OD): SkyDog#1895 Eviltwin(OD): EvilTwin#1301 Squatch(OD): Squatch#1558 BlueDream(OD) : BlueDream#1512 Tehe(OD): bubbalou99#1203
  6. HotS logs

    Great piece of info @Akhans! I'll make sure to take a look at it.
  7. Teamspeak or Discord?

    well, most people I've run into so far usually have one or the other installed. Usually discord nowadays. I don't mind pushing our activity to discord. I'd rather that than the blizchat.
  8. Teamspeak or Discord?

    A few have been on TS. But, the members are mostly around the discord.
  9. Shout out to Melrak(OD)

    We do what we can. I recruit way slower than melrak with my style of recruiting. But in the end it's the health of the division/squad that's important. We all are here to bring members into the community that we all care about, the more the merrier.
  10. Shout out to Melrak(OD)

    He's been recruiting super heavily for the Heroes of the Storm squad. Between myself and him we've recruited 15-16 members. 14-15 of those recruits currently being his. lol When melrak puts his mind to recruiting he can give even sassy a run for her money on a weekly recruitment basis. :p Btw, the symbol next to the recruits is for the OD community division. It's where all the squad recruits or general recruits overall get put into when they're not recruited into a specific division.
  11. Hello OD Gamers! I'm happy to announce that the next interview for this upcoming quarter will be Typereal(OD)! If you have any questions for for the man, the myth, the legend. Please feel free to leave them here.
  12. The return

    A post that was a long time coming. I hope that you keep to your word and continue to come around again. We've recently been going through a period of having older members coming back to us. Members that for better or worse left the community for reasons of their own or otherwise. I'm very interested to see what you decide to do within the community going forward. I've heard much about you since I joined 2 years ago. But, I've obviously never got to see you in action. It takes guts to be as blunt with your problems as you were here. I respect that. I hope to see you keep coming back around.
  13. Just can't take it any more

    Hey man, I'm really sorry to hear what you're going through. We've talked before briefly about health stuff. Having to see your family members go through this crap sucks. I've been there. Still am with some family members. If you ever need to talk to someone. I sadly can understand what you're going through.
  14. Discord and Eggplants

    Things I would like to personally stress as points of incredibly importance of this incident are While this incident eventually turned out not to be what it originally seemed. It's still important to understand that the root cause could have been avoided if as a community we treated each other better and didn't try to poke fun at people that appear to be "easy targets". We're all here to have fun and enjoy games together ans socialize as a community. But, we still have to remember that behind the computer screens and keyboard are people. People that you may not know very well. Some you may know like family. Always keep in mind that the audience your interacting with may not enjoy the same types of humor and playing around as you do. To others jokes some may find funny could be perceived as a troll, or general BM. Rose was not at all involved in this incident until she was forced to be during the investigation and the aftermath of the punishments that were brought upon the accused members. The take away from this should be something that a lot of people don't always consider. Just because you think something is wrong doesn't mean you have the right to report it. In this case, many of these issues and the situation as a whole would have been viewed and handled differently if the person reporting the matter simply talked to the person they feared was being sexually harassed. Not only did they take away their right to decide if they wanted to come forward or not. But, they decided that the person was the victim of what is very serious and in cases can be called a crime. We need to remember always that respect is something we should give to people first and foremost. By taking choices away from people in situations like this. You're putting someone in a corner they never chose to be in. Consider everyone before you make accusations of this magnitude, Accusations like these aren't easy to take back and in some cases impossible. A false accusation of like this could lead to ruining someones life. Things on the internet can spread like wildfire and it's very easy to paint a bad picture of someone. But much harder to remove that paint once it's dry. TLDR: We;re all human, try and consider a person and how they might react to you before you do/say something. Never take the right to report such a serious offense away from the person that you believe to be victimized.
  15. Overdosed in 7 Days

    If it's not taken care of by time i get home tonight i'll make it then. edit: was able to get access to a computer. Your channel has been made. It's currently in the non-squad section.
  16. The overwatch leadership has proposed the following rule. Any players wanting to be recruited by any individual that is not apart of the Overwatch Leadership must 1v1 a member of the Overwatch elite squad to have their skill range judged. The elite member in charge of this "judgment" match is responsible for deciding if the player/perspective member is able to be recruited into the Overwatch Division. The elite member(s) reserve the right to deny access to members they feel would be detrimental to the division as a whole.
  17. The rules for the overwatch division are currently under review. Any major updates will be posted here.
  18. jester didn't get interviewed. He's been on my list of people I've wanted to for a while though.
  19. The Swtor division has decided to make the following changes to their rules as follows. The rules on the website have been changed to reflect these. Rule #2: "All members will be treated fairly and with respect and there will be no discrimination of any kind due to Rank/Character Class/Personality." Should read: "Remember we are all here to have fun! All members will be treated fairly and with respect and there will be no discrimination of any kind due to Rank/Character Class/Personality." Under rule #3d: " The Council will have the right to suspend anyone's access to the Legion Warehouse if it's necessary pending an investigation." Should read: "Swtor Leadership reserves the right to suspend anyone's access to the Guild Bank if deemed necessary, or pending an investigation." Under rule #5:" "As there is a guild for the Republic and Empire, it is expected to have all of your toons in our clan regardless of what faction you play for." Should read: "We have guilds for both Republic and Empire sides, and welcome all of your toons regardless of what side you play for. It is expected you actively maintain at least one of your characters in the clan. Any toon that has higher than 1 year since 'last played' may be subject to removal from the in-game guild (full OD member or not)."
  20. The SWTOR division rules are under quarterly review. Any changes will be posted here.
  21. Switzy(OD)

    Glad to have been of service.
  22. There's not a way to do it with icons. But, We could make it so the member list sorts and shows people by division rather by rank if we wanted to and it was important to people. Rank will then just become synonymous with the color assigned to that rank. Can you explain further what you mean by "in-channel" chat window? Discord has a chat window with your selected chat channel open at all times that lets you view and type in it regardless of what you're doing. In fact, some people including myself wish this was something you had the option to minimize if you wanted to at times. As far as the Logitech keyboard I can happily tell you that discord has some amazing built in support specifically for logitech keyboards. It has amazing Logitech Gaming Software integration. I haven't used it beyond it's ability to change my keyboards color. But, yes. Discord has support for Logitech. Any support that's not added you can add via Pluggins that are provided by the community much like with teamspeak. ______________ As far as your question @R.agnarok(OD) is best suited right now to answer as he's taken lead of the project. Hey man, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come and comment on this topic. Regardless of whether you're a brand new fresh baby member or a member with 10+ years under your belt. We value your comment and it's always worth taking the time to join the discussion if you feel like you have something to add. Thanks!
  23. Anyone still playing this?

    @more-time(OD) still does. I wouldn't be surprised if @Ravemore(OD) would get back on it as well.
  24. Civ6 Event + Charity Stream

    I'll do my best to try and share this around my other communities. Glad to know you're sticking with it. Means a lot that you're streaming for extra life on my suggestion. :)
  25. Web \ forum feedback \ suggestions

    Always nice to see people with your skill set volunteering your time. I tip my hat to you sir. Thank you in advance for any work you do for the community. Your time is much appreciated.