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  1. Glad to be of assistance.
  2. Right, Think of it like a D2 channel bot. No, we can not spy on your private conversations unless you let us....lol In fact, the bot technically can be blocked from seeing certain channels if we really wanted to. So it's not like the entire server would be under big brothers eye. But again, the bot doesn't currently exist on the server and we haven't fully discussed what the bot would monitor yet either. The message was created preemptively.
  3. Well, we don't currently have a bot on our server that is recording this information. But, when/if we do. This message serves the purpose of letting members know that a bot under the control of the OD administration is retaining the information on the sever the includes but is not limited to usernames, chat logs, account details etc.... It acts like that pre-recorded message that plays in states that have 2 party consent recording laws before a phone call that lets you know you may be recorded.
  4. I recently got involved with a convention/festival called Magfest. THey have multiple Cons/Fests through out the year and i'm apart of mostly their Tech Ops Dept. We have Regular shirts for the department that say Tech ops and shit. But nothing specifically for our Night Ops Team. I was wondering if someone would be willing to put together a shirt design for our Tech Ops - Night Ops Team. We'd be willing to buy to buy the shirts from your store if you have one rather than us having to go and get them made ourselves. Either way it's not a huge deal.
  5. Due to the lack of members bringing SS to us and the inability for the leaders to be able to sit down with our active recruiters in a meeting till tomorrow. We've yet to fully launch the reward program. But, if you look to the in-game clan chat you'll see that @Melrak(OD) post that he'll be drawing for silver giveaways. We'll be discussing in the meeting how to best move forward with the reward system and if it needs to be modified to better fit our member base. We'll let everyone know as soon as we come to a decision following our meeting. Thanks for the inquiry.
  6. Melrak(OD) is here

    Do it, you don't have the balls.... lmao
  7. Melrak(OD) is here

    Lol, indeed what you did was annoying and ticked me off. More so because shannon was sleeping next to me and had work in the morning. But you're just a joey compared to @DarkHelmet and @TypeReaL(OD) here. Lol. They are the senior assholes in charge indeed. Trust me. I've been in a clan with DH before and I spent most of my time with him in that clan and saw it first hand. lmao. Thankfully it was never towards me.
  8. Melrak(OD) is here

    I know you can change it in your acp. I was saying that it would of made sense that y'all might have been giving donations the ability to have access to that field to change their title at will. Just like we have the ability to name our teamspeak channel more or less what we want. Within reason at least.
  9. Melrak(OD) is here

    Yeah. I assumed that in the new forum updates, people who donated were given the field to be allowed to change it freely so we didn't have to bother y'all.
  10. Melrak(OD) is here

    Lmao, @Melrak(OD). Reasons like this are why I love you to death melrak. You're an endless source of entertainment. Leave it to you to post a introduction months after you join. Listen man, good for you. Better late than never, yeah? @MelodicRose(OD), @DarkHelmet @Terra @Aerineth(OD) Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. But, if I'm remembering correctly. The ability to have a custom forum title was original reserved for donators, yes? When I donated I was asked what I wanted my custom forum title to be. Now I have the option to change it myself.
  11. Did like half the community miss the entire meeting and discussion and posts where we made the current discord our second "official" VOIP service? We've already adopted the usage of both. The only question we're posing right now is which one people prefer and possibly would we be changing our "main" VOIP service as a community from Teamspeak to Discord. I keep seeing people talk about this as if Discord wasn't already made an official OD Community thing. Or that we support both. Yes. Until now, discord has been treated like the red-headed stepchild of the two. With little to no love from the majority of the community including the admins(especially the admins). But, we have very clearly supported them both as VOIPs for several months now.
  12. You realize this award is most likely just going to end up turning into best forum troll, right? lmao. It's going to be hilarious. But, it's still going to happen.
  13. That's very possible, it's much more possible to be an implementation thing than the fact than the has a poor codec. But, who the hell knows. There are times when Voice quality on discord is great. But, then there are times when everyone sounds like they're using terra's computer. So it's hard to say lol. Either way I only wanted to point out that they used the same codec. If you right click any member individually dave, their personal volume adjustment bar is right there. unlike teamspeak it's not tucked away behind a menu it's right there once you click them. As far as the closing it thing. They addressed this in their latest patch, or at least one of the last few. In the settings which I can't see right now since I'm not sitting at my desktop(using my gf's laptop) you can now set it that closing the program will actually shut it down and not just send it to the tray or simply minimize it.
  14. I can't speak for uptimes. But, I've personally never seen a discord server go down. my experience with discord has been limited till destiny 2 has demanded I use it more. But, both teamspeak and discord both use the same codec aka Opus. They have for a bit of time now.
  15. Like i said, 8/10 times I've personally had no problem eventually getting people on teamspeak. Don't get me wrong. The people I get on teamspeak still usually prefer playing on discord. But, that's also why I said I'd like to have the opinions of my other division recruiters heard. I'll make sure they're made aware of this post so they can share their opinions and experiences on the matter.