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  1. @Goten(OD) feel free to message me your gamer tag and I'll add you.
  2. Xayj(OD)

    Xayj(OD) 2.0 (Re-introduction)

    The love for purple is something we share. It's actually my favorite color as well. I don't remember exactly when you came in. But I know it was before I was a general.
  3. Xayj(OD)

    Xayj(OD) 2.0 (Re-introduction)

    I hate you all..... lol ❤️ HAAAAAAIIIIIII TK! Thanks disco
  4. Xayj(OD)

    Xayj(OD) 2.0 (Re-introduction)

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! No, lol I just felt that It's been too long and I'm not around on TS or playing games with as many divisions as I used to. So getting to know people the way I used to is a much more difficult task. I figure writing a re-introduction was a good way to reach out to the community in a more passive way than my usual in your face I'm xayj here .i am, talk to me method. While I do love helping the community. Right now becoming a general again isn't really something I'm even close to considering. Stepping down was a hard decision but one I needed to make. I'm just happy to be around and play some games right now. When/if I'm ready to be a general again. I'll have the support of the community.
  5. Hello OD Gamers! It's been over 2 years (862 days as of this post) since I joined OD Gaming as an official member. A lot has happened since then. I've helped lead several divisions, I've created one of my own. I've made some great friends and have done a lot. I brought back the OD News Letter (even though most of this year it's been fairly inactive). I helped create the R&R squad that's now a committee with @CompFreak(OD). I started the rules committee alongside @Badboi(OD) and several other members who joined once it was formed. I also created and help closely monitor and support our now official OD discord sever that sees more and more activity the longer we've had it. These are just some of the things I've poured my heart and soul into over the time I've been here. But with the good comes the bad. During my time here I had a problem learning how to balance my time in OD with my IRL responsibilities. I let myself get overwhelmed by the workload I put on my shoulders and always told myself I had to do it for it to be right. It wasn't until recently that I learned that I needed to start putting myself first or I would lose myself and both my mental and physical health would suffer for it and they have. That is why for those of you who know me and those who don't. I've taken such a large step back recently from the forefront of the community. I used to be the first person to jump on a new project or to help get a division going. I was also happy to dedicate endless hours to try and help improve OD Gaming as a community. But I learned that this wasn't feasible for me anymore. So I'd like to re-introduce myself. I'm Xayj. I'm a casual gamer that loves playing games with friends and chatting until the sun goes down( and sometimes back up again). I wear my heart of my sleeve and I'm loyal to a fault. Lately, you would find that I've been playing a lot of single player games. I just beat the new God of War and have been playing farcry 5. I spend a LOT of my free time enjoying as much content as I can from the company Rooster Teeth and their various groups. I'm a huge film buff and see as many movies as I practically can. When I have the attention span for it. I try my best to keep up with all my favorite books and anime as well. I hope if during my more inactive period I've left some of you with a bad image of me, you might give me a second chance at a first impression. If not that's all good and well. Not everyone is going to like me. Either way. I'm marking this as a clean slate for myself in OD. Going forward my main goal is to spend as much time bettering myself as a person and spending more time with all my friends and doing the things I love. I hope that as I did when I joined OD, I can be friends with as many of you as I can.
  6. Hey @Goten(OD) I'm eventually going to be picking up SoD2 on xboxPC for the play anywhere service. I loved the first game even though i never beat it. I'm looking forward to playing with people.
  7. Xayj(OD)

    Automatic DSL resets

    I agree with hikato here. While having every member we ever recruit go to the website and check things like Promotions; Trial Members; Website News; Etc... would be great. But, not every member is going to have an interest in our community past the gaming and friendship aspect. Which honestly is fine in my opinion. From time to time we'll see the members that put in the extra initiative and check the website consistently for updates and put in the extra effort and general go above and beyond in the community. Those are the members that become our future officers, generals and maybe someday commanders.
  8. Xayj(OD)

    D2 Defunct?

    The post doesn't necessarily be deleted. But destiny hasn't been my concern for some time now nor do I still have rights to the forum. I believe last admin meeting the division was removed from division status and so it also shouldn't still have a division forum. Also, according to the website. It wasn't reverted to a squad as it's not on the squad page. So really it should no longer have a public forum or any assets. @Terra @Badboi(OD) @Aerineth(OD) Could y'all shed some light as to destiny 2 and its status? It technically still has its spot in teamspeak. It still has a division level forum. But it was removed from the division page of our website. Thanks!
  9. Xayj(OD)

    D2 Defunct?

    @Purplez(OD) I appreciate you trying to help. But the 3 of us haven't led or have been involved with destiny for some time now. @Hellbazer(OD) was the last official leader of the game. To address your questions @mrxinu(OD). The division started going down hill during the micro transaction blow up. The in game community was in a up roar and soon much of the player base disappeared. It got so bad it was hard to find people to populate pvp matches nvm even try to recruit. It was at that time myself and melrak decided to move on from the game. We've lost interest in it and weren't particularly impressed with the first DLC. We found hellbazer interested in taking over the division. But I believe he had some issues with getting the recruitment going. Which honestly I wasn't surprised with. As I said the in game community was and still is in a pretty bad state. Anywho. If you're looking for someone to play with. I believe hellbazer still plays. He'd be the best place to start.
  10. Xayj(OD)


    I'm sorry for your loss sass. <3
  11. Xayj(OD)

    Changes are coming!

    Awesome Sauce guys! Right now our current outlets of media for the newsletter include (both current and proposed) 1. Articles 2. Interviews 3. Weekly Podcast 4. General Content Submission If anyone wants to help out with any of these outlets or wants to propose additional ones please feel free to do so. I'm all ears here.
  12. Xayj(OD)

    Changes are coming!

    Hello OD Gamers! Before I went on my time on IA. I had made the decision to step away from my role in the newsletter as a content creator. Going forward I will be moving up into the role of Editor-in-Cheif. I will be making it my sole job to help edit content that comes in. Come up with new content for the newsletter and make that content happen. But, I can't do that without help. @SupremeJester had agreed to come on and do interviews going forward. Now that I'm back I'll back doing my best to making sure content comes out and is advertised throughout the community so that everyone can enjoy the time and effort that our fellow members have put in for your enjoyment. As always there's always room for more help around here. If you want to contribute in any way. Please send me a message or comment here and I'll get back to you ASAP.
  13. Xayj(OD)

    Superlative Awards March 2018

    yeah, as far as I'm aware, this was always meant as a joke for the members that no one really sees or knows about but might be popular in a small group of people, high in rank etc... like r.ag for example. He's a commander and probably more than half the clan had/has no idea who he is. He's the kind of member who this award is for. lol If we're really gonna take the awards this serious. Maybe the Diablo division shouldn't be voting for themselves as the "Most Promising New Division" lol
  14. The HoTs Division has posted the rules/expectations bellow for review. Rules 1. All Community Rules Apply at all times. 2.BM(Bad Manners) will not be tolerated. We will be using a strikes system for reports of BM. For every strike that is given to a member after the BM is proven. They will have some case of administrative action taken against them. Anymore than 3 strikes against a member and that member will be banned from HotSOD and possibly ODGC as a whole. 1st strike: Warning can be issued by a single leader 2nd strike: Warning must be agreed upon by all Leaders 3rd Strike: Member will be interviewed by the leadership and the decision to remove the member or not will be made afterwords. Strikes may be removed over time based on the behavior of the member. 3.All members who wish to participate in Division/Community events (e.g. ranked games, in-houses, prized tournaments etc…) will be required to use our agreed upon VOIP. Discord/Teamspeak for that Game/Event. Expectations Members will be expected not just join and disturb members playing in DnD labeled channels. Instead they will be expected to: Send a single message and wait for a reply. If important join the channel and let the person know you need to talk and wait quietly. If important and the person is a division leader/officer+ (and you’re on discord) use the @ command to poke them a single time to get their attention if the prior two have failed.