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  1. Anime central ( Chicago con )

    Frank snickers mel and i are all goign to anime central. Its an anime con in chiraq if anyone is interested in meeting up with us let us know here were gona throw down.
  2. Undisable me PLZ

    Staff Sergeant Bob(OD) has been successfully re-enabled. Brigadier General Ghost(OD) re-enabled Staff Sergeant Bob(OD) for request via forum was written into log.
  3. OD Nomads?

    thats up to you. If we cant retireve it which likely is the case you are free to co me up with a suitable replacement. Find any administrator on Ts/Discord to set you up with recruitment rights
  4. OD Nomads?

    if you want to make it your main you need to make it into a division. Get 10 members who are willing to switch to sc2 or join under sc2 and we can m ake that happen.
  5. OD Nomads?

    The sc2 clan is stuck in limbo. The person who has it cannot remember thier battlenet password and has tried to contact blizzard with no luck from them. Im told there was 2 sc2 clans i would suggest finding out who the owner of the second 1 is and work that angle.
  6. Noob questions about co-op play

  7. Purp you can also ask people of their division about them
  8. CONTEST - Word Search - FG Prize!

    generals + can view and use this others cannot as its a file. I suggest you just upload an image of it as its restricted to the higher ups. Also usually there's a word bank but im happy i found my self lol couldn't find dbz for the life of me tho
  9. Overwatch Guess that theme song

    We've complied 5 songs for every hero and even some potential yet to be released heroes. the object of the event is to guess the most correct songs out of everyone. Points will be given based on the Tier of the song ranging from 1-5. The event will be hosted in a jeopardy like style which we will finalize before the event. This is extremely fun we've spent hours finding the rights songs some are painfully obvious were as others are dreadfully difficult overall it some be some good fun.All songs will be played through my TS music bot . The winner of this event will receive a one rank promotion ( WO4 or lower ) and a medal If enough people participate. Date has not been set but will update shortly after a discussion
  10. Previous OD names

  11. Overwatch Fantasy League

    im in
  12. Another POE reset 2 weeks!!

    Server goes live in 30 Mins, Frank will be starting late for anyone wanting to play!
  13. PC Build Service

    I will say it was worth the convenience and there's not a lot of people id send 1000 2 on a whim lol. I built my last pc but this was more convenient. Was definitely worth it 2 me.
  14. New Blood

    Member Majorleague is activity looking to bring dota 2 back to life. The squad has been reactivated and he is motivated to get it up and going. I know there's a few of you who still play @Townkill(OD) @Hikato @R.agnarok(OD) You guys probably have a bit more info on who stills plays as im retired now so help him out!
  15. Another POE reset 2 weeks!!

    Will do man we usually play pretty hard for a bit so well keep u informed