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  1. Ghost(OD)

    Banned from channel for no reason.

    before you get ahead of you self man why dont you talk to pops. it may have been a simple mistake and it can all be sorted out with a click of a button. no sense in leaving over whats more than likely a mistake.
  2. Ghost(OD)

    The music topic!

  3. Ghost(OD)

    POE Screenshots

    cuz white items and un Ided items
  4. Ghost(OD)

    LF NA Dota Friends

    heis heavy @Townkill(OD) might have to help
  5. Ghost(OD)

    POE Screenshots

    ive been buying support packs for years ive accumulated 2 many i can never choose lol
  6. Ghost(OD)

    POE Screenshots

    This is a thread for funny pictures, Memes and anything POE related Heres my current character to start think he looks pretty baller.
  7. Ghost(OD)

    Flashback Event

    frank catchy and i are on HC playing it currently
  8. Ghost(OD)

    Welcome to OW

    yeah play daily as i said in the other thread find us on TS we mostly play ranked however
  9. Ghost(OD)

    Team Up?

    sorry i didint see this sooner i must have cleared my forum. @Dabomb(OD) is gold/silver and so is @Sinnypie(OD) @ gold/plat atm i may play as well if ur still looking
  10. Ghost(OD)

    Anime central ( Chicago con )

    Frank snickers mel and i are all goign to anime central. Its an anime con in chiraq if anyone is interested in meeting up with us let us know here were gona throw down.
  11. Ghost(OD)

    Undisable me PLZ

    Staff Sergeant Bob(OD) has been successfully re-enabled. Brigadier General Ghost(OD) re-enabled Staff Sergeant Bob(OD) for request via forum was written into log.
  12. Ghost(OD)

    OD Nomads?

    thats up to you. If we cant retireve it which likely is the case you are free to co me up with a suitable replacement. Find any administrator on Ts/Discord to set you up with recruitment rights
  13. Ghost(OD)

    OD Nomads?

    if you want to make it your main you need to make it into a division. Get 10 members who are willing to switch to sc2 or join under sc2 and we can m ake that happen.
  14. Ghost(OD)

    OD Nomads?

    The sc2 clan is stuck in limbo. The person who has it cannot remember thier battlenet password and has tried to contact blizzard with no luck from them. Im told there was 2 sc2 clans i would suggest finding out who the owner of the second 1 is and work that angle.
  15. Ghost(OD)

    Noob questions about co-op play