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  1. Best item found this season?

    Found a shavs in act 9 helping badboi
  2. Passing the Torch

    What can i say man you were the one who recruited me and the one who took me under your wing. as a commander you have always been someone i could go to and get an impartial opinion even if i was wrong and you told me so i could take what you said and reflect on that. im sad to see you go but our friendship isnt that of clanmates but that of true friends i know your quitting the clan but i dont think that will change the dynamic between us dont be a stranger and we will still be hanging out in the future so i can put up the tris/ghost photo in the member thread!
  3. Can I be re-enabled?

    Got ya via Ts
  4. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    they're not interested i also stated that MY divison is not interested in switching in the slightest so i mean i guess it does fall under a clan problem?
  5. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    most of the people in my division arnt really interested in switching as a whole. we use both clients to talk with different groups of friends to me this would prolly just be a major inconvenience and i wouldn't be on nearly as much since it would limit me to one discord at a time which if i had to choose my group of friends for the last 12-15 years will trump sitting on OD discord. Personally id rather not end up in that situation
  6. Destiny Screenshots

  7. Official Overdosed Discord Server known issues even in their FAQ mate, not sure why your getting defensive as this is our standpoint atm, Discord cannot accommodate our needs in its present capacity
  8. Official Overdosed Discord Server

    i used discord everyday i don't really need to test anything im giving you an answer as to why we arnt integrating what i stated is factual and there is a need for the ranks and permission as that is how our clan is set up. The robotic issue is server side on discord which again is why i must change server locations to fix its its not a singularity it happens frequently. I wouldnt get your hopes up we more than likely wont be switching in the near future discord needs to make huge strides in thier interface/user abilities before we can even consider it.
  9. Official Overdosed Discord Server

    its not more secure, i think 3/4 of the channels not being used is a gross overstatement since im one of the people who is for less channels.Stability wise ive had many issues with discord going robotic and being forced to change server locations on my own discord and that happens more frequently than out TS going down. Discord can not fulfill our need for channel hierarchy and the way we order things. We cannot organize and use our ranking system in this regard either.Discord is extremely limited in the things you can do and the options that we want to use are non existent on discord therefore its not a viable thing to switch to.
  10. Let's get something straight Sassy

    i think topics like these are a good thing it shows stuff you normally wouldn't see. good bit of information to hold onto for the future incase its a constant
  11. Sncker66(OD) Returns

    Can you hear me now? Walking dead season begins and snickers has returned what will happen in the next admin meeting? stay tuned to find out

    Truedoc and i at the move IT
  13. [Locked]Teamspeak Channels

    Nothing to look at discord is restrictive when it comes to the things we like to do until discord expands on its interface and options/abilities Teamspeak vent or mumble will all be superior for our uses. So was there a reason we couldn't use the squad for PUBG? kinda confused because you will still have channels for that