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  1. you mean one that is definitely insured as well 🙄
  2. I suppose i can play for a bit add Tachikoma00
  3. 2 much money into my personal guild to ever leave it so goodluck to all that enter
  4. its required to be in the guild? asking for a friend😂
  5. no problem good luck in your future ventures
  6. ive re-enabled you on the websites as you must be the one to remove or hide your email. To do this go to console at the top then click Account management followed by change profile and you will see it there.
  7. no reason we couldn't send them to Uranus or another one of our ice giants that could be converted much easier. otherwise they are SOL
  8. before you get ahead of you self man why dont you talk to pops. it may have been a simple mistake and it can all be sorted out with a click of a button. no sense in leaving over whats more than likely a mistake.
  9. cuz white items and un Ided items
  10. heis heavy @Townkill(OD) might have to help
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