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  1. Triny(OD)

    Game Week

    Sounds like a good idea and could bring members from different divisions together, im in! games i play; sc, sc2(Asia), d2, wc3, WoW, Swtor, POE, cs:go, poker, d3, guild wars 2, rocket league(horrible at it though, but it sure is fun) would even be willing to play a new game.
  2. Triny(OD)

    Path of Exile Usernames

    Joeleana - sc ladder
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  5. Triny(OD)

    I need an invite

    Hello Zio, I will be on ts shortly if you need an invite/recruiter
  6. Triny(OD)

    I need an invite

    What's your btag raged so I can see when you are on, and ill get you invited, mine is Trinity#1290
  7. Triny(OD)

    gamers lounge squad

    You have come here to post with one purpose, to stir things up, and cause trouble. If you wish to see Terra leave that channel you should see when she comes to mine where we hide out together to discuss clan things. She does so much behind the scenes that most don't see, she almost always available and ready to stop what shes doing (normally gaming) to help anyone, of all the people you choose to target you seem to have an agenda with Terra.
  8. Triny(OD)

    Log Overview / Comparison

    Thank you Sarnith for taking the time to post this. If anyone is in need of help with anything please contact one of the leadership team or a raid leader and we will help you out. Also Saturday evening we are going to try to get an Alt raid group together, if we do not have enough people we will split off and do Mythic+ dungeons.
  9. Triny(OD)

    Division Memebers! We want your input!

    Voice chat would be the key, if we could get more people onto the voice chat it would be easier to ask for help without someone needing to pay attention to guild chat constantly. Also maybe a list of those who are willing to pl people, then they could be whispered if you need help.
  10. Triny(OD)

    Log comparison for Heroic Antorus

    Thank you Sarnith for posting the detailed break down for us. IF anyone is in need of assistance with mechanics, or maybe has questions about this or there class in general please contact me (ts/pm/in game) and i will make sure you get assistance or will go over in detail what happened during the fight. We are all in this together, we will only get better as a whole, so we need to help each other to learn the mechanics.
  11. Triny(OD)

    The Journey to Antorus Heroic

    Boys, lets keep this discussion on topic, and about improving the guild as a whole, Lets not take things personal. We do data analyses after each raid, posting it here is solely so we can see where we lack, that is how things improve, and we make progress as a guild.
  12. Triny(OD)

    The Journey to Antorus Heroic

    If Sarnith continues to break things down, some of us see this and will try to work on what we need to, its meant for us to grow as a group. Really it is not meant in a negative way, it's meant to help, and i appreciate Sarnith taking the time to break down the logs, and at least try to help, in any group there are always things we can improve upon. Not all of us have the time to look at the logs in depth, this break down of problems that could make us fail is extremely helpful, please dont take it as elitist.
  13. Triny(OD)

    Raid times revisit/Division meeting

    Thank you Cardiac, and thank you for all who came! The new Raid times are Sunday 8-11pm est(server), and Monday 7-10pm est
    1. Triny(OD)


      Nope I was not o.o

    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      3:30am we got it back 12 hours no power

    3. Triny(OD)


      Ouch that's brutal, ours rarely goes out.


  14. It is time to again revisit our raid times. A few times now we have had the issue of raiding on Tuesday after patches that the game is still unavailable/glitchy. The poll is multiple choice please pick any options you like, and we will see where to stand. On Friday 1 hour before raid at 6PM est we will have division wide meeting to discuss issues, and raid times.