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  1. New WoW Player

    My btag is Trinity#1290, feel free to add me or speak with me on teamspeak, and ill get you setup.
  2. Division Meeting April 8th 6:30pm est

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  5. We will be having a Division wide meeting on Sunday April the 8th at 6:30pm on TS3. Anyone from our division is welcome and encouraged to attend. Anyone from OD is welcome to attend but I will ask if you are not part of our division that you abstain from voting on division changes. Topics to be discussed (will be adding these are they are presented) Divisions changes Inactive members New events Division leadership changes (welcome Sarnith) Raid consistency recruitment methods (Mursaat) Consumables [Flask, Food, etc] (Sarnith) Donations, Guild Repairs (Sarnith) Prep Work for BfA (Sarnith) Teamspeak vs Discord (Sarnith) Anyone who would like to speak will have an opportunity once we have discussed topics that are listed, and anyone can post here in this topic if they would like something added to the agenda that is not currently posted. Side Note, we will NOT be raiding on Easter Sunday as we do not on most major holidays.
  6. Guild Events

    These are all good ideas, were going to have a division meeting Sunday April the 8th at 6:30pm est, that would be a good time to discuss more ideas and get a feel for what the collective group wants.
  7. Broken sata ports

    sorry to hear dark, if you need an IA request just let me know. And yes I can indeed find you something cheap if needed, I understand the struggle as well.
  8. non sub lvl 20 pvp tournaments weekly

    Sounds like a good idea Mursaat, anything you need i'm there, lets have a chat on ts when you're free, and i will get a hold of Neo but I am sure he would like to help out as well.
  9. Log Analysis Heroic

    Thank you Sarnith for taking the time for the analysis and input for our group.
  10. I need an invite

    Hello Zio, I will be on ts shortly if you need an invite/recruiter
  11. I need an invite

    What's your btag raged so I can see when you are on, and ill get you invited, mine is Trinity#1290
  12. gamers lounge squad

    You have come here to post with one purpose, to stir things up, and cause trouble. If you wish to see Terra leave that channel you should see when she comes to mine where we hide out together to discuss clan things. She does so much behind the scenes that most don't see, she almost always available and ready to stop what shes doing (normally gaming) to help anyone, of all the people you choose to target you seem to have an agenda with Terra.
  13. Log Overview / Comparison

    Thank you Sarnith for taking the time to post this. If anyone is in need of help with anything please contact one of the leadership team or a raid leader and we will help you out. Also Saturday evening we are going to try to get an Alt raid group together, if we do not have enough people we will split off and do Mythic+ dungeons.
  14. Division Memebers! We want your input!

    Voice chat would be the key, if we could get more people onto the voice chat it would be easier to ask for help without someone needing to pay attention to guild chat constantly. Also maybe a list of those who are willing to pl people, then they could be whispered if you need help.
  15. Log comparison for Heroic Antorus

    Thank you Sarnith for posting the detailed break down for us. IF anyone is in need of assistance with mechanics, or maybe has questions about this or there class in general please contact me (ts/pm/in game) and i will make sure you get assistance or will go over in detail what happened during the fight. We are all in this together, we will only get better as a whole, so we need to help each other to learn the mechanics.