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  1. The Journey to Antorus Heroic

    Boys, lets keep this discussion on topic, and about improving the guild as a whole, Lets not take things personal. We do data analyses after each raid, posting it here is solely so we can see where we lack, that is how things improve, and we make progress as a guild.
  2. The Journey to Antorus Heroic

    If Sarnith continues to break things down, some of us see this and will try to work on what we need to, its meant for us to grow as a group. Really it is not meant in a negative way, it's meant to help, and i appreciate Sarnith taking the time to break down the logs, and at least try to help, in any group there are always things we can improve upon. Not all of us have the time to look at the logs in depth, this break down of problems that could make us fail is extremely helpful, please dont take it as elitist.
  3. Raid times revisit/Division meeting

    Thank you Cardiac, and thank you for all who came! The new Raid times are Sunday 8-11pm est(server), and Monday 7-10pm est
    1. Triny(OD)


      Nope I was not o.o

    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      3:30am we got it back 12 hours no power

    3. Triny(OD)


      Ouch that's brutal, ours rarely goes out.


  4. It is time to again revisit our raid times. A few times now we have had the issue of raiding on Tuesday after patches that the game is still unavailable/glitchy. The poll is multiple choice please pick any options you like, and we will see where to stand. On Friday 1 hour before raid at 6PM est we will have division wide meeting to discuss issues, and raid times.
  5. Civ6 Event + Charity Stream

    I will be there, and I have posted on my reddit groups as well.
  6. Web \ forum feedback \ suggestions

    Thank you for volunteering the time to help out! not often we see someone with this kind of experience and very willing to help.
  7. Civ6 Event + Charity Stream

    Extremely good cause Sarnith, I will be viewing and supporting! Gl my friend! If you need any help with anything please let me know, id love to help out.
  8. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    long read, From my divisions stand point, yes discord is much easier and with difficulties that we face in recruiting it makes things a ton easier to have a discord. that in itself can be a challenge as my own division can be segmented, even at times having a raid group split between the 2 but we make it work. I would not like to see us give up ts altogether. For our raid groups it is nice to have discord available, but even for myself discord is mostly personal non clan usage(friends/family/so) as it does not incur long distance to use on my phone. So my usage would be limited to certain situations. There are people in my division that love the idea of using it exclusively though, its a much easier interface and connection, and as horrible as it is you can even connect through a web browser.
  9. Did you really need to ask?!?!? ZL1 obviously lol they are kinda cute and look like fennec foxes they get a free pass. Me as well! just let me know Rose!
  10. I do not, especially in WoW, what are these red pandas of ff14 you speak of? lol
  11. The music topic!

    That one i have heard lol
  12. Antorus Raid Boss Guide

    Argus the Unmaker
  13. Antorus Raid Boss Guide

  14. Antorus Raid Boss Guide

    Coven of Shivarra