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  1. Altros(OD)

    - Guild Events -

    Editted Vell time to the correct time.
  2. Altros(OD)

    BDO New player Competition

    Grinding does get more difficult and level definitely slows down later on. The amount of exp needed to level follows a pretty extreme exponential curve past 55. lvl55-56 takes as much exp as it did to go from lvl1-55. From there it doubles every level until 60. From there it increases 5x every level until 69 and from there it increases 20x every level. Basically, grinding optimally 24 hours a day, the universe would literally enter the black hole era before you reached level 90. As for difficulty, it starts to ramp up once you hit the Mediah region of the game. It jumps up more in Valencia and then again in Kamasylvia. True end-game PvE grinding involves grinding in ancient ruins which feature the most powerful enemies in the game outside of world bosses. These difficulty jumps have more to do with gear than with level, however. (Though level is important 'cus for some reason accuracy and evasion are stats in a full-action combat game...) In terms of level that means you won't start to find enemies that aren't just trash mobs that get 1 hit until around level 50.
  3. Altros(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    I disagree on the point that peace is a destructive force. The existence of conflict does not generate unity in a group. It is the existence of an external conflict great enough to supersede internal conflicts that generates unity. Unity does not degrade to division due to a lack of conflict, it degrades because internal conflicts that were never settled come to the forefront in the lack of a greater external conflict. I would argue that true peace has yet been attained by humanity, there are only times when the greatest problem is external and times when the greatest problem is internal.
  4. Altros(OD)

    Expansion of OD into a new game

    Family Name: Altros
  5. Altros(OD)

    Expansion of OD into a new game

    I highly recommend recruiting as basically all of you will have access to the Olvia servers for 30 days after you login and right now you'll have the best way to get new people to join by leveling them to 56. Realistically, following a guide and having someone power you, it can take just a few hours to hit 56. I'd help with that but, unfortunately, I won't have access to the Olvia servers unless I refrain from logging in until the 12th.
  6. Altros(OD)

    Expansion of OD into a new game

    PvP has higher entry requirements for end-game PvP than when we played. This isn't unusual given the time that has elapsed since we played. When we played the soft-cap (read "minimum for competitive") for gear was TRI Boss gear. It is now TET Boss gear. On top of this, changes have been made to node wars though I have not read the changes thoroughly so I can't speak for how they've changed the barrier of entry. Keep in mind, this is all for end-game competitive PvP, which should be an ultimate goal but not an immediate objective. First you'd want to aim for T1 node wars. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much discussion about lower-ranked node wars as the PvP community in general has been heavily diminished by waves of rebalancing that were done poorly. (Sometimes the wave would only balance some classes, leaving the others strong, sometimes the wave wouldn't only partially implement balancing, leaving a broken system in place until the next wave; it was pretty bad.) Because of this, I don't know what the barrier of entry is for lower ranked node wars. Economic dominance can go hand-in-hand with PvP, as guilds that manage to conquer a nation reap some pretty heavy rewards for doing so. However, we would not be able to pull off such a feat. As such, the best alternative is sea monster hunting. The basic gist of it is that members get boats, and the guild gets a gally, and we hunt sea monsters in our free time. Sea monsters drop items that can be sold to NPCs for guild currency. A lot of guild currency. It used to be that only guilds that owned a node were allowed to cut bonuses. This has since been changed. All guilds are now allowed to cut bonuses to their members. The total amount cut per week is not allowed to exceed 40% of the guild's current funds. This is what has caused radical inflation in BDO. Fight fire with fire. As for other activities that can be done, there are guild missions that reward guild boss scrolls. A lot of guilds will do these missions exclusively so that every week all members can get together to stomp bosses. Guilds will also often maintain spreadsheets of what members have what daily/weekly boss scrolls so that members can be matched up to more efficiently farm daily/weekly bosses. Setting standards for what channels to go to for World Bosses is also a common practice so that members can expect help during world bosses. As for life skilling, it's hard to find life skills that benefit from having other people. The only 2 that really come to mind are trading and hunting. Trading because scattering members across a wide range of channels allows for more effective finding of channels that have specific trade goods on bonus. Hunting because of world hunts like whales and khalk, etc. I would personally recommend going for economic dominance first via sea monster hunting, as we're likely going to have the most success recruiting new players on the olvia channels by offering to help people reach 56 so they get the game for free, in exchange they join our guild and help us establish economic domination of the seas.
  7. Altros(OD)

    Expansion of OD into a new game

    Just something to throw in here for members that are potentially interested in BDO. The game features a 7-day trial after which you would normally have to pay a one-time purchase fee to continue playing. However, the game is currently having an event until October 17th where accounts that manage to get a character to level 56 during their 7-day free trial will receive the game for free.
  8. Altros(OD)

    Expansion of OD into a new game

    I do not believe the guild exists anymore. If I recall correctly, I was the last leader of it and disbanded it (since there was no other way for me to leave it).
  9. Altros(OD)

    Expansion of OD into a new game

    Just my 2-cents on multiplayer content. For players used to a theme-park style of MMO, the game has next to no multiplayer content. There is content to make large communities in the game, it's simply up to the leadership of the community to design it in the world. The fact that the game has supported super guilds for extended periods of time stands as testament to that. The content does exist. That being said, the game has other problems. There's the rampant cries of P2W currently bogging down its community (I believe people are overreacting, not going to go into the full story here unless there's an extreme amount of interest to hear it) but, more importantly, it's economy has tanked in the past few months. For months, large guilds have used a method of farming silver for its members that essentially led to non-node war guilds having over 1 billion silver payouts every week for every player in the guild. The result from this is a drastic amount of inflation. When our group played previously, a pearl shop costume's price was about 24m silver. It has since quadrupled to over 100m silver. It's not hard to compete in the inflated market, so long as you play the same game and farm the same things, which involves lots of sea monster hunting. Unfortunately, this means also getting several sailboats and I remember having to chop trees for a week straight to make mine when they initially released them. I'm down to give the game a chance again but it's not something that should be approached without a plan. It would take a lot of recruiting and planning out of what activities we'll do to keep people engaged in the game.
  10. Altros(OD)

    Remember this?

    Eternally ancient?
  11. Altros(OD)

    Remember this?

    I'm gonna leverage this as justification to call you ancient from now on.
  12. Altros(OD)

    Debate Philosophy

    I was the one who said the underlined part and it was in the context of philosophical debates. Political debates are a completely different beast. I don't ever expect the principle of charity to be observed in a political debate. After all, most of the people who participate in such discussions probably don't even know what that principle is.
  13. Altros(OD)

    Debate Philosophy

    "I think, therefore I am." Though this could fall under this umbrella of the a priori exclusion. I would argue that this is circular reasoning. Your conclusion is that there are no objective truths and your premise excludes a priori knowledge, the literal source of objectives truths. This leads to a valid conclusion. After all, if we exclude the source of objective truths then there are no objective truths. However, the soundness and, honestly, the usefulness of such an argument is questionable at best. That being said, I think I get what you're getting at. A posteriori knowledge is fallible. It can never be proven 100% correct. This is why theories in sciences, aside from axioms, are never considered hard truths, as science is based in empirical evidence, a form of a posteriori knowledge. I would say that a better way to convey your point isn't to say that objective truths don't exist, or that nothing can be proven real, but instead to say that one must take care in the information they are presenting; that one should be aware of whether their facts are a priori or a posteriori. If the fact is a priori, it's a fact, an objective truth. If the fact is a posteriori then a very large amount of evidence is required to support it and 1 piece of solid evidence against it can falsify it.
  14. Altros(OD)

    Debate Philosophy

    This is a possibility and a valid concern. However, without actual numbers to substantiate it, it is hard to say whether it is a reality or simply a possibility. The principle of charity exists for more than just good manners, it exists as a self-imposed protection against ad hominem and straw man fallacies as all too often these fallacies end up in a debate due not to malice but by uncharitable assumptions. The question then becomes, which is more valuable: a lesser number of discussions/participants that are charitable, or a greater number where integrity of the discussions is questionable due to a lack of enforcement of the principle of charity? The deciding factor to the above question lies both in bias and in numbers. I lack the numbers for the frequency of individuals that participate in discourse uncharitably. If it truly is as high as your statement implies then I agree. However, without those numbers I cannot be sure if it is as severe or if the statement is overly pessimistic.
  15. Altros(OD)

    Debate Philosophy

    I would argue that the solution to uncharitable participants is to remove them from the discussion rather than to change how the discussion is performed. An uncharitable participant is a superficial problem that is easily solved by their removal. However, feigning confidence will always carry a risk of leading people or the discussion astray; it is a solution to a superficial problem that introduces a systemic problem, one with no solution, in its place. I would argue that this solution is worse than the original problem.