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  1. Altros(OD)

    Hypotheticals - The Alien Dilemma

    So let me get this straight, they can use this "universe drive" to go to a parallel universe for Earth but not for their own planet? If we were to assume parallel universes are a real thing that can be traversed to then all possibilities must exist in some parallel universe. Therefore, there should exist a parallel universe where their planet is available to them.
  2. Altros(OD)

    King's Raid

    Expected to be for another 8.5 hours.
  3. Altros(OD)

    Website development tool

    If we're talking a straight text editor, I prefer VIM. If we're talking an IDE then I like Visual Studio Code.
  4. Altros(OD)

    altros im calling u out for a debate

    I see no reason to debate with someone that won't even reveal their identity. Come back on your actual account so I'm debating a person and not a mask.
  5. Altros(OD)

    gamers lounge squad

    So basically, you want to have a discussion but you don't want the discussion to be held to any quality standards. Basically, this thread isn't actually to have a productive discussion but instead is meant to be a place to sling biases around without the need for legitimate justification. (PS: nice ad hominem.) No. What you're being told is that if member A wants to get to know member B then it is the job of member A to go to member B. Member B is under no obligation to go to member A. I'm amazed you know so much about Terra that you can say she does nothing but play rocket league 24/7. Who are you exactly? Pretty hard to tell under the false forum name. Looks like senpai noticed you.
  6. Altros(OD)

    gamers lounge squad

    There is no member on the website by the name of Dizzy, nor has there ever been according to the logs. Posh...? So you want to stay enlisted but refer to officer as posh? Sounds to me like you consider officer rank to be better than enlisted, presenting an interesting disconnect between this statement and your previous statement. Anyway, that's enough of entertaining the straw man argument. Here's a question I'll pose. You say that you notice things and see things and hear things from people. Furthermore, you have called out a specific commander multiple times in this thread that you claim isn't about that commander. Have you ever attempted to reach out to this commander to ask what it is they do? Have you tried to reach out to other higher ranked members that you respect and have named in this thread as well to find out what this commander does? I can tell you that it's far from nothing. But don't take my word for it. Ask @Triny(OD) or @DBZ(OD) or @PoPs(OD) or @Aerineth(OD) or @Badboi(OD). Heck, go look up Terra's last evaluation thread to see that she has the full support of the higher ranked members that you respect. This support isn't for nothing. A higher ranking member's job is to make sure the clan doesn't implode or fall apart, it is not to be everyone's friend.
  7. Altros(OD)

    gamers lounge squad

    For someone who isn't interested enough in the community to sign-up on the website, you sure do seem fascinated with specifically one individual. Given your seeming fascination with Commanders needing to be held accountable for their rank, I would have expected a post from you much sooner in the "Commanders need to be Evaluated" thread. You claim this thread is to voice your support for Link's topic but it seems more like somewhere you want to air dirty laundry with @Terra instead.
  8. Altros(OD)

    School shootings in the U.S.

    Yes, the mode of violence will change to a different weapon. The important part there is the mass killing potential of said weapon. Japan has still had massacres, as you point out. However since the mass shooting in 1938 (my original statistic of 1934 was off), which killed 30 (not including the perpetrator) there has only been one incident of greater death toll in the form an arson that killed 44. The only other notable massacres killed 15 and 19 people, the rest were all single digits. Furthermore, if we sum all of the deaths due to massacres since the 1938 mass shooting we get 131 deaths. This number is less than what the US has seen in just 4 mass shootings in the only the past 2 years at 153. The obvious counter argument is the size difference between the US and Japan. I have a hard time believing that size difference between counties alone can explain our death counts due to massacres in less than 2 years being greater than Japan's death counts due to massacres in almost 80 years. Violence will still happen with stricter gun laws. It will find other methods. However, these other methods (outside of explosives) have significantly less killing potential than literal assault weapons. Trying to say that we're no better off restricting these types of attacks to blunt/sharp melee weapons than with guns is literally ludicrous. However, I do agree that it is not a complete solution. These shootings do not occur due to one singular cause and without treating all of the causes then massacres will continue to happen but through different means. However, going by all of the evidence adding more guns has failed to alleviate the problem, both in our own country and in any other country. By contrast, in every country that has restricted gun laws there has been a sharp decline in -- and even a complete disappearance of (in some cases) -- mass shootings. There is a direct correlation between the availability of guns and both incidents of mass shootings and death tolls in massacres. As far as your last two points are concerned. Civil war is a stretch. We're not thinking doing the same thing as other countries will yield a new result. We're pointing out the results of other countries because their results are objectively better than ours. We're pointing out what they did because we want the same results as them, not different ones. If anything this argument applies most to leaving the status quo/increasing the presence of guns. This has been tried several times by the US in the past and looking at mass shooting statistics, mass shootings have gotten worse, not better. Attempting to say now that if we add more guns it'll get better is literally trying the same thing but expecting something different to happen.
  9. Altros(OD)

    For Terra and anyone of the Female gender

    Sounds like a bug in your programming.
  10. Altros(OD)

    School shootings in the U.S.

    This is possibly the argument that grinds my gears the most. "There is no way to stop people from acquiring these guns and doing this" says literally the only civilized country having this problem. Will criminals with the proper channels still get guns? Sure. Will they use them to go on mass shootings? No. Criminals with those kinds of connections aren't about to throw themselves into the public eye like that. The real question is this: will a mentally unstable high school student/university student/regular civilian have these channels to get these weapons? The answer is no, probably not. Yes, access to guns is not the only part of them problem. Mental health issues and our country's love of ignoring them is also a huge part of the problem. However, we are not the only first world country that fails to properly address mental health issues. Heck, we're even better than some of them when countries like Japan come to mind. These other countries still have us well beat on mass shootings and it is because of how much more strict their gun laws are. Japan's last mass shooting was in 1934, to cite an example of a country that does a worse job of handling mental health than we do. Should we work to resolve all of the other factors that lead to people wanting to go on a mass shooting? Yes, obviously. However, just looking at all evidence that exists in the world, the first step to stopping shootings to reduce the number of guns, not increase them. You don't solve a flood by pouring more water into it.
  11. Altros(OD)

    School shootings in the U.S.

    So our shooting deaths, as a first world country, is comparable to Iraq, a country that is literally in a civil war. Boy, those loose gun laws sure are helping to keep the peace and people safe.
  12. Altros(OD)

    For Terra and anyone of the Female gender

    That's the weirdest spelling of "robot" I've ever seen.
  13. Altros(OD)

    Wondering who still plays.

    You should be fine with leveling solo until about 50. Around 50 is when enemy HP and damage values start to go up drastically, with another 2 jumps at 56 and 60. I haven't really logged on to BDO in quite awhile now but if you need help leveling from 50 to 55 I can get on to help.
  14. Altros(OD)

    Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    We do value the success of each division. However, with D2 we're talking about roughly 46% of the entire clan. While it is important to value the individual success of each and every division, we cannot value it so much that we're willing to potentially kick almost half the clan to the curb.
  15. Altros(OD)

    Java Expierence?

    I have never used Java. I know JavaScript but not standard Java.