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  1. PSA: AIM to be discontinued

    AIM is currently set to be discontinued on December 15th of this year. RIP AIM.
  2. [Locked]Teamspeak Channels

    Discord has a lot of potential and for single-purpose communities (ie. a clan that plays one game) it is arguably the best VoIP around. ODG does have a clan Discord that was made after much hesitation by some parts of administration. There were two major concerns that were brought up: first, Discord does not support true channel trees and thus would be hard to organize in any intuitive way for a multi-purpose community like ODG; second, having both TS and Discord would fragment the community and ultimately do more harm than good. The first was proven correct almost immediately, @Xayj(OD) can go more into that and he did his best to make it look as good as possible but, by his own admission, it still didn't look very pretty. The latter would come to pass later. The division that primarily used the ODG Discord, in fact the one that pushed for its creation, was the Smite division. I don't want to blame the Discord entirely for the downfall of the Smite division but it definitely played a part as towards the end members did voice that the Discord felt empty when compared to the TS and that the members of the division felt isolated from the rest of the community. In short, it's easy to jump on the bandwagon for Discord, especially when we see it work so well in so many places. However, Discord is simply not currently built to handle a multi-purpose community like ODG, perhaps in the future but not today.
  3. A proud moment for the squad

    I don't think we actually managed to. The clan started at level 1, it takes 100,000 clan contribution to level up the clan and clans can only earn 100,000 contribution each week. On top of this, each character can only contribute 5,000 per week. If I counted correctly, there are 7 of us on PS4 and given that each player can have 3 characters it is theoretically possible for us to just barely make 100k every week but clans didn't go live until Friday so we only got a half-week to try and get that before the weekly reset, which I think we failed to do. When I signed off last night, 1 hour before reset, we had gotten just over half the needed contribution to level up the clan.
  4. A take on American Health Care

    I've seen that video before, the best is that it doesn't go into emergency room expenses and how that plays a role in the taxes we pay here in America-land. We pay more in taxes, per capita, towards public healthcare than any other country in the world from footing the emergency room bills of those who couldn't pay. We pay the most towards public healthcare in the world but we don't get free public healthcare, instead we get insane health insurance costs and co-pays all while having to deal with a referral system that can cause it to take months to get care needed for something as simple as a fractured wrist. America, best in the world.
  5. The next interview will be with...Terra(OD)

    Is it an African or European swallow?
  6. Destiny 2

    The platform I plan on buying Destiny 2 on depends a lot on interest on the PC version. If I can't find enough people that are going to be willing to sit down and grind the grind of Destiny end-game then I'll probably buy it on PS4 where I know some guys from Destiny 1 that tolerated the grind and are planning on picking up Destiny 2.
  7. Stream!

    I wasn't around during the making of the stream page but my understanding is that it was never really finished nor polished. It's a page that needs a lot of refinement, for sure, and I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't fully functional as well. There are plans to finish/fix it but not using it's current implementation but instead completely revamping it.
  8. Humanity, the guardians of life?

    This is actually uncertain in our current models. The Earth may be swallowed by the Sun, it may orbit just outside of the Sun or it may be ejected from the solar system. These differences arise from uncertainties in how much mass the Sun will lose before it becomes a red giant (yes, the Sun loses mass when performing fusion of hydrogen) and to account for other events that may occur over the 5~6.5 billion years that may change the Earth's orbit. All of these outcomes still lead to the end of life on Earth, we just don't know if it'll be by burning or by freezing. Moving back to this thread's topic. "Because we do not know if life exists on other planets, do we owe it to life to make a concerted effort in ensuring its propagation and continuation outside of, and beyond the lifespan of, the Earth?" My answer, so long as humanity continues to have access to limited resources, is no. I would support seeding life alongside colonization of exoplanets but I would not support dedicating a portion of the limited resources available to humanity in a way that does not benefit humanity.
  9. Humanity, the guardians of life?

    This video does a good job explaining why we will never be able to explore galaxies outside of our own local group. This, too, assumes that our current understandings (the ones currently supported through empirical evidence) are correct. At the heart of the reason is the fact that the universe is expanding and that this expansion is accelerating. For extremely distant bodies, the acceleration induced by the expansion of space overcomes the acceleration induced by gravity. This means that bodies far enough away from the gravitational pull of our local group (everything outside of the local group) will accelerate away from us while we accelerate away from them. Do we fully understand dark energy, the root of the reason why we can't go to other groups? No. However, we don't have to fully understand how something works to empirically measure its effects. Whether we understand dark energy or not doesn't change the fact that it is causing our universe to expand at an accelerated rate.
  10. Humanity, the guardians of life?

    I would still say no. There is no objective reason for humanity to go out of its way to seed life around the galaxy. However, if interstellar travel becomes a thing then seeding life on lifeless planets chosen as colonies would be beneficial as a dead planet would be difficult to inhabit. PS: I feel the need to still bring in physical restraints and thus have limited the range of life seeding to the galaxy. We can only reach destinations that are either within our own galaxy or within a galaxy that is on a collision course with ours. This is due to the accelerating expansion of the universe, we will never be able to reach stars in galaxies moving away from us, assuming our current models and laws of physics are accurate.
  11. Humanity, the guardians of life?

    Not proven false does not equate to safely assumed true. We do not know if life exists on other worlds, that doesn't mean we can assume it doesn't. Furthermore, confirming if life exists on exoplanets would be a huge time investment. The nearest earth-like exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star is 1402 light years away. To date, the fastest exploration probe launched is New Horizons, which had a velocity of ~83,000 km/h after performing two slingshots, around Mars and Jupiter. This is 0.00769050553% the speed of light. Meaning it would take ~182,300 years for a craft to reach said planet. It would then take a further 1402 years for any data is collects to reach us. Humanity, in its current state, is likely to kill itself off before we ever even learn whether life exists on other planets. This is why I stated that humanity is not yet in a position to be asking this question. We cannot simply go around seeding life haphazardly and we are not currently in a position where we have the luxury of launching spacecrafts to determine if life exists elsewhere. Now, you could potentially make an argument that, as AI advances, we could launch unmanned spacecrafts, equipped with the necessities to seed life, every-which-way and have an on-board AI determine, upon arrival, if it should seed a planet or not. However, that then leads to a financial bottleneck. Launching one such spacecraft would be expensive by itself but launching potentially hundreds? If we want to keep to the premise that we are the only planet with life and add a further premise that we don't have to worry about financial constraints, then sure, why not seed life? However, if we do have to worry about financial constraints then no, I would not agree with seeding life everywhere. There are better places those resources could go to right now. If I had to draw a comparison, it'd be to a healer in a group. A healer is of no use to anyone if they die because they were too busy healing everyone else to heal themselves. If humanity does want to be a bastion of life then first we have to get ourselves to a point where we've minimized our chances of going extinct.
  12. Humanity, the guardians of life?

    Seeding life on other planets is just as likely to destroy an already developing environment as it is to start a new one. This is why the Cassini spacecraft will drop into Saturn and burn-up at the end of its life, scientists don't want to risk the spacecraft crashing onto one of the moons and contaminating it as a couple of Saturn's moons are thought to be geologically active with water under their frozen surfaces, thus making them theoretically capable of supporting microbial life. Assuming current theories are correct, attempting to preserve life into eternity may be pointless anyway. Eventually the universe will become incapable of supporting life once the universe enters its "heat death" phase where entropy ceases and there is no more usable energy left in the universe. I don't think humanity is at a point to where this question should be considered. Humanity is still willing to kill off members of its own species--we have no right to try and think of ourselves as bastions of life.
  13. Big Thanks!

    Bonus days are capped at 2 and are awarded for every 3 votes above the required amount of votes. #MustNitPickHowSiteWorks
  14. Good/Safe/Free Antivirus

    So, about this ransomware virus known as WannaCry...
  15. Good/Safe/Free Antivirus

    I personally use MalwareBytes and SpyBot - Search & Destroy. I agree that MalwareBytes is really more useful as a clean-up tool as its real-time scanning can cause some noticeable slow down in a computer. There's also the fact that you have to pay for the real-time scanning functionality. SpyBot - Search & Destroy is most useful for its "immunization" functionality where it goes around and messes with some low-level browser settings (won't work for chrome, chrome doesn't let things touch it) to block off a lot of common abuses virus-ridden sites try to abuse (basically makes it harder for pop-ups to actually pop-up and helps prevent those websites that attempt to lock you on their page). Works great in firefox, chrome refuses to let spybot touch it, haven't tested it in other browsers.