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  1. Wondering who still plays.

    You should be fine with leveling solo until about 50. Around 50 is when enemy HP and damage values start to go up drastically, with another 2 jumps at 56 and 60. I haven't really logged on to BDO in quite awhile now but if you need help leveling from 50 to 55 I can get on to help.
  2. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    We do value the success of each division. However, with D2 we're talking about roughly 46% of the entire clan. While it is important to value the individual success of each and every division, we cannot value it so much that we're willing to potentially kick almost half the clan to the curb.
  3. Java Expierence?

    I have never used Java. I know JavaScript but not standard Java.
  4. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    Discord currently only supports channel trees with a depth of 2. That is to say that main channels (depth 1) can have sub channels (depth 2) but sub channels cannot have sub channels. Also the "main channels" are really just labels because you can't actually use them as a voice channel. Basically, channel hierarchy is limited to grouping like-channels under a collapsible label. Discord does not currently support complex channel hierarchies like the ones seen on teamspeak and, to the best of my knowledge, there is no workaround for this. I do believe that more complex channel hierarchies is a planned feature by the Discord devs.
  5. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    This. Natively, Discord bans are permanent and can be done by user ID. A flooder can't simply follow an invite to a discord they've been banned in, they'd have to make a new account to continue the flood. This also means that the idea of banning someone for 5 minutes because they were drunk and bothering people isn't a thing on Discord. The only way to achieve temporary bans is by using a bot that will unban users that are only supposed to be temporarily banned after their temp ban period has expired.
  6. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    Actually, my bad. For windows, it's only easy to capture video from a specific application. To easily capture audio from a specific application using ffmpeg you need to be running linux. You can still capture audio using ffmpeg on windows but you can only capture audio from all applications. Plus, you'd have to do sound mixing to also capture your own microphone.
  7. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    While Discord doesn't do this natively, it's pretty easy to do capture audio from an application using ffmpeg.
  8. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    I need @Xayj(OD) to give a second confirmation on this, but this is currently not possible in Discord. Discord's permission system is not capable of replicating the one we have on TeamSpeak. As an example, move power is universal, it is not possible to make a Warrant Officer rank on Discord that can move only Enlisted and below, if a rank gives move power it allows the user to move anyone. This can be done by using Discord's app building functionality, however it would not be using the standard Discord powers. Instead, powers, at least those unable to be replicated on Discord, would have to be carried out through text commands using a bot as a surrogate. Obviously, this would require someone taking the time to code up this bot. Furthermore, a more robust permission system is already something the Discord developers have said they intend to work on, so ultimately this bot would be made with the knowledge that one day it will no longer be necessary.
  9. PSA: AIM to be discontinued

    AIM is currently set to be discontinued on December 15th of this year. RIP AIM.
  10. [Locked]Teamspeak Channels

    Discord has a lot of potential and for single-purpose communities (ie. a clan that plays one game) it is arguably the best VoIP around. ODG does have a clan Discord that was made after much hesitation by some parts of administration. There were two major concerns that were brought up: first, Discord does not support true channel trees and thus would be hard to organize in any intuitive way for a multi-purpose community like ODG; second, having both TS and Discord would fragment the community and ultimately do more harm than good. The first was proven correct almost immediately, @Xayj(OD) can go more into that and he did his best to make it look as good as possible but, by his own admission, it still didn't look very pretty. The latter would come to pass later. The division that primarily used the ODG Discord, in fact the one that pushed for its creation, was the Smite division. I don't want to blame the Discord entirely for the downfall of the Smite division but it definitely played a part as towards the end members did voice that the Discord felt empty when compared to the TS and that the members of the division felt isolated from the rest of the community. In short, it's easy to jump on the bandwagon for Discord, especially when we see it work so well in so many places. However, Discord is simply not currently built to handle a multi-purpose community like ODG, perhaps in the future but not today.
  11. A proud moment for the squad

    I don't think we actually managed to. The clan started at level 1, it takes 100,000 clan contribution to level up the clan and clans can only earn 100,000 contribution each week. On top of this, each character can only contribute 5,000 per week. If I counted correctly, there are 7 of us on PS4 and given that each player can have 3 characters it is theoretically possible for us to just barely make 100k every week but clans didn't go live until Friday so we only got a half-week to try and get that before the weekly reset, which I think we failed to do. When I signed off last night, 1 hour before reset, we had gotten just over half the needed contribution to level up the clan.
  12. A take on American Health Care

    I've seen that video before, the best is that it doesn't go into emergency room expenses and how that plays a role in the taxes we pay here in America-land. We pay more in taxes, per capita, towards public healthcare than any other country in the world from footing the emergency room bills of those who couldn't pay. We pay the most towards public healthcare in the world but we don't get free public healthcare, instead we get insane health insurance costs and co-pays all while having to deal with a referral system that can cause it to take months to get care needed for something as simple as a fractured wrist. America, best in the world.
  13. The next interview will be with...Terra(OD)

    Is it an African or European swallow?
  14. Destiny 2

    The platform I plan on buying Destiny 2 on depends a lot on interest on the PC version. If I can't find enough people that are going to be willing to sit down and grind the grind of Destiny end-game then I'll probably buy it on PS4 where I know some guys from Destiny 1 that tolerated the grind and are planning on picking up Destiny 2.
  15. Stream!

    I wasn't around during the making of the stream page but my understanding is that it was never really finished nor polished. It's a page that needs a lot of refinement, for sure, and I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't fully functional as well. There are plans to finish/fix it but not using it's current implementation but instead completely revamping it.