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  1. New kid in town...

    Welcome aboard, good luck to all of us with this reset
  2. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    Glad to see you again, been missin ya in D2 man
  3. Griswold(OD) Why is it overdosed?

    Welcome aboard, we all OD on gaming, i konw my 8+ hours a day piss of the wife XD
  4. Hello Clan(OD)

    Welcome aboard, I've known a few KoA members in my time, all have been pretty good folks
  5. Hi My Name Is Doab(OD)

    Welcome aboard matey!
  6. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome aboard!
  7. Need some Bers?

    Another satified Customer! Still got a few, lemme know if u need
  8. Need some Bers?

    Message me, been tryin to message you /w *Cogswell(OD)
  9. Is there where all the cool kids hang?

    Welcome aboard
  10. HAPPY 50th birthday

    Happy birthday pops!
  11. Need some Bers?

    Reset is comming, take free BERS! lemme know
  12. ISO Crappy CoA

    Got one, thanks yall =)
  13. ISO Crappy CoA

    DOWN WITH THE CROWN! oh, hi sass....XD but seriously, yea, even a 1os is fine, just need one to be ballin with my tyreals might, gotta get my niké hat to go with my new outfit, ya know?
  14. ISO Crappy CoA

    Any ol CoA will do, cheaper the better, lemme know!
  15. It's unfortunately that time

    welcome back <(^_^)>