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  1. Having Slow Wifi ?? This may help!

    In my experience, the scaling should only be enabled if you have some option within your windows control panel set for limiting data over a "metered" connection. This option is very useful for those without unlimited data plans, such as running your internet over cell connections here in the U.S., but many countries don't even have the option of "unlimited data plans" for their cell nor house internet. As the U.S. is not the center of the world, nor the most populated, microsoft integrated a "self-limiting" setting within windows for your network connections. This is the reason such a thing exists to begin with, as a convenience for those that have to shell out addition money for going over their available GB. I've even heard of people paying upwards of $50 / month for 4GB of data only, and once used up, your internet shuts off till the next billing cycle! This is why the whole "limitation" exists within windows... That said, Thank you, @Ocelot(OD), for providing us with detailed instructions on what to look out for if we have an "unlimited data" connection! Very helpful!
  2. My RL obligations during tax season is about to subside, and with that, the time to game will be of abundance.... I look forward to seeing you all in game! maybe we can get some flashpoints and operations going again!
  3. Revival of Social Media!

    @MelodicRose(OD) I am the division lead for SWTOR, not OW (slight difference ).... That said, I am also one of the admins of our OD Swtor Facebook page
  4. March 2018 Award Winners Part 3 of 3

    If I'm not mistaken, in the past, whenever there was a tie, the host would make the deciding vote to make a clear winner... I take it we are no longer doing that? Anyways, yes, Thank you to @SupremeJester for hosting, Thank You @Purplez(OD) for helping with the pixels, and a THANK YOU to all who participated!, Congrats to all the award winners!
  5. Starcraft 2

    Although I appreciate the mention, and while I do own the wings of liberty version, I can't remember the last time I played starcraft... maybe 4 or 5 years? Lol... but i will keep it in mind and ask around if anyone's interested to contact you @Freight(OD)!
  6. Revival of Community Meetings

    Ask, and ye shall receive
  7. Revival of Community Meetings

    If you like, when you have a specific date / time in mind, we can post it as an "announcement" here in the forums, and you can make a news post about it on the main page too! Let me or any other General+ know when it is, and they can make the announcement post for the forums
  8. altros im calling u out for a debate

    LOL i know, I was just having some fun ;)
  9. altros im calling u out for a debate

    I'm interested in what makes you say that @Altros(OD) is the bar that would determine who OD's best debater is (Not that I'm implying it's me lol)?
  10. Revival of Community Meetings

    Happy to see this making a comeback! You know, it's important that ALL OD members have a chance to voice their concerns to the leadership, so that we have a chance at addressing them! (Can't fix something you don't know is broken!) I voted for Saturday nights mainly because we have so many meetings already scheduled on sunday nights (Admin meetings, General's meetings, etc.), and can be problematic to schedule community meetings around them so that leadership has an opportunity to attend as well... Fridays are equally difficult to get going, as there isn't much teamspeak activity due to many people having RL plans, it being the first day of the weekend.
  11. Shocking Overdosed Forum Statistics

    Thank you for those great statistics @X(OD)! While there is not much emphasis on the forums currently, I believe much of the decline can be attributed to the fact that members even have to create a separate account from the main website, for our forums. I believe our web development team is working on how to merge the two sites, but for now, it is what it is. As for having the forums become an integral part in promotions, I for one agree 100% that anyone wishing to progress through the Officer ranks, should be required to have some sort of forum presence and contributions to the community. Having some sort of contest to increase activity in the forums, with a prize for the winner(s) may be a great way to increase activity, and I would love to see the forums being more active, but we should definitely specify that the posts will not be counted if they don't contribute anything to the discussion. This way we can try to mitigate the potential for a flood of "spam posts" and having members potentially facing administrative action, merely because they were participating in a community-wide contest. Nor can I imagine our forum moderators would want to have to spend all their free time sifting through spam posts . I would like to refer you to the "R & R Squad", as they may be able to help you with organizing this community-wide event idea, and maybe even help you in attaining possible prizes / rewards for the winner(s). @Dabomb(OD) @PJPotter(OD)
  12. Shout out to Melrak(OD)

    Be careful about things like that.... Without a set time limit, you may find yourself having to get a tattoo of @Melrak(OD)'s face when you're 60 years old! HAHAHAHA
  13. Microphone suggestions?

    Highly recommend the HyperX Cloud II's I purchased about a year ago... Strong build quality, great sound, comfortable, only "gripe" I would have is that some people complain my mic volume is a bit low, but in-line controls allow me to bump up the volume separate from software, and is easily fixable... That said, like @Collin(OD) said, what you are willing to spend is a key factor in trying to recommend a product to you... I guess @Disco hit your budget's nail on the head! Hope all works well for you!
  14. Discord and Eggplants

    1st rule we teach in Swtor: *The cake is a lie.* - hahaha
  15. Discord and Eggplants

    Could not have said it much better myself.
  16. Teamspeak or Discord?

    The time has come for us to take a poll on which voice chat platform swtor users prefer. Please submit your choice, Swtor players only please!
  17. Teamspeak or Discord?

    @Sassy , @ChrisSpeck(OD) , @Disco Thank you all for your input, and we do value your opinions. However, to my knowledge, none of you are in the Swtor Division, nor in our in-game guild, and this poll was inteded for Swtor players only. You all are welcome to join us though!
  18. HTML and CSS in College

    Insight? Be ready to spend countless hours and losing all of your hair while going over line by line x1,000,000 of code you spent countless hours writing, to find out you missed 1 semicolon that causes all of it not to work... Not for me thanks (albeit coding software has much improved since I had to do it in college about 15 years ago)! Debug button is your friend
  19. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    - Are there ways to distinguish members between divisions (such as the "main game" icons in ts)? - Without the in-channel chat window, I would imagine it to be overwhelmingly difficult for those without a Mic to communicate with others in the group. In teamspeak they can type and listen to reponses without anyone having to leave game to switch channels and read what they asked... this could be a problem... also for those that have a Logitech keyboard with a built-in screen, does discord have a similar type of plug-in ?
  20. Member Winter Award Results!

    yes, however the way you have them oriented in your sig(one above the other), makes your sig violate the very rule you are reminding others to follow...The rule states that your entire sig must not exceed 350px, not the sum of the images. Side by side, you would be good ;)
  21. Member Winter Award Results!

    Are you referring to Rule # 4, which reads: "Your Avatar and Signature may be whatever you wish, however it may not contain nudity, suggestive themes, or obscene language. Your signature must not be any taller than 350 px. Keep in mind, that you're not the only user allowed to have a signature, and be mindful of other users. Nobody wants to scroll excessively just to traverse the thread."? @Badboi(OD) : If so, then can you please explain this? (The rules state your sig must not be any taller than 350px, yet your own is approaching 400px tall).
  22. Member Winter Award Results!

    Thank you @Disco for the Pixels! You may have noticed I took the liberty of modifying the coloring of mine (no offense intended), I just like these colors better than magenta ;) lol.
  23. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    I saw that video a while ago, but other than "don't use skype", there wasn't much useful differentiation between teamspeak and discord... What it really comes down to, at this point I believe, is how we can manipulate the options as to closely resemble what we have in teamspeak as much as possible, and from what I gather, @R.agnarok(OD) is working with @Aerineth(OD) and @Xayj(OD) on resolving that currently...
  24. Expectations

    Food For Thought: Drop 10,000 pebbles into a pond, or drop 1 or 2 Massive boulder(s). Which makes the biggest splash? I would like to offer my advice to those that would post on evals: The more thought you put into a question, the more insight you or others may receive in the answer. Dare to make the biggest splash
  25. Passing the Torch

    Your unique perspective, unbiased nature, and all that you've done / accomplished here in OD will be missed greatly, @Tris(OD). I'm sorry to see you go, but wish you the best in your future endeavors! Always remember, you will always have a home here in the OD family, if you should ever feel you want to come back. I hope to catch you on rocket league once in a while, and if you ever need something, don't hesitate to ask! ~Comp