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  1. It's been fun

    Sorry to hear this man, but we wish you the best of luck! p.s. I've moved this to the resignation thread.
  2. Switched to Ryzen

    yea, pretty much comparable between the ryzen 5 and an i7... not bad! but dat physics score doh.... i guess the i7 still has the leg up on single-core performance ;) !
  3. UserBenchmark Performance Discussion Thread

    Not much can be done about the hdd's, they are probably 5400rpm drives with low cache and slow access times (hdd's in today's computing world are used only for archiving / storage of large files you don't use often, and fast speeds are not necessary)... As for the SSD and Ram reading low: SSD's (specifically Samsung drives) can be configured for extreme performance, or increased reliability (at the cost of performance) using samsung's Magician software. I always recommend reliability over performance because of diminishing returns on real-world differences when it comes to ssd performance. Not to mention that the systems being compared probably have m.2 ssd's in them, or could be using samsung's "Rapid mode" that uses some of your Ram as a cache for frequent files to dramatically boost performance, as opposed to your SATA ssd (a difference of about 5x reads and 3x writes compared to an m.2 drive or even 2 sata ssd's in RAID 0). Ram reading low on the benchmark is easily explainable by the fact that it is showing that you are running at 2133mhz, not the speed advertised (you probably need to enable the XMP profile still). The Ram we selected should be running at 3000 mhz, pretty much the slightly above average speed for most high-end systems. RAM is such an esential part of the system, that having a low RAM score will affect both the "desktop" and "workstation" scores dramatically. Also an important note, these scores are not representative of the potential of your system, as you are currently at stock speeds... enabling the XMP profile will essentially "overclock" your ram, you still have yet to apply any overclock to your cpu and video card. These scores are good, all things considered, and can provide you with a baseline before you start diving into the OverClocking game! Just ran this again, all the exact same hardware, clocks, and settings as my first post here... You would think that I should get the same sores, right? Wrong. This benchmark apparently scales differently over time, and is not the best benchmark. Looking deeper into it, I realize that it bases it's percentage scores on how many people with similar hardware run the tests, and a large part of your scores solely depend on what others are getting and comparing it to your scores. It does come close, so it's not terrible, but the percentage scores will change depending on more and more people running the same hardware over time, and because it doesn't give an exact number that you can replicate now matter when you run it, I wouldn't use it as a definitive test. There are many other benchmarks out there you can use, such as RealBench, Cinebench, 3dMark's Firestrike, etc.
  4. Just an update: As our main guild is currently on "Shadowlands" server, Our new Server will be "The Star Forge" North American server !!!
  5. NOOOOOOOOO rodgers NOOOOOO damn it if gb loses I lose the entire ticket

  6. Intel Coffee Lake announcement

    HAHAHA ... AMD literally JUST switched to pci 3.0 when they released the Ryzen line, with a new socket / motherboard chipset (in 2017)
  7. Intel Coffee Lake announcement

    Provided it is a pci 3.0 slot, yes. However, 8x on a pci 2.0 can be fully saturated quite easily by even a GTX 1050, and a difference can be witnessed between 8x and 16x using pci 2.0 slots...
  8. Intel Coffee Lake announcement

    As far as I'm aware, each SATA device uses 1 pci-e lane, each graphics card uses 16 lanes (ideally, but can work with as low as 4 lanes [single card] and 8 lanes each for SLI), and m.2 ssd's use 4 lanes. Now, to dispute whether or not having "enough" lanes for a particular build, you can run all of the above devices listed, with only 12 lanes (possibly even as low as 8), it just means that devices competing for the available lanes will have to wait for the next clock cycle before their data can be processed, resulting in reduced performance. A similar example would be when you try to play a game but run out of vram, your fps drops significantly, but it will still run... The effect is not as substantial as that example, as a 3.5ghz cpu has 3500 cycles per second, but still can make a difference between having more than enough lanes vs. not enough, maybe a 1 or 2 second delay in access times (maybe more, as I have not experimented personally). If you are looking to build a rig that runs at peak efficiency, then yes, the number of lanes will certainly make a difference of a few points in benchmarks, but in real-world experience, it is a small difference and barely noticeable in my opinion.
  9. Intel Coffee Lake announcement

    ... So they didn't learn... lol! I guess we'll just have to wait to see what they do with their next generation... I guess they'll learn when people stop buying intel!
  10. GW2 User Names

    Post your account name here and don't forget to apply on the main OD website to the squad! In-Game Guild Name / Tag: Overdosed Gaming Community - [ODG] Current list of OD members playing Guild Wars 2, and their GW2 account names: Squad Leaders: CompFreak(OD) - FullMetalJKT.9524 BahaFresh(OD) - Bahafresh.8594 Squad members: Tata(OD) - Tata.9251 Ammunition(OD) - Ammunition.3012
  11. the actual roadmap by the devs (Here) sounds good in theory, and makes me hopeful in anticipation for these updates to drop!
  12. Happy Birthday man!

  13. Good/Safe/Free Antivirus

    Assuming you meant common-sense, I fully agree with this... Avoid risky sites, use an ad-blocker, don't open emails unless you know who it's from (and what it is if there is a link), and don't click on random links (most links will display what site it links to at the bottom of your browser just by hovering over them). Follow this, and you will limit your exposure to viruses significantly.
  14. w.o.w. .... How long have I been saying that they need to do this???? lol i guess they've finally realized that the low server activity is a problem, reducing 17 different servers into only 5!!!