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  1. CompFreak(OD)

    hello everyone

    Hey Scooter! Welcome to the community! Many of us play more than just D2, so no matter what games you like to play, I'm sure there are a few of us that will be happy to join you! Also, feel free to check out our recently created Anime Board here: http://forum.overdosed.net/forum/349-anime-board/
  2. CompFreak(OD)

    A Young Man's Resignation

    Onee, we never really got a chance to game much together, but I see many things that have felt your contributions to our great community. Thank you for all you have done, and until we meet again. If you should so choose in the future, I would look forward to welcoming you back. Best of luck on your endeavors! ~Comp
  3. CompFreak(OD)

    Winners - October 2018 Awards

    Congrats to all the Winners, and a Thank you to All who Participated!!!
  4. CompFreak(OD)

    BDO New player Competition

    As you begin to progress, it will begin to take more and more enemies to level you up, eventually to the point that after spending 30 minutes just jumping from mob to mob, with someone helping, you will only gain .5% of a level... They make it easier in the beginning to hook you in, learn the class, etc. By the way, If mobs are dying in 1 hit, you are either over-leveled or over-geared for the area, and need to move to the next higher area my friend... From what I gather, ideally you should be up against red enemies to level up, because you get reduced xp from purple (harder) or white (easy) name tagged mobs-learned that by being power leveled over the past 3 days... 🙂
  5. CompFreak(OD)

    BDO New player Competition

    I also just started a new toon last night, decided to try a different class now that I can take my time to really learn it and get used to the abilities... Made it to lvl 24-ish (I think) with @Gino(OD), that also started one from scratch with me last night!
  6. CompFreak(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    You know I love debates as much as, if not more than the next person, and if we had opposing viewpoints I would certainly stand up for my beliefs. But we (were) both arguing the same point, that out of conflict / free market, we come out with new technologies and intentions. Where we seem to be diverging from each other, from what I gather at least, is whether or not the examples I've listed would be "enough" of a cause to unite the species to the point of progressing and succeeding / surviving the conflict? However, I think we've successfully derailed this topic enough, so I'd rather split this off into its own discussion before continuing the debate with you 😉 . Yes, I feel that because of the sudden explosion of social media, people have increased their "shorthand" use, dropping letters of words, almost to the point of being unable to recognize what word the person is meaning, and now with the advent of Emoji's, we've circled back to the time (roughly more than 5000 years ago) when written language is being reduced (or expanded, depending on how you see it) to pictures, hence the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words". Think about shakespeare and the like. Back then, you were required to take your time and carefully write down what you wanted to say, and if you made a mistake in writing one letter, there was no "backspace" key, so you had to start from the beginning of the page all over again! With modern technology, typing / texting has even been computerized to the point where we have features like "autocorrect", so the modern person isn't even required to know how to spell. We don't speak the way we did 100 years ago, and I believe technology is a major contributing factor of it. Now fast forward to technology of today, where we have snapchat, instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. People are more concerned about being first to post an update, first to respond to someone else, first to have their voice "heard", that they are less concerned about correct grammar or spelling out words so they abbreviate them. Thus, the decline in language, it's effect on our thinking, and my answer to the 2nd part of your question... How many times have you, or heard someone else say "OMG" instead of "Oh My Gosh", out loud, and in person? or say "LOLZ" instead of making the actual effort to actually Laugh out loud because of laziness, or they are too embarrassed to let someone else hear them laugh for fear of ridicule? There is no question in my mind, that technology has made human beings not only lazy, but has even become a "shelter", promoting and encouraging our own fears, and has (in my opinion / IMO) affected our language, culture, and very thinking. Luckily, there are still a few of us around, that remember a time before all of this, that learned how to write in cursive during grade-school, spent time studying how to spell correctly (either by choice, schooling, or had parents that made them actually read and be tested on a dictionary as a punishment for something they did), etc., but it has become painfully obvious that those days are behind us.
  7. CompFreak(OD)

    BDO New player Competition

    With the help of a few people power-leveling me, a complete newbie to the game, I was able to get to 56 in only 3 days, making the game free for me! A Shout-out and big thanks to @Terra, @Aerineth(OD), and even @Bahafresh(OD) for all the help!
  8. CompFreak(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    @Terra I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication in trying to argue against what concept I would like to teach to everyone in the world, but you missed the key factor in my concept... We are both in full agreement, that conflict and free market has driven us to succeed in bringing new technologies and inventions, and without it, the technologies and inventions we have today, most likely wouldn't exist. My concept, however, is to change the point of contention. Instead of conflicting with each other, to shift our collective focus to the external. I believe that we have come to the point where we have exhausted the benefits of conflicting with each other, and need to start shifting focus outwards. For example, there are actually many popular films and television series to choose from, that depict a world in which this has happened: Independence Day, Star Trek, Armageddon, Geostorm, Deep Impact, 2012, etc. . Within these films / shows, humanity unites against a common external foe, be it our planet, an alien species, an asteroid, etc.. Let us take "Independence Day" and more specifically, it's transition to the sequel, "Independence Day 2" as a model of how humanity, united against an invading species, not only survived, but then incorporated the new technologies used against them previously, to protect themselves from future attacks and bettering the quality of life for everyone. Many inventions and technologies are dreamed of and created as a tool to resolve the conflict, supporting your statement of "only through adversity can humanity achieve its greatest potential". We are not arguing that here at all, so let's circle back to the question at hand: I proposed to teach everyone in the world, the concept of humanity itself, "The fact that we are all 1 race: Human, and we must band together, lifting each other up instead of breaking each other down. ". I must have missed the concept you proposed? Instead of trying to find fault with others' ideas and "breaking each other down", I'd like to hear what idea you would like to teach everyone!
  9. CompFreak(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    At least I can say I tried! =p lol 1. Why do you believe you are here / what is your purpose? 2. You are the driver on a train and the brakes do not work. A split in the tracks ahead. You have a magical lever on the train, that can change which tracks the train will follow. On one track, there are five random workers, and on the other, sits the person that means the most to you. Nobody can hear or see the train coming, and whichever track you choose, either the workers or that person which means the most to you will surely die. What do you do? *Considering @Terra, @Townkill(OD), and I are all up for eval at the moment, I would be a bit disappointed not to find these types of questions posted by someone on our evals, to be honest 😉.
  10. CompFreak(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    @Terra, While I can definitely appreciate the concept that without suffering, we wouldn't have a clue on how to gauge happiness, but that is not what I said. I think you started on the path, but didn't go far enough as to elude to what @Altros(OD) brought up with internal vs. external conflicts. I will agree that an external conflict would ideally bring the "unity" of our species against a common foe, be it extra terra-strials, or an E.L.E., only through banding together as a species, would we have a chance at survival. The concept I was talking about, was to stop fighting each other over unimportant things (internal conflicts), and start attacking the issues that we all face (external conflicts). Enjoy 😉 :
  11. CompFreak(OD)

    my personal presentation

    Welcome to our community @Rik(OD)! When you get some free time, here's a link to our Rules page: Also, every once in a while, there are a few community-wide events open to all, so be sure to keep a look out for announcements! Hope to see you in teamspeak! p.s. I moved your thread to our "Introductions" section 😉 ~Comp
  12. CompFreak(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    Found a beautiful cover of it by Boyce Avenue: https://youtu.be/qrpvq6xef2A
  13. CompFreak(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    I personally like the Original by The Beatles / Mr. John Lennon, but yea man....That song pretty much sums it all up 😉 .
  14. CompFreak(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    The fact that we are all 1 race: Human, and we must band together, lifting each other up instead of breaking each other down. We are all on this planet, fighting each other over beliefs, profits, resources, materialistic things, or imaginary lines drawn in the dirt. It is all pointless when considering the larger picture, and will eventually lead to our own demise. Start thinking of the greater good for our species, instead of what you can get out of something. Also, keep in mind that this concept can either scale down to something as small as a few friends, or a community of like-minded people, all the way up to something as large as our entire planet. Imagine an entire race of human beings working together for the greater good, rather than trying to profit from one-another? Our limits would only be our imaginations!
  15. CompFreak(OD)

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to our community @Akrina(OD)! What games do you enjoy playing?