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  1. Working hard at hardly working mostly, but I came back to play some Destiny 2 and RL and plan on sticking around for a bit, provided school doesn't wear me down.
  2. ThyrstOD

    Ranked Group

    Totally down for this, message me on Steam
  3. I have made the decision to step down from my position of one of the Division Leaders for the Smite Division. I will still be around, I just won't be a part of the leadership anymore. This has been something I have been thinking about for sometime, and I am glad to be able to leave the division in the capable hands of the current 4 Division Leaders. As I am sure some of you may have questions, you can either respond here or you may ask if you see me around. ThyrstOD
  4. ThyrstOD

    Stepping Down

    After much consideration and thought, I have decided to step down from my position as First Lieutenant, and I have been setranked to WO5. This was not a demotion, it was 100% my choice. I had originally planned to be setranked to Staff Sergeant, but after a conversation with a Commander, I decided to stay at WO5, so that I could continue to climb the ladder in the future should I so wish to. I did this because I had lost the joy of gaming in a community, and had instead been viewing the community as a negative towards my gaming experience. I hope that with less of a role in the clan Administration, I will be able to focus on just playing games. I have also stepped down from my duties as a Smite Division Leader, both to alleviate some of the stress I have been feeling, and to allow the up and coming Smite Admins a chance to shine. I will still be around, I'm not going anywhere at this time, and as always I am still able and willing to help where I can, I just won't be involved in the administration side of the clan any longer. ThyrstOD
  5. Hello my fellow deckbuilders, I have decided to restart the Hearthstone Community Nights, and I will be using the first Challengestone rules. This is wild format, using the Conquest Tournament format (players must win with all 3 decks). Rules: Players may only use EVEN mana spells, and ODD attack minions. There are no restrictions on Weapons. Players build 3 decks, and must only have 1 deck per class. Players must also disclose there chosen classes to me before the tournament begins. Players who (accidentally) include cards that are not allowed will forfeit that game, and will have to make the necessary adjustments between matches, should they win. Players are allowed to test ahead of time, and find combos that suit them. It will be Conquest Format, so you must win with each of your decks to win the match. As I am not in a position to give out a monetary prize, the winner of the whole night will receive a medal, and points towards an end of the year Grand Tournament (the prize there will most likely be a blizzard gift card). As this is a fun tournament, no form of BM or rudeness will be tolerated. The Hearthstone Community Night is open to all players, and will be happening on Wednesday, March 8th at 6 PM CST. ThyrstOD
  6. I don't have a set schedule as of now, so I don't mind when they are, and I'll try to make as many as I can.
  7. ThyrstOD

    Smite Inhouses

    I would suggest Neith as an easy to learn god, as both Rama and Anhur (the lion guy) are both skill shot based. If you need more help ingame I would be happy to help you out how I can, and you can msg me ingame or on Steam, username for both is ThyrstOD.
  8. ThyrstOD

    Smite Inhouses

    Yeah, that would be Complax. He is a good ADC.
  9. ThyrstOD

    Smite Inhouses

    Conquest 5v5
  10. ThyrstOD

    Smite Inhouses

    I have decide to restart the Smite inhouses, in an effort to get more people playing together. They will be a weekly occurrence and the first night will be Saturday (December 10th) at 7pm CST. All players, no matter what skill level, are welcome to participate. - ThyrstOD
  11. This post just made my morning LMAO
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