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  1. D2 Discord

    I'll be playing with you guys while still in SWTOR division
  2. Destiny 2 For PC

    TheDocGino is my bungie account and my battle.net is TheDocGino#1627
  3. Finally back! Remember to login that day so you can secure your character names!
  4. Destiny 2 For PC

    Welp now there is a thread in here in case anyone else is wondering! All I saw was PS4...just saying, whether or not it is a division, I'm down.
  5. Destiny 2 For PC

    Anyone plan on getting Destiny 2 for PC? I'm glad it is hosted on blizzard rather than the xbox live or windows games for pc...
  6. Datacron Hunting

    me too!!!!! I did this a while ago and it was fun. I was the drunk leading the drunker...too fun. I remember going the wrong way often.
  7. Second in-house for SWTOR

    Def bringing my operative!
  8. Overwatch Battle.Tags

    Gino(OD) - TheDocGino#1627
  9. The Cuss Can

    Har har har. Dave is dyslexic. It's credits for real though.
  10. Genji no cooldowns Tourny - This Sunday!

    I don't recommend keeping it with no roofs. it's almost impossible to kill some one without falling. Me and matt tried it and it was hard enough just seeing each other.
  11. First in-house for SWTOR

    We have like 4 interested so far so if you don't always play swtor and have other main games, just post in here and help us gauge the interest!!!
  12. Welcome Home Gino

    And it is great to be back. Missed you guys!!!
  13. Vote will be tallied after 1 week of today. gotta have 1 winner here.
  14. Name for Our Flagship

  15. Name for Our Flagship

    L.S.D. Trip