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  1. https://youtu.be/hW2Ubd23FfU. That video shows the basics how to tank a boss but in the video he is tanking blackwyrm. If you do want to tank make sure you put skill points in the right tree of cyclone like he did in the video. For the five point slash you can use the middle skill tree for no threat or the right tree for threat. for block i like to use the right tree becuase it has sword shroud that can extend your block if you use it right before you block runs out. Sword shroud lasts for 4 seconds i believe and blocks 360 degree plus any party member that is standing inside the sword shroud. Here is my build for PVE https://bnstree.com/BM?build=45000021004330623103312112111111105331082320533202211042212722603210032213211.
  2. A good PVP build https://bnstree.com/BM/EJoc-OeZg
  3. For pvp Blade Masters (BM) highly depends on their cc rotation. I see people use flock of blades instead of blade call so they can get out of grabs or to knock assassins out of hide. I personally keep blade call so I can get that high dps right afterward that person falls from my knock up skill plus the RMB skill the LMB skill. If you use lightning retribution which is the right tree in lightning rod that skill will drop a sword that stuns to target if you wait till the target touch the ground to use the skill it will stun them soon as they get up most of the time. But if that skill did not stun them use #2 which is rush to keep them stun in the blade of call aoe range to get that 7k to 9k damage maybe higher if you get lucky. I will post some videos showing how to implement the cc rotation. I don't know how to put the video straight onto the forum without going to a link to watch it. Here is a first good link that breaks it down for you. https://youtu.be/B-8HIbML8bo
  4. A good key note when you start playing. When you get your Hmong weapon do not use it to upgrade your new purple weapon you get from killing the first boss. you will need that hmong weapon after you evolved the purple weapon to +10 then you evolve/break it to a new awaking weapon. If you lose the hmong weapon find someone that knows where to farm the coins with you so you can buy it back. The boss you have to kill is level 25 i believe and he its not easy to solo unless you are geared. It happen to me when i played on the russian server luckily i found some people that speaked english and helped me out.
  5. the class is just like a spiritmaster buff you have a pet cat instead. You can use the cat for alot of different things
  6. I thought we had a drama free post going but then i woke up and realize it was all a dream lol well unlike most game where you have just a class or two that mainly heals only. I know about the summoner and you can sacrifice the cat to resurrect a member
  7. you can play a force master its pretty easy. I'll probably play a blade master
  8. Another good thing about this game is that there are no healers. You only use potions or skills that can heal you, so you better learn how to play your class before you want to pvp or solo instances.
  9. so something you can try to help. I had alot of probelms with aion until i started trying to fix it. Now i can turn my computer on and off in about 2 minutes same for aion. I notice that the game play is smoother with less lag. You can download this program called revo uninstaller, it will deleted all the junk fills, registery keys, and double files you have. Alot of time all the porn you download with slow the computer down so it helps lol. Another program i used is ccleaner does the same stuff but one program will not get all the usless stuff off the computer. One way to downsize your ram usage is MSCONFIG. type that into the window run/search block. once it comes up go to services tab then check the box for hide all microsft services. After that click disable all, once it unchecks them go to the startup tab and click disable all then ok. Once you have finished click ok and reset your comupter. Your computer should be running faster when it finishs booting up.
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    anyglad ( i think i am a gladiator) anymage (spirit master)
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