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    start to a bad weekend

    So friday I get home and see 2 guy and a xwife beating the brakes off a good friend and so as any good redneck would do I start in on the butt whipping and cops show up. I go to jail over night get bailed out today buy my gf and go see my friend in hospital and bring him home with 31 stichs in hiz face. I got 2 counts of battery on me . Now I am on the deer stand hunting and thinking about stuff
  2. Thuglife(OD)

    Tournament Saturday October 24th

    If I can get out. Of the deer woods in time I will be there to win it
  3. Thuglife(OD)

    Howdy every one new guy here

    i would like to thank all the wonderful player in clan (OD) for letting me in on the fun with real good people
  4. Thuglife(OD)

    Hey Overdosed Members

    Welcome to the od family