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  1. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    a lot of what tris does is give his mindset and opinions on topics in the generals forums which for some crazy reason that i cant think of(.....) you cant see as for rag have you ever tried to contact him he literally will answer anyone that messages him about anything he doesn't care what your topic or question is but you have to reach out
  2. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    i love that over the years your get even more "kindly shitting on your face" responces
  3. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    i did it all the time we had lots of fun ^.^ and changed lots of things for the better ^.^
  4. The music topic!

    @Terra has already beaten you to this joke
  5. Escape from Tarkov

    id like to catch you on teamspeak so we can talk about this and about the game in general i play it a good bit and enjoy it alot
  6. Melrak(OD) is here

    *clears throat* wait a min now whats this about a custom title now?
  7. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    damn you terra
  8. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    ezpz captain just last night i was playing escape from tarkov and my voice in discord desided to not work AT ALL i could hear everyone but my team killed me bc i couldnt chat back i lost 60k worth of gear just in a gun i can say i wont be making this mistake again teamspeak never gives me this kind of problem i agree on keeping teamspeak the amain chat channel and still having the option of just using which ever one is best for the situation and the moment ps i just learned to multi quote i hope everyone is ready for my typing from christopher
  9. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    i for one and i think spike also turn into robots no more than 5 mins into getting on discord
  10. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    I can't say anything about punctuation but I'll try to use talk to text from now on when I'm in the car
  11. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    Say what u want but if this happens we are going to loose a chunk of this community bc a mive isnt nessicary we have a discord use it but dont set it in a already runnibg policy and as for yhe numbers im in the car so sorry if i dobt ahve tine to do the math not all of us have that much time but the point was its a huge solid chunk period we have told division in yhe past to do whats best and what they need to do with in our rules and guidelines. In fact buy me a 1month sub to ff14. Ill increase your numbers like i have for every divison i have been apart of if i cant ill support the move
  12. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    Bc every divison before this topic came up that has had successful leaders has been fine and dandy using teamspeak its about how u aproach the recuitment and in what order you ask things of them the website being absolutly last after yhey have bonded with uand member or 2 when a person Conciders you apart of their life and gaming experience and want you there they'll gladly an easily move to wherever you and the group they're playing with us talking whether it be TeamSpeak whether it be Discord if they started a Discord the gladly move to Tennessee most people aren't that stubborn you just might not be making the same connection with people as other successful recruiters. And regarding the comment on D2 as being a single division they're also what 75% of the whole community so with a move to this court upsets 75% of the whole Community then it's bad for the community as a whole whether that's one division or that 80 75% of spread across the majority of an individual of the clan when you take out of the whole thing
  13. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    If it doesnt envolve the loudest or most outspoken ppl its dorsnt seem to be a clan problem i also have more than stated that the group i play with hates discord including spike speigel also i for one as a recruiter( on yhe top 10 list btw) hasnt had trouble getting ppl to use ts play woth them first make yhem a freind then talk them into joining i 100% of the time have had success getting a person to download teamspeak after they find out its where the clan is and that its easier on processing no matter how small the processing is to truchill er i mean collin also u know im forreal when i agree with tachi Sou ds more lije we need to retrain our recruiters if one small program is all thats stoping them from recruiting or we are only tarheting nin flexible clients to recruit