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  1. ima need you to price check and sell them tiagas
  2. I just wanted to tell everyone thank you Thank you to every person ive ever had the pleasure of conversating with on any level good or bad Ive grown and learned most everything from the bonds and conversations ive had with all of you and i truly do love everyone and this community right down even to @Ghost(OD) Thank you @Terra, @Dave(OD) @SpikeSpiegel(OD) @Townkill(OD) @Triny(OD) @Badboi(OD) @CompFreak(OD) @Altros(OD) @Aerineth(OD) hell even @Collin(OD) believe it or not thank all you guys and many more for everything ive learned from you and for being given the chance to be around you guys @Onee(OD) You where easily my best friend and most loved equal in my time here thanks man Good bye everyone and good luck in all your lives ps i wont be reading any of the replies to the topic feel free if you want to add me on discord chrishodge(OD)#1815
  3. No one uses the group message so what you want?
  4. Rip i fogot ive had a rough work week ill do it now in lime 20 mins max
  5. i would like to apply finaly
  6. Some what mixed mostly rs3 tho done of the ppl do both
  7. Ladder shifted down wasn't a complete mmr reset
  8. you can add each other cross game osrs and rs3
  9. regaurdless of what you play man your welcome to join us im not going to have anyone leave any preestablished clans or anything like that and it going to be bossing skilling events prices for most xp gained things like that when we get going ^.^
  10. i personaly play rs3 some of these guys play oldschool if you started now this is double exp weekend
  11. Im at work till tonight im mostly on every day afyer midnight central time im on teamspeak
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