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  1. Member Winter Award Results!

    Stop stop stop stop, I will win damnit D: <
  2. Member Winter Award Results!

    Congratz ya'll :) Also, thank you for the faith behind the FFXIV division for most promising, we appreciate it :)
  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rose is back in college! Her schedule is dis:
    9-9:50 - PHYS 222 (MWF)
    10-10:50 - ATMS 350 (MWF)
    12:30-12:45 - ATMS 310 (MW)
    3:05-5:35 - PHYS 222 Lab (M)

    1:20-2:35 - ARTS 310 (T/Th)
    I will be a grumpy grump on M/W.. Don't poke me about things that will make me a grumpy grump on Monday or Wednesday please..

    1. DarkHelmet


      TLDR: She's grumpy 24/7

  4. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    I think it'd be nice that they show a sign of life. We literally have no idea what they are doing, we don't know if they aren't doing anything.. I don't see why it's such a big deal to wonder what they are doing? I'm going to be that person: What does r.ag do other than hide in the sidelines? He works on the website, sure, but he's never made himself available and seemingly alive to us (except maybe you older people but I've been here for 2.5 years and never had a convo with him til the other day). What makes him a Commander of a COMMUNITY rather than a developer. Where is Tris? What is he working on and contributing with his rank? Ravemore? Townkill? We'd like to know what these people are doing since they've last been evaluated, and for some it has been AGES since an evaluation has been done.. They are seemingly gone or hiding in the sidelines, unapproachable or we don't know that we CAN approach them. These people don't appear at Admin meetings, so we don't get to hear a rundown of their actions that make them deserve their ranks still and we are left in the dark, which is wrong.
  5. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    Except that not all of the Commanders and Generals show up at the meetings, so we are still in the dark and not up to date.
  6. The next interview is with (drum roll....) Triny(OD)!

    Last call for questions!
  7. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    I'm at a conference.. so I can't put a whole lot of input in, but it would be nice to have evaluations done of higher ranks as I'm unsure what half of them are actually doing..
  8. Share your pics!

  9. Will be inactive from the 5th-12th. Going to Austin, TX.

  10. The next interview is with (drum roll....) Triny(OD)!

    I'm just going to give this a quick lil' poke~ Let's get some more questions guys!
  11. Melrak(OD) is here

    I don't like when people spend money on me... hence why I won't let him. I enjoyed d3 but nuuu.
  12. FFXIV Secret Santa!

    Hey guys! The topic came up for us to do a Secret Santa event within the Free Company, so here it is! The idea of this event is that a group of people signs up to participate and I will randomly assign a person to act as a "Santa" for the other. The objective is to find out what this person needs or wants badly in the game, without them finding out who you are, and exchanging it on a designated day. We will hopefully be exchanging these gifts on 12/31 at whatever time wins on the poll! These gifts will be exchanged at our Free Company house in the Lavender Beds. If you are interested in participating, please comment below at least five things that you are in search of or want super bad! Please keep these things limited to items that are not in the MogStation and items that are still possible to obtain in the game (no, you cannot get the Yuna costume..) We hope to see everyone there! Thanks!
  13. Melrak(OD) is here

    Yeah.. there's nothing on my Edit Profile that says Member Title...
  14. Melrak(OD) is here

    I've got nothing that says that in mine :|
  15. Purple has invaded your forum!

    Welcome to OD :)
  16. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    Yeah, you have to pay for the app. It's $2 for me, but I still wouldn't even buy it (I only use TS because OD still uses it..)
  17. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    I just wrote a massive essay about this in docs.. and went to post it and found a wild Aerineth.. *goes back into hiding*
  18. Wondering who still plays.

    I'd play but I'd need to reinstall it lol
  19. FFXIV Secret Santa!

    Sounds good! If you could, can you fill up the poll up top so I can figure out times for the exchange? :D
  20. 2DS/3DS Friend Codes

    Heyyyyyyyyyya! So I've done some searching through forums and couldn't really find a thread about this, if it's even an interest. If any of you have a 2ds/3ds and want to share your friend codes, feel free to drop 'em below. Mine: 1006-4014-5535 I play Pokemon Moon/Ultra Moon.. and Omega Ruby. That's all I've got at the moment, so yeah!
  21. Share your pics!

    Perhaps I spoke too soon..
  22. Share your pics!

    After spending a good chunk of the first attempt of the Final Coil of Bahamut on the floor.. I finally got to live through the entire fight LOL
  23. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    Other than saying it's outdated and Discord is much more convenient/helpful in terms of gathering for raids/dungeons/etc, no. This is probably because they immediately stop messaging us..
  24. A quick, yet Well Deserved Thank You!!!

    If you do this.. I will never invest in Diablo3 or play it with you :(