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  1. Share your pics!

    I'm not blue anymore :D
  2. Superlative Awards March 2018

    I am pretty sure it's meant to be a joke. There are a great many people here who are considered ominous when set off or who have a general demeanor that is scary at first contact, nothing meant of harm... Also, rip quietest :(
  3. Where to purchase for PC? Steam or Square-Enix site?

    Unfortunately, we are on Jenova.. so you'd have to make a character here if you want to join the FC and such :(
    1. Disco


      University physics? That's rough!

    2. MelodicRose(OD)


      Ayee, i'm in my 2nd and last semester of it for atmospheric science

    3. Disco


      Oh man, I'm glad my commerce degree doesn't have any sciences :biggrin:

  4. Reading old forum posts.

    My forums past is kind of dull and boring :|
  5. Previous OD names

    I was recruited with the name SilentMelodies(OD).. and then I changed it to MelodicRose(OD) some time ago :P
  6. Just gonna call it quits anyways.

    1. Terra


      Deja vu

  7. altros im calling u out for a debate

    What in tarnation is this madness..
  8. Is it a full moon?

    It happens, unfortunately. The overall good times are what makes this place great, but there is the occasional really kind of.. shitty side (Discord drama, and accusations randomly made on people as of late). That's just how it happens, but it never lasts :3 ON ANOTHER NOTE! It's nice to see more active peeps on forums, I enjoy seeing the purple chat often <3
  9. gamers lounge squad

    Aerineth is consistently with ODFFXIV on the OD Discord and makes efforts to converse with people in both D2 and D3 as well. Terra is active within the Rules Committee, helps lead Admin Meetings, and has also offered her insight and assistance in FFXIV. Your "It just doesnt happen" is not valid. A "posh" officer rank that is very easy to obtain without a whole lot of effort. People are forcefully pushed up to Officer rank, it's not "posh" at all. It's not about disliking the community, but why on Earth would we sit in a channel with people discussing a game that we don't even play, just to sit there? We have nothing valuable to offer input, and not much interest in the other games. It's not at ALL about being "too good" or "disliking the community," and jesus we aren't ignoring anyone. Anyone is welcome to hop down to Gamers' Lounge too. I think you're looking way too far into this and finding excuses to call out people on invalid purposes..
  10. gamers lounge squad

    I these 5* people do ALOT of work behind the scenes. And they do associate with people elsewhere.
  11. gamers lounge squad

    Just because they are of high rank (assuming that's what you mean here since you particularly point out generals) doesn't mean they are required to play the main games that can be found in OD. Many of the users that are consistently found in Gamers' Lounge don't have a main game and don't have an interest (or the money tbh) to involve themselves in the main games that are offered. The Gamers' Lounge offers a place for people who don't have main games to come together and play things that aren't a squad or a division.. and that they don't personally want to make into a squad or a division. It's a little escape from all of the craziness that happens within the divisions and just because they are down there doesn't mean they do not do anything in OD itself, thus making your little.. GIF/meme thing extremely inaccurate and kind of insulting. Generals handle things that we cannot see, they are always working on things that don't particularly relate to gaming. I don't understand why the little place that people without a game can go to is being questioned. I used to hang out alot there before I took on FFXIV, because where else would I go?
  12. Revival of Community Meetings

    Finally.. I'm looking forward to seeing this occur again. There hasn't been a large amount of community input since the one Pj hosted in November, so I hope lots of people show up if they're revived again :D
  13. Share your pics!

    @Aerineth(OD) and I near the fireplace.. well I'm sitting ON the fireplace but we won't talk about that.
  14. School shootings in the U.S.

    We are the only 1st world country in this list. Shows how great we are aye?
  15. Division Memebers! We want your input!

    I agree, there is little to no communication or forms of help for newer members. If that's the output you're wishing to put out, I'm concerned about how new members will react when they join.. and if they will end up staying. You can also attempt to ask for runs in chat and get completely ignored, but someone else will ask for the same thing and half of Asia jumps up for it. It's kind of sad :/ It's nice to know I'm not the only one who's seen some not so nice things occur, perhaps it won't be seen as an insult to bring them up now.
  16. s13 Characters and Group ups

  17. Drip drip.

    1. KorHaL(OD)


      Drip Drop, Drop top

    2. Terra


      <Makes Aerineth fix the faucet>

    3. MelodicRose(OD)


      No, permabroken

  18. s13 Characters and Group ups

    As was probably already figured out.. I'm working on a demon hunter.. would like to make a wizard again too. I'm a newb..
  19. School shootings in the U.S.

    This post absolutely blows my mind .-. I don't really have much to add to this, I think much of what I wanted to say has already been said. My mind enjoys going to campus every day and wondering which school will be next. Will it be mine? Will it be my little brother's? The shootings happen so often that you kind of expect it at this point, that should tell you that there is a serious problem here. You walk around and become extremely aware of your surroundings, position yourself so you can make a break for it if a time ever comes that you must. This is not something someone should be thinking in a place they should consider safe. I don't really see an outcome currently, the red vs. blue on everything creates little option to get things solved within the government, as seen in the past. I lean very liberal and don't really understand why general civilians need anything more than a pistol (unless you are hunting, but you should have special permits and such for that imo), I'm one of those wierdos. I also don't think people would spend valuable tax dollars on security officers that are armed (lots of school already have this though) when they won't even spend money on things that would better the entire society here; universal healthcare, mental health (hi, this is involved with shootings too), or college tuition. Teachers don't need to be armed, they are here to educate children not watch upon students, looking for signs and being forced into a situation. *rambles aggressively*
  20. Raid Day/Night

    Weekends would be best for me as well. After 6:30pm central if possible.. (knocks out the dinner stuff that I suppose I'm required to have daily...)
  21. Final Poll: Where Shall We Go?

    After monitoring the threads and polls daily, I've come to make our last poll pertaining to which server we should move/keep our squad at. Regardless of where we end up, we will be making a Free Company from the ground up. Unfortunately, Leviathan is currently blocked off for character creation, leaving our two real options as Jenova and Sargatanas. Personally, I believe that we should move to Jenova. There's a more active player base and there are perks for creating characters on this server currently (see dave's thread pertaining this). This will be the last vote poll for the server we choose, I will keep a careful eye on the threads as I continue resting in bed *facedesk*
  22. Gone.

    1. Terra


      With the wind?

    2. MelodicRose(OD)


      *flails aggressively through the air*

  23. Friday Night, Feel Alright

    I can't buy it atm, just paid off a massive hospital bill
  24. Friday Night, Feel Alright

    :( please league with meeeeee, and why aren't you doing the run now (does this pertain to the events happening in your other thread ;-;)?