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  1. Drowning in homework is my favorite.

  2. Hoping those in the southeast remain safe this week! Areas along the panhandle of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina are in for a wet and windy next few days. Hurricane Michael made landfall along Mexico Beach, FL with maximum sustained wind (over 10minutes) of 155 mph and a minimum pressure of 919mb. This is 1mph shy of a Cat5 hurricane. To compare pressure, Hurricane Andrew (1992) had a minimum pressure of 922mb. It is now the third strongest hurricane to make landfall in the US by these measurements. I beg those in the "path" to heed warnings and keep yourself informed of hazards by checking www.weather.gov frequently for your area. Just because it's set to be a tropical storm by the time it reaches the SE states does not mean that there are not terrible hazards still possible for us. Florence was a low-grade hurricane when it made landfall on the NC/SC coast and still caused terrible effects for those living there. Rain and wind are never a good mixture. Be wary!

  3. Happy birthday 🙂

  4. Gonna be playing new Diablo 3 season for a bit - looking for a group to start with 🙂

  5. Missed you 😞

    1. Sassy


      Missed you to babe ❤️

  6. tfw your parents spend all their time complaining about meteorologists and how shitty they are... i suppose they forget what their daughter is.

    1. Ray(OD)
    2. Terra


      The one good one?

  7. I do not know if we have OD members in Hawaii.. But please be safe and keep an eye on weather outlets and shelter alerts. Spaghetti models are trending towards a turn and landfall in Hawaii for Hurricane Lane.

  8. Happy birthday comp! :3

    1. CompFreak(OD)


      Why Thank you Rose!

  9. At the point of pure stress about being unsure if I can even go back to school in 3 weeks. No cosigners for loans equals no loan. Money stresses me out.

    1. Sassy


      Cheer up babes everything will come good  have faith ❤️

    2. CompFreak(OD)


      Money almost always stresses everyone out... Keep positive, and positivity will respond in due time 😉


  10. While my activity on here has overall diminished.. I will be gone from Aug 10-14 for a trip to Michigan (LAN party).. And school starts again on the 19th.

    1. Ray(OD)


      Cya in a little while crocodile

    2. Terra


      Have a safe trip.

  11. The feels when your PC build goes up in price ;(

  12. I have established that sleep is for the weak and I am the weak.. Ready for these days off... Running purely on coffee..

    1. CoffeeBean(OD)


      Man, I’m such a fan of sleep too. Definitely one of my favorite pastimes, that and Coffee of course

  13. Hey you! Happy birthday, mon ami. I'm super glad i got to meet you, even under some not so great circumstances it happened under. You're a great person with a good head on your shoulders and i am super thankful for your work and dedication to OD. Have a blast :P

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    2. MelodicRose(OD)


      Well.. He isnt that bad as people make him out to be! He's just a lil nubcake

    3. Terra


      Well, he's definitely that.

    4. Hikato


      Thanks Rose!


      And I'm not a nubcake. 🤣

  14. Working now - I work everyday for the next 7 days. I worry that I'll miss some Admin meetings now b/c I work til closing on Sundays it seems.. (10pm EDT).. bleh! DO IT FOR THE PAY ROSE, DO IT FOR THE PAY - YOU NEED THE NEW PC.

  15. Sassyyyy, we love you hun <3 Don't forget that otay!

    1. Sassy


      thank you kait means a lot <3

  16. Anyone know how to get OBS to stream League of Legends. I got it to work for FFXIV (with too much lag), but I get a black screen when I follow a guide to stream League. 

    1. Disco


      Try window capture instead of game capture.

    2. KorHaL(OD)


      If that didn't work, let me know, I will join you on Discord and help out.

  17. Happy birthday O_O

    1. Terra


      Ha. Thanks. Was wondering if someone would notice.

  18. Just wanted to say that we appreciate what you do here in OD! I'm unsure if it gets said often, but we in FFXIV at least believe that. I have a member who wants to meet the infamous Terra and see if the robot rumors are true (lol). 

    1. Terra


      Haha. Well at least my voice issues help to really distinguish me, I guess.

      I'm glad you guys appreciate what I do. It's good to hear appreciation, not so much because I need it for my sake, but because it serves as a confirmation for me that I am doing right by you guys. And for me that is what matters, that you, and the Final Fantasy Division, and all members and Divisions of the Clan are happy with the way things are going.

    2. Sassy


      could not agree more rose terra works HER ass off for OD she helps me plenty i appreciate all her help :) 

    1. Disco


      University physics? That's rough!

    2. MelodicRose(OD)


      Ayee, i'm in my 2nd and last semester of it for atmospheric science

    3. Disco


      Oh man, I'm glad my commerce degree doesn't have any sciences :biggrin:

  19. I might have to buy this 7 days to die game.. adult minecraft sounds fun :)


    Also, thank you for your talk yesterday. I'm a person of few words vocally, but I truly do appreciate you sitting down with me and actually speaking to me about everything. It is difficult to do that, and I really am glad that it happened. 


    Have a good night :)

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    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      I stand by what I said :P also holy fuck knuckles I am high


    3. Hikato


      s m h .

    4. TypeReaL(OD)


      remember drugs not hugs or is it the other way around .....

  20. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rose is back in college! Her schedule is dis:
    9-9:50 - PHYS 222 (MWF)
    10-10:50 - ATMS 350 (MWF)
    12:30-12:45 - ATMS 310 (MW)
    3:05-5:35 - PHYS 222 Lab (M)

    1:20-2:35 - ARTS 310 (T/Th)
    I will be a grumpy grump on M/W.. Don't poke me about things that will make me a grumpy grump on Monday or Wednesday please..

    1. DarkHelmet


      TLDR: She's grumpy 24/7