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  1. Revival of Social Media!

    Just a quick bump to this! I know that there are a lot of upcoming stuff happening with games as the holidays are fast approaching. If you want anything announced on social media, please provide it below!
  2. Weather balloons have been launched from 7am-7pm today to provide extra coverage during this northwest flow event over the southeast USA.. What was supposed to be 3-4 inches turned into 7.4 inches as of 7pm eastern.. with snow expected to continue over the night and into Saturday morning. I love snow <3

    1. TypeReaL(OD)




      you can have it all

  3. Plans for Free Company Actions

    This has been updated to reflect the changes made to the weekend actions. As most of our active members have reached above lv49 in their main classes, we have decided to test out Meat and Mead instead of Brave New World for the time being. Meat and Mead increases the duration on effects of food by 10 minutes. As always, suggestions are always welcomed :)
  4. It's been fun

    Take care and good luck in the future.
  5. HAPPY 50th birthday

    Happy birthday Pops! I hope your day went well :)
  6. The music topic!

  7. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to OD :)
  8. The music topic!

    I listen to alot of kpop.. I'll have to share my english tastes soon enough.
  9. Hellur OD!

    Would this stuff also be pleasant towards League of Legends/FFXIV/mmo type things?
  10. Hellur OD!

    We both have ASUS laptops currently, Knight's is a little newer than mine but his is having alot of issues.. hoping to get the warranty stuff sorted with it tomorrow. My next computer purchase will hopefully be a desktop PC, just because of the sheer amount of games I play and/or want to play. I love my laptop and it's super practical for school.. but next year is my senior year so lol. My dad always used to tell me that AMD > Intel, but I've heard mixed reviews about that on here. I know nothing about graphics, I am kind computer stupid? xD My budget will likely not go too far over $1000, but if I get to save what I want to, I'll be buying stuff in increments so between $1000-1500, can be varied depending how life goes.
  11. Hellur OD!

    Should build us both one ;) We both have computer AND monetary struggles lol
  12. Hellur OD!

    I readily accept this fault.. Hello smol brother :) @DarkHelmet this is the one who has the major pokemon obsession xD