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  1. Friday Night, Feel Alright

    I can't buy it atm, just paid off a massive hospital bill
  2. Friday Night, Feel Alright

    :( please league with meeeeee, and why aren't you doing the run now (does this pertain to the events happening in your other thread ;-;)?
  3. The return

    Welcome back to OD :) I don't think I have met you before, but I have seen your name around some.. not enough to know about you though. I wish you luck in your future and congrats on conquering your challenges in aims of bettering yourself. I respect you for being able to do something that I can only imagine the difficulty of. See you around :)
  4. Discord and Eggplants

    Indeed.. I'd really like to know why communication wasn't made - this could have prevented the entire situation from snowballing and continued misinformed rude behavior from still occurring now.
  5. Discord and Eggplants

    I suppose I’m kind of expected to stop hiding from everyone and speak now ahahaha.. This whole situation is kind of mind boggling and has really opened my eyes about some things here. I don’t understand how this situation spread so quickly without any party contacting me before punishments were made.. Or even before the allegation and report was given to the Commanders. I never once felt uncomfortable (in terms of sexual harassment or harassment of any kind) with any of the actions made by the affected parties and I really hate that this had all accelerated so quickly without viable communication between everyone. I have no targets placed on anyone, I have no hatred towards anyone in this community, and I certainly don’t wish to just come up with things that will get people removed; I’ve heard all of these allegations during the past 3-4 days, including stabs at my leadership ability and the functionality of my division. OD is my home, my family away from my family, and the people I know I can go to if I am ever having any kind of hardship (gaming related or IRL). It hurts greatly to know how negatively people spoke of me because of an allegation I had no piece in, I was seriously debating just leaving so that I wouldn’t be a hassle to anyone involved. To those who have reached out to me and offered me kind words and love, to those who offered me an escape that I could de-stress in, thank you :) I also want to give kudos to the Commanders for working so hard to right the wrongs created and for getting to the bottom of all of this. To those affected, I’ve already sent you an apology for this mess caused in my name because I feel bad that it was under my name that this was all caused. I don’t expect anything back, I know that most of you still have some negativity towards me for all of this, but I want you to know where I am coming from. Harassment is a serious issue, sexual harassment is even worse and something no one should have to go through. I’ve been there, I’ve done that. While it’s not a joke, I don’t think it’s right for anyone to go ahead and spread information and allegations like that without the permission of the person it is affecting… or even confirming if it is being taken like that. Most issues can be solved with communication, and I hope that in the future we can learn from this and learn to talk to each other before letting a situation explode as it has now. Back to the shadows I go :)
  6. Just can't take it any more

    Hey youuu I'm sorry that our TS conversation was cut short, my internet decided to give up on being internet for a period of time. Keep your head up friend, if you ever need someone to chat with or just someone who will listen, you know I'm here just the same as you're here for me. Also, we should game sometime ;)
  7. I might have to buy this 7 days to die game.. adult minecraft sounds fun :)


    Also, thank you for your talk yesterday. I'm a person of few words vocally, but I truly do appreciate you sitting down with me and actually speaking to me about everything. It is difficult to do that, and I really am glad that it happened. 


    Have a good night :)

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    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      I stand by what I said :P also holy fuck knuckles I am high


    3. Hikato


      s m h .

    4. TypeReaL(OD)


      remember drugs not hugs or is it the other way around .....

  8. Disappearing, you win. Take care OD.

  9. I wish people actually earned things ._.

  10. HTML and CSS in College

    You should take fortran, good luck xD
  11. The Vision

    Is this the revival of league of legos division? Inhouses?!?!?!? Go away with your eggplants:(
  12. Read your snap asap madam and let me know so can do what i said for you <3

    1. Sassy


      Its ok just seen what needed hunnie :)

    2. MelodicRose(OD)


      Ahhhhhh! I was still asleep and then woke up and ran to class LOL. I messaged you back <3 

  13. Gang Initiation

    I am :( I was happily sleeping