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  1. It's nice to be able to go back and read some really nice things that people have pm'ed me when things get kind of .. not so great. I appreciate those who have reached out to me and tried to build me back up so I can go back into the ring and keep fighting.

    1. Sassy


      <3 sweet rose 

    2. Terra


      I like to try and find the nice things people say about me too, when I need some reassurance. Although sometimes I have a hard time finding it underneath all the cursing people say about me instead. ;)

  2. Remembrance

    Julieeeeeeeeeeeee, sassyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I'm so sorry for your loss :( I'm always around if you need anythin, we love youu <3
  3. Anyone know how to get OBS to stream League of Legends. I got it to work for FFXIV (with too much lag), but I get a black screen when I follow a guide to stream League. 

    1. Disco


      Try window capture instead of game capture.

    2. KorHaL(OD)


      If that didn't work, let me know, I will join you on Discord and help out.

  4. FFXIV Division Meeting - Poll

    Heya guys! So, with the recent growth in both the division and within the Free Company, it's about time that we hosted a division meeting to discuss what the players would like to see within the FFXIV division. This will be the first time we host a division meeting and it is kind of exciting to see us finally get to a point where we can have a large group of people come together and throw out ideas about what they want to see us do. The first order of business that we must handle, though, is a date and time. I've included a poll above for everyone to vote on so we can find out what works for everyone. If you could please fill that out, I'd appreciate it greatly! Second, we need to get an agenda going. If you have anything that you wish to discuss or bring up during the meeting, feel free to give a brief overview or tell us what topic you want to bring up and we will add you to the list that will be published on this thread closer to the date of the meeting. The beautiful thing about this meeting is that we will be having our FFXIV officer meeting after the division meeting, meaning we can start getting these ideas implemented sooner rather than later! We hope to see as much participation as possible as this meeting is being done to benefit you and gather your input! We'd love to hear your thoughts and we look forward to the meeting :). Let me know if these times/days don't work and we will figure out something so you can be heard! Regards, Rose :) List of Topics -
  5. Signatures if anyone is in need!

    I was actually hoping you'd do the sticking out part, I really love these, thank you so much <3 Practice makes perfect, and your work is already pretty damn good so you're great! I'll share this thread around my division :)
  6. Signatures if anyone is in need!

    Game renders would probably be best as my pictures are kind of.. gr The only thing I'd for sure want is my OD name on it, the rest is up to your artistic creativity (I'm not picky).. I'm intrigued to see your work :O
  7. Changes are coming!

    It is nice to see you back :) Let me know if you guys need me for anything, I end school for the semester in mid-May.
  8. Signatures if anyone is in need!

    Would you be willing to make one for me that is kind of FFXIV (black mage/scholar/summoner) related? :O
  9. I probably was never cut out for this anyways.

  10. Happy birthday O_O

    1. Terra


      Ha. Thanks. Was wondering if someone would notice.

  11. OD Nomads?

    I believe Melrak is kind of away at the moment, but I could be wrong.
  12. Revival of Social Media!

    I was tired, I apparently thought everyone was in OW.
  13. Revival of Social Media!

    Just a quick little bump, I'm going to tag the leaders of division so you can get this out to your event leaders. I'd like to get this show on the road. We're in the age of social media and it'd be great for us to get our name out there on social media so please share anything you guys are doing! @Hellbazer(OD) (Destiny 2) @Sassy (Diablo 2) @PoPs(OD) (Diablo 2) @DBZ(OD) (Diablo 2) @TypeReaL(OD) (Diablo 3) @Tex46(OD) (Diablo 3) @Raged(OD) (Diablo 3) @Washu(OD) (FFXIV) @KiraMiamoto(OD) (FFXIV) @Xayj(OD) (HOTS) @SnipeDragon(OD) (HOTS) @Badboi(OD) (OW) @Ghost(OD) (OW) @Criaric(OD) (OW) @Dabomb(OD) (OW) @CompFreak(OD) (SWTOR) @Gino(OD) (SWTOR) @Lojac(OD) (WoW) @Triny(OD) (WoW) @Sarnith (WoW) @Terra @Aerineth(OD) I tag you all so you are aware. The topics of social media were also mentioned during the Community Meeting tonight. If I am missing a leader, it's because I'm not finding them on forums and this is the leader list we have.
  14. Raid Event - Sigmascape (4/8 @6pm)

    Heya! The raid group is going to be working to participate in Sigmascape this Sunday (4/8) at 6pm CDT. The gearscore required for Sigmascape is i325. Please ensure that you've unlocked the quests BEFORE we start raiding on Sunday (Sigmascape 1-4 if possible), and try to at least skim through a video so we have a basic understanding of mechanics. We intend to start promptly at 6pm and we will be making update announcements on the FFXIV Discord section as we get closer to raid time :) Please let me know if this time/day is better for ya'll than Saturday, I'm trying to figure out which of the two days will work out better for all of us. Thanks! Also, don't forget to update this document as time goes on (both with gear level/classes and AVAILABLE TIMES at the bottom tab): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1b21qDcYPzYpzDpHGkFNb6-HTICwsd96K5K8s370MND4/edit#gid=0