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  1. Fortnite

    I'm looking for people to regularly play Fortnite's Battle Royal with, in both duo and squad modes. If you don't know what Fortnite is, it's basically PubG, but for free. Fortnite is a really well-polished game. I usually play Monday mornings and afternoons until 8 Central, then again after 11 central, then I'm generally available any night of the week after 1 AM central. Hit me up on Teamspeak/Forum whispers or reply here if interested. No skill level required, just be able to kill, uhh, chill (and snipe and shotgun and bludgeon and riddle enemies with bullets)
  2. Clan OD Member Locations

    yeah no worries. i live over by southland mall
  3. Clan OD Member Locations

    Wow, @DarkHelmet, you also live Hayward??? O-O, never thought OD was this close to home xD
  4. BigFella(OD)'s Absence.

    yo welcome back to OD. Im azhriel, lol leader. add me ingame - CaleBrown and ill invite ya to the club
  5. New account

    welcome back dude. always good to play with ya
  6. Hola!

    Welcome to OD! Looking forwards to playing League with you. Every tuesday we hold clan in-houses after 7 central. hope you can join us!
  7. Official Overdosed Discord Server

    Unlike some of the others, I think its great that you bring these ideas and topics up! Moving to discord has been an issue the administration has been considering (discord ha a lot more potential than TS, but less structure than we like) for a while. I'm fairly certain at this point that a move to discord is less of a "should we?" and more of a "when should we?". Like the others noted, probably that is going to be when Discord can support our rank structure, something our administration believes is integral to our Clan's identity. But still, great to see you looking for ways that would clearly allow ODG to benefit. It's always awesome when relatively new members have great ideas for improving the clan like you. I was looking through your profile and saw that you play LoL! You should hit up our division at some time! My in-game name is CaleBrown. Send me a friend request and i can add you to the OD Club. Looking forward to seeing you in-game!
  8. Happy birthday to youuuuuu :) 

    1. Azhriel(OD)


      Thanks Sassy!

  9. Let's get something straight Sassy

    Its important to have these conversations, but its also important for them to be private. If you need to talk individually with a member, please use the messaging system up in the top right to have personal and private conversations with another member :D! @Terra @Aerineth(OD) Requesting a lock on this thread
  10. Sncker66(OD) Returns

    Yo! welcome back snickers
  11. [Locked]Teamspeak Channels

    totally agree with this. For the sake of structure and to keep the TS from getting too cluttered, squad channels should remain in the squad section. I understand the appeal of keeping everything nearby (its convenient, nearby, easy-to-access etc.), but this cluster structure, discourages people from exploring or even looking around the Teamspeak, something that is important for any group trying to be a community.
  12. In Houses 9-19

    LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Welcome to OD LoL

    i havent been on recently, ill log on tonight and add you
  14. Great Inhouses!

    I will keep running these every tuesday. Glad everyone enjoys them.