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  1. Happy Birthday archie :) 

  2. Archie(OD)

    Zephyr Jet Stream + Tonkor Build

    My Zephyr jet stream build used with Tonkor to make grenades blow on impact.
  3. Archie(OD)

    Frost/Prime Build (General)

    General Frost build, you could Forma again to change the polarity of the Aura and use Corrosive Projection, but its whatever.
  4. Archie(OD)

    50$ Prize - CROSS CLAN BLACKOUT GAME - Sign up

  5. Archie(OD)

    50$ Prize - CROSS CLAN BLACKOUT GAME - Sign up

    Archie(OD) , Warframe. ayyy let's do this.
  6. Archie(OD)

    EV Trin Build

    My EV Trin Build, works pretty well.
  7. Archie(OD)

    Slowva Build

    My Slowva build. Useful in missions where there are a lot of choke points (Mobile Defense, Defense, Rescue, Law of Retribution.)
  8. Archie(OD)

    Speedva Build

    My Speedva build for reference. Useful in defense missions which you want to finish fast i.e. Akkad.
  9. Archie(OD)

    Beginners Guide to Warframe

    I was about to write an entire in-depth guide for Warframe, but I found someone who had already done it beforehand. http://metadragon.de/warframe-beginners-guide/ In case you feel overwhelmed by the game and can't find any info, this should come in handy.
  10. Yo guys, just wanted to share that fairly recently my clan in Warframe was on the Leaderboards. (We're The Menehune.) Feels Good Man.
  11. Archie(OD)

    Warframe Division Rules

    These are going to be pretty simple, 1) No racist / homophobic attacks to other members. 2) Be respectful of others opinions, even if the builds they are using is "garbage" in your eyes *cough* WatchWolf *cough*. 3) Be on Teamspeak when we do a Raid, makes it simple for everybody, as a matter of fact, it is REQUIRED. 4) Although you're part of Warframe, show respect to people from other divisions as well. 5) The Golden Rule: Have Fun, it's just a game, don't fall into the abyss which is the grind.
  12. Archie(OD)

    Welcome to the Warframe Division

    Greetings Tenno! Welcome to The Menehune! If you have any topic of discussion you'd like to start with other clan mates, start up a forum topic! See you in game! -ArchieHawk
  13. Archie is hands down best ever person to exist! :^)

    1. Archie(OD)


      Agreed I love Archie too

  14. Archie(OD)

    Idea for the Main Website

    Alright good to know about the trial member thing. Thanks for the indepth response!
  15. Ayyyyy how's it going! I had an idea for the website that would help new members and returning members. What I had in mind was an additional tab which said "Games" and in the drop down there would be "Current Divisions," and "Current Squads." The Current Divisions would show, as the name suggests, the current divisions in the clan, with their respective division leader. Next to the division, there would be an option to "Join this Division," which after selecting, would redirect one to the registration page. The same would exist for squads, instead there would be a disclaimer "If you want to join this squad, check OD Community until this game becomes a division, you can change your main game from your profile when it is complete!" Also, next to the names of the Division leaders/Squad leaders, there would be a "PM this member" option so new/returning members can PM the division leader directly. Another possible feature could be "Click the Division(/Squad) Banner to be redirected to the specific Forum for this game!" What do you think? I spaced things out so it doesn't look like a block of text :D