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  1. I mean its pretty clear that the overwatch banner is the top choice since its been mentioned. Also, I liked the example you posted there Truechill. If its an option i believe that banner would win hands down and quite a few have mentioned liking the motto being in there. My 5¢ stays the same I would like to see the overwatch banner with the motto separated above and below Overdosed. Ps: Truechill nice job on the design and i like the new coulouring for the site/banner. It looks awesome keep it up!
  2. If we are trying to avoid focusing a specific game 2 should not be used as many poeple have said it looks like diablo style and i agree. 1 the letter and such are just too hard to read although i like the motto being up there and 3 is too simplistic. What would be great is taking out the overwatch from that banner and adding our motto instead. It gives a clean professional look and without the recruiting for overwatch there is is not game specific in its style.
  3. wingedhalk(OD)

    Elite teams

    ouch... leave for 2 weeks and got booted
  4. 1. Keep up to date on any Clan Overdosed rules (http://www.overdosed.net/index.php?view=Rules) and Warframes Rules (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/286054-community-rules-warning-points-20-code-of-conduct/), as well as any changes AND abide by them 2. As our priority as gamers is to have fun please do so and do not impede other from doing so. 3. Trolling will not be tolerated. Do not be mean to your fellow Teno (member and non-members alike.) Trolling is defined as someone making a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting/or actions with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them. 4. If going inactive or on vacation and such for a extended period of time please notify Division leaders/ Clan Admin of your absence ahead of time. Welcome all the division. Please enjoy and have fun!
  5. Welcome to all member of the newly founded Warframe Division within OD. Great job getting this up and running lets try to get as many of the in game members signed up as possible before the next admin meeting!
  6. no specific timing really... just kinda try to decide and hopefully i can make it
  7. I am not very experienced with conq but I would love to join up I main Jg and am trying to learn Solo
  8. Im game as long as im can be on that weekend
  9. Hey would just like to correct the earlier post as Alpha Trexs are not tamable that is simply the name the player set his Trex as. I could make the name of any Trex ``Alpha Trex`` that doesnt make him one
  10. Hey i just wanted to know everyones favorite ults. Also if you with it was on a different character (to match it up with that chars passive and 3 abilities) I personaly love Ao Kuang's and Thanatos' instakill execute. early game i much prefer Ao's but late game thanatos' has the higher threshold which can get somewhat broken Silly Scilla's ult's chain is fantastic if you can time it right and the fact that Agnis ult can be used like a regular atk and so often makes it my top 5 for sure. Most of my favs play well with their abilities but i wanted to see what you guys thought
  11. wingedhalk(OD)


    LOL you posted this XDDDD sry bro but i clean up as adc... that was hilarious at the end though. the fact that neither of us got the kil was even funnier.
  12. Hello all! This is my first post about the tournament I will be hosting (perhaps with one or two more members) that will be a 1v1 joust map (starting lvl 3 1500 gold.) The rules will be simple. 32 players will enter 1 will come out the winner and the top Smite(OD) player. All matches will be best 2 out of 3 except for perhaps the final match which may be best 3 out of 5. There are still many variables that are yet to be decided but one thing is for certain I will be putting up gems as the prize for the first place winner and perhaps the 2nd place winner. We are also looking into getting other Clan OD related rewards for your online account but those are yet to be determined. All in all we need 32 players no more no less. This is for us to get bragging rights, have fun with each-other, and simply boost moral (although already high) within the division. Also since we wont be starting until we have 32 players recruiting may be required. So find some great players to join the Clan and have them check out the forums to sign up for the contest. Dont make them better than me though ;P jkjk. Req for the tournament: -32 players (no more no less first come first serve, must join the forums to apply for the tournament which will boost activity here ) -Date for the tournament (will be decided after 32 players apply and will be made on a weekend either Saturday or Sunday or perhaps if we must both days) -Members must be part of clan OD but not main in the Smite division Everything else will be decided and changed as we get closer to the tournament day Post bellow to comment and apply for tournament please. should i make a new thread closer to the tournament date with more official rules and such I will reapply everyone who has already applied in the first comment. (listing all the applicants names) Share this thread and ask member to check out the forums or they wont be able to apply and enjoy the tournament with everyone else. All additional ideas are welcome -Wingedhalk ps. fully supported by Ravemore(OD) division leader.
  13. wingedhalk(OD)

    Hit lvl 30

    Gratz man. Lets keep growing our knowledge of the game so we can both help each other in learning new gods. Always fun to play with you.
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