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  1. biill900100(OD)

    2 v 2 tournament

    Im in
  2. biill900100(OD)

    1 v 1 tournament

    Im down.
  3. biill900100(OD)

    1v1 Tournament postponed

    Im down.
  4. biill900100(OD)

    Smite 3v3 Tournament

    I guess Im in. Hopefully my internet doesnt shit on me too hard.
  5. biill900100(OD)

    3 v 3

    Sign me up
  6. biill900100(OD)

    Who is your go to God?

    Definitely Odin or Bellona
  7. biill900100(OD)

    1 v 1 Joust Tournament

    im in
  8. biill900100(OD)

    Wanting to make 5 person pull video

    ill do it
  9. biill900100(OD)

    Joust 1v1 tournament!

    Sign me up
  10. biill900100(OD)

    Smite Ranked 3s

    Im always down for some ranked.
  11. biill900100(OD)

    What is the new god when you started?

    Tyr was the new god when I first started playing.
  12. biill900100(OD)

    Smite Leagues/Cups

    For the 5v5 tourney, whats the team id and password? Whats the password and team id for the5v5 tourney?
  13. biill900100(OD)

    Clan tournament

    I cant do the 26th, going to a wedding.
  14. biill900100(OD)

    Clan tournament

    Im always down for free gems, sign me up
  15. biill900100(OD)

    Tournament in house 1v1s 32players

    This thread got really savage real quick.