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  1. Happy birthday kappa hope it a good one 🙂

  2. Ask him from me can I come and go canoeing With with him like frank did lol If there was one thing he could wish for and it would come true what would it be
  3. Happy birthday to you 

    happy birthday to you 

    happy birthday to ray the gay 

    happy birthday to youu

    hope you have a great day ray 

    from your friend Julieeee 💙

    1. Ray(OD)


      Thanks sass bass ^_^

  4. Sassy


    Was going to say jump on TeamSpeak I’m sure there would been guys to help you out or mention in channel 🙂 plenty of guys with crushers
  5. Sassy

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    Mine was trainee hairdresser lasted 2 weeks hated it 🙂
  6. I’m back in work seems weird being off so long with my bad arm but glad to see everyone 🙂 here goes my first early night shift 6-10 🙂 

    1. Townkill(OD)
    2. Sassy


      Yeah lol cos I’m on light duty’s TK because my arm 🙂 but was good to be back lord god was mayhem 

  7. Sassy

    Member Behind the Mic Suggestions

    I say @Lacer(OD) that be good And @Slum(OD) that’s brilliant one ray interview ray ha ha
  8. Kev do you know a hospital called the royal Columbia in Canada? My lauren has a doctor from there coming to see her today ....

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    2. Terra


      Most of the weak points for Canadian health care system are focused on the long wait times for emergency rooms, available after-hour personnel, and the lack of coverage for dental and prescription drugs. In terms of medical care itself Canada has among the highest success rates for surgery and among the best survival rates for cancer patients of all developed countries. If they are flying in a doctor who is from the Royal Columbian Hospital, which as TypeReaL pointed out is consistently among the top-ranked in the country, then there probably aren't very many doctors in the world that would be better at looking into your daughter's needs.

    3. Sassy


      So she in good hands then yeah they need to look into things within her care and treatment he actually seeing her Monday coming lucky I have day off to be there thanks guys nope he’s seeing her Tuesday now she just called me 

    4. SuNSeT


      Well I think they covered it. Best wishes and prayers go out to your daughter. Fight fight fight 

  9. Sassy

    Clan Award Nominations - January 2019

    Shon @Dabomb(OD) you know me better then that you JOKER 😂😂❤️
  10. Sassy

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    If you can imagine it You can achieve it If you can dream it You can become it
  11. Sassy

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    The happiest people dont have the best Of everything They just make the best of everything!!
  12. Sassy

    Your (OD) Account!

    Yep that sure backfired on you ha ha ha
  13. Sassy

    New blizzard emails, weird

    Yeah I did but still never got one 🙂
  14. Sassy

    New blizzard emails, weird

    Weird I never got one lol