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  1. Nice 2 days off work  but woke up with a banging headache ouchhhh

    1. JR(OD)


      had a lil too much to drink? 😉

      also how are u writing these status updates? i cant figure out how to do it on mine >< lol

  2. Such a sad day in work today 

    feel for the 3 family’s that just losted their loved ones 😞

  3. Oh this will be good 🙂 don’t hold back kait say it how it is hun ❤️
  4. Happy st George’s day 

    the uk sure will celebrate today 🙂 

  5. Sassy

    On game

    Jason you know what I totally agree with you d2 changed so much and I doubt it be like it was with the people that used to play the laughs we had into the early hours and yes the nice weather does keep a lot of people away from gaming because they get a life again lol .. yes I brought a lot people to od and they stayed lol and it’s also good to play other games because playing one game can burn you right out .
  6. Sassy

    On game

    Well when I used to play all the hours god sent there was plenty people on Jason ask Kevin he tell you I get that about work etc etc I’m just saying what I see today it was dead as a brush lol Not played in ages so you gotta give me a bit of a break ha ha ok tomorrow il challenge ya Aaron
  7. Sassy

    On game

    @SuNSeT seriously Kevin it was bad I would stop by to chat but I doubt I’d get an answer from a bot lol I can see I’m really missed yep il be back reset @JR(OD) this is what I was wondering today how the heck are they getting recruits how the heck are people helping others if no one playing I get it at reset time coming up it does die down but what I see today was sad 😞 @froggie nick summer time gets slow also because we can get out and do more not play a lot 🙂 cant wait to get back This is what I’m saying Aaron it was so dead never ever seen it like that before I’m glad you guys playing different games but I don’t get why it’s so dead fancy playing pool again lol 😂 I’ll make the chicken balls 🤣🤣
  8. dammit i missed ya in channel again!  lol

    1. Sassy


      Aww I’m sorry junior but it was absolutely dead never seen it like that , so logged off twice been on today even ts yet again was dead thought I’d play for a bit as I’m not back to work until Wednesday night guess d2 not the place to be atm ❤️

  9. Sassy

    On game

    Hari that’s not a problem it’s just something I see today I just pop on it’s so dead can’t believe how dead hope you get d3 going good again well it’s not about taking other members that’s great to see others are playing other games well done @Hari(OD) 🙂
  10. Sassy

    On game

    I mean how the hell are people recruiting if it’s that dead pops said to me the other day there was about 15-17 in main channel and 10 were bots he’s never seen it that dead nor have I to be honest I guess that why many are not active because it’s so dead
  11. Sassy

    On game

    I went on game today I have never ever ever seen it so dead and I mean dead wasn’t even a bot to talk to lol I know reset coming but my god there normally some still playing even at my times d2 is dying a slow death lol 😂
  12. Gloating don’t get you no  where ...

    1. Terra


      If I'm gloating then I'm already where I want to be. 😉

    2. Sassy


      But is it where you want to be that is the question lol 😂 

  13. Sassy

    Happy Easter

    I only got 4 eggs but some lovely flowers I hate chocolate much rather sweets lol
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