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  1. Julie do you know any good Welsh recipes for a chocolate cake?

    1. Sassy


      Yes ray i do it’s calked 

      a LARGE ROPE:)

  2. Sassy

    Sympathy and Prayers to a member <3

    Sincere condolences Brian I know how that feels hun losing both my parents within couple weeks of each other last year you know where I am hun ❤️❤️
  3. Sassy

    My new rescue dog

    Tried from traveling
  4. Sassy

    My new rescue dog

    I know right been reading all her notes she was in hunary kept in kennels to breed and breed then thrown on the streets was rescue by a bully rescue in the uk but I can assure you no one hurt her again and hazey boy loves her keeps licking her face
  5. Sassy

    My new rescue dog

    Macie home with us ❤️❤️
  6. Sassy


    My beautiful flowers I got
  7. For valentines I went to the park and watched all the couples walking as I fed the ducks bread soaked in antifreeze what a day

  8. Sassy

    The Disappearance of Melrak

    Welcome back im gkad things are back on track with you’re health 🙂
  9. Happy birthday 🙂 

    1. TPJ(OD)


      haha cheers Sassy! was a good and i think a big night (missing work today says it all, oops)

    2. Sassy


      That’s what birthday are for 

      it’s my birthday on the 25th feb I’ve booked 4 days off work lol 😂 

  10. Sassy


    No you
  11. Sassy


  12. Sassy

    My new rescue dog

    Our staffie we had ozzy we rescued him at 18 months he was with us until rip ole age 14 he passed 5 years ago on Tuesday he’s was an amazing rescue dog they all need forever homes
  13. Sassy

    My new rescue dog

    I wish I could adopt all the bully’s in the rescue center some are in such bad state just used as breeding machine there some make bully’s that were about to be flown to China to be used as meat the bully rescue saved them think their was 7 😞 but they are safe now and in loving home .. we used to have plenty dogs on the streets here but you won’t see any now there in rescue but even in there it’s trying find forever homes so sad but im glad I’m never waited until May and spend 2grand on a puppy and went for macie well done you and you’re family rescuing those animals
  14. Sassy

    ODD2 Meeting Recording Feb 10 2019

    Lmfao Jared I thought the same only ray could think of doing that lol 😂