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  1. Anyone play any custom D2 mods?

    dbz told me about that game the other day id love to give it a go colin :)
  2. Hello!

    Welcomeeeeeee to OD :)
  3. OD Population Milestone

    Just keep doing what we doing we have many more great members :)
  4. Hey Guys New Member Here :)!!

    Welcomeeeee to OD :)
  5. New Recruit

    Welcomeeeeee to the nut house full of od members lol ... nah welcome if you need anything give me shout :)
  6. Greetings

    Welcomeeee to OD :)
  7. Discord and Eggplants

    i would also like to know why was i not contacted by anyone about this knowing i had spoken to about this it was not until next day me and dabomb spoke just glad this has been sorted out .........
  8. Just can't take it any more

    Im so sorry to read this jester my heart breaks for you and your family if you need to chat you know im always here ok or just msg me on facebook :)
  9. Daddy's home

    omg troubles back ........ wb adam :)
  10. Positive vibes for a member please

    thoughts with you and yours @Shaco(OD) sending prayers to you all and speedy recovery for your baby :(
  11. If You See One of Those People...

    we find this happens alot from our runs the guys tell them oh make od toon and acc then we find them in channel and ask hey who are you then we told what has happened then of course i go and recruit them them the correct way but yes this is happening a lot as of late but we nip it in the bud thanks guys but we already know this kind stuff is happening we on it dont worry :)
  12. Teamspeak or Discord?

    hehheh sorry comp show how much notice i took of that poll thought it was for all my bad but my votes still stand teamspeak all the way lol :)
  13. Newbie here

    hahahaha was pleasure to recruit you and been fun chatting with you on ts :) our friendly alien :)
  14. Newbie here

    *whispers cindy* yeah think we do hunnie hehehehe hope he's good alien :)
  15. Newbie here

    hmmmm lol welcome tooo OD lol