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  1. Sassy

    Why hello there.

    Welcomeeeee to OD jason :) @Rocket(OD) kyle when you coming back hc needs you lol be good to have you back :)
  2. Sassy

    May 22 DII Ironman Tournament

    thanks joe i'll let him know
  3. Sassy

    May 22 DII Ironman Tournament

    joe nilla ask me on teamspeak this morning would it be possible if he could join you guys HE DOES NOT WANT THE PRIZE IF HE WINS he would just like to take part have fun with you guys and i said i'd ask you if that was possible .......... he does still have od accountto take part not to confuse names in game can you let me know please il msg him on facebook
  4. Sassy

    Hello, everyone ;)

    Welcome to OD :)
  5. Happy birthday tyler hope you have great day :) <3

    1. Hikato


      Thanks Sassy! <3

  6. Sassy

    New member here

    Welcomeeee to od :)
  7. When ray reading them il come on ts ??
  8. Absolutely amazing you guys are reading this has cheered me right up been in a very dark place but seeing this is just wow thank you guys and girls <3
  9. Sassy

    JSP Clan

    Sorry I never see this sooner otherwise I would have accepted you I do check every day on new guys wanting to join :)
  10. Sassy

    How Jake Baals w/ BotDog

  11. Sassy

    How Jake Baals w/ BotDog

    Jake knows I’m messing bout :)
  12. Sassy

    Farewell my comrades!!!

    You can’t leave me shon :( good luck with the new job shitter loved every minute we had together on game and our journey through the ranks and the laughs we had the times you was there for me when I was battling that bitch cancer and your still there with me going through these sad time im going to miss you more then anyone <3
  13. Sassy

    We're here for you Julie <3

    That’s my baby coffee so I will worry lol :)
  14. Sassy

    We're here for you Julie <3

    Do not how I’m going to cope with this after just losing dad as well my heads a mess can’t think straight :( I don’t want my division to suffer while I’m away
  15. Sassy

    We're here for you Julie <3

    Thank you sorry for crying to you going to be with my children :(((