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  1. PrimeTime(OD)

    First placement game of S8

    i went 4/6 and got silver 3 so i feel like you could hit silver 1 gold 5 if your ratio doesn't change
  2. PrimeTime(OD)

    First placement game of S8

    my highest is silver 3 casue last time i hit silver 4 i stopped ranking , this is a brand new account and placements were silver 3
  3. PrimeTime(OD)

    Redownloading LoL

    i had 2 accounts terminated one of them i spent like 1k it sucks , add my current one xX Prime OD Xx
  4. PrimeTime(OD)

    What was your fastest Baron last year?

    i don't remebr what the time was i know ther was one pre 21 min but i also have a video fo one where my team got aced and i respawned while the enmy was doing baron , and me being brand the bad ass i walked up , W'ed over the wall blind with no ward , and stole it and walked away , too bad my team was dead , i aslo had a breand vs 5 + baron play earlier in the year or the year before and 5 man ulted them got a pentakill and stole baron it was great , i thind brand is the only champ ive done stuff like that with unless theres 1 i cant remember , sadly that account is perma banned now
  5. PrimeTime(OD)

    BigFella(OD) LoL

    ive been playing a bit for 3 years and recently started over on a new account but I'm down to play xX Prime OD Xx
  6. PrimeTime(OD)

    New account

    much appreciated bro
  7. PrimeTime(OD)

    New account

    so PrimeTimeOD and MagnusPrimeOD accounts are no longer active add me on xX Prime OD Xx , drop your summoner names ill be sending requests , and also add this one to OD group please in LOL
  8. PrimeTime(OD)

    In a rut

    I know how you feel ive been stuck on bronze 2 this whole year and cant get out itsa back and forth battle but lately I found a new support I never played and have won most of my games as that champ even tho I still go on win and losing streaks adamant is right you gotta swing with the game and switch it up , I played 2 great zac games and lost the third then got told he wasn't good anymore when I just played 2 great games with him lol
  9. PrimeTime(OD)

    New Fantasy Football League

    my team is steelnation
  10. PrimeTime(OD)

    1 global summoner list

    only downside is a 50 member max to the clubs but also there are plenty of lol players in our community that don't have league as their main game
  11. PrimeTime(OD)

    Revitalizing LoL Inhouses

    I work nights so sadly its not something I can participate in anymore unless on a weekend , also the old 2v2 tournaments were fun
  12. PrimeTime(OD)

    Welcome to OD LoL

    ill definitely add you
  13. PrimeTime(OD)

    well this was blindly unexpected

    https://goo.gl/photos/8uFj3ZCPgGGrGgYW6 blind baron steal
  14. PrimeTime(OD)

    Welcome to OD LoL

    I'm a jungle main somewhat or brand anywhere lol
  15. PrimeTime(OD)

    Welcome to OD LoL

    PrimeTimeOD add me brotha