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  4. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JfYm6ZNy9oUlYr_Su6nTiQwK8tjp5jvbUflW_yRaLec/htmlview?sle=true#gid=1237901118 latest table
  5. comp if we must down size the division i would like to make it a squad , however we do still have 10 members , 1 is on IA at the moment, she is also the guild leader on the light side.
  6. HI all this might be the last post from this division. On August 23, 2015 Star Wars became a division. We had fun with the division but now it is time to say good by as the membership of the division dropped to 9 members. I know the rules, in the Game we still have 2 west coast guilds, and 2 east coast guilds they will continue with or without a division. So now i will say good by to my division, it was a good run but now it is over. December 18, 2018. Thank everyone who played with us , you made it a great division. Dave(OD)
  7. while reading the forums i get this message { This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password } but it never tells you what squad or division it belongs to , is there some way to add a information to this to tell who this belongs to
  8. i have these guest passes so i thought if any one would like to try the game use one GUEST PASSES STATUS LEVEL PROGRESS ACTIVATED L4CU837-Q68B7GM-PD67GAG-A3QJ8 Unused - REPDUH3-0PEBN1E-VRJM3UD-HARQU Unused - BGIEP4L-I5TSFM4-EV1L80C-MF8V Unused - FKR7DJ5-QMHOMTE-BVL8GG3-TD7ID Unused - 3LGESJJ-1U89R5C-8NOF50M-2PRR4 Unused - T7K9VR9-9I7JL5R-5P602LG-NSHS0 Unused - HK9JSJP-MJDO763-MR6F2F4-NM82S Unused - OTCAU14-D0VLMHB-D5LURT0-J7U77 Unused - 7R1OM8F-VOHRDS6-J0B7KU7-H1RDC Unused - T1G2IJT-RG4OFDL-1DS4VS3-NV56K Unused used
  9. Weapon and Armor Enhancement Tables The enhancement tables below originate from the Korean servers. I have tested a few points and they seem correct. These tables are based on green items only. For more details on enhancing you can read my Black Desert Online enhancement guide. Weapon, accessories and silver embroidered clothes enhancement chance table. Enchant Level Accessories/Silver clothes Base Upgrade Success Chance at 0 fail stacks Increase per fail stack Maximum Success rate (Max fail stacks usable ) 1 100% 2 100% 3 100% 4 100% 5 100% 6 100% 7 100% 8 20% 2.5% 52.5% (13) 9 17.5% 2% 45.5% (14) 10 15% 1.5% 37.5% (15) 11 12.5% 1.25% 32.5% (16) 12 10% 0.75% 23.5% (18) 13 7.5% 0.63% 20% (20) 14 5% 0.5% 17.5% (25) 15 2.5% 0.5% 15% (25) 16 PRI / +1 15% 1.5% 52.5% (25) 17 DUO / +2 7.5% 0.75% 33.75% (35) 18 TRI / +3 5% 0.5% 27% (44) 19 TET / +4 2% 0.25% 25% (90) 20 PEN / +5 1.5% 0.25% 20.1% (124) Armor and artisan rods enhancement chance table. Enchant Level Artisan Fishing Rods Base Upgrade Success Chance at 0 fail stacks Increase per fail stack Maximum Success rate (Max fail stacks usable ) +1 100% +2 100% +3 100% +4 100% +5 100% +6 +1 20% 2.5% 52.5% (13) +7 +2 17.5% 2% 45.5% (14) +8 +3 16.25% 1.75% 40.75% (14) +9 +4 15% 1.5% 37.5% (15) +10 +5 12.5% 1.25% 32.5% (16) +11 +6 11.25% 1% 28.25% (17) +12 +7 10% 0.75% 23.5% (18) +13 +8 7.5% 0.63% 20% (20) +14 +9 5% 0.5% 17.5% (25) +15 +10 2.5% 0.5% 15% (25) +16 (PRI) 15% 1.5% 52.5% (25) +17 (DUO) 7.5% 0.75% 33.75% (35) +18 (TRI) 5% 0.5% 27% (44) +19 (TET) 2% 0.25% 25% (90) +20 (PEN) 1.5% 0.25% 20.1% (124)
  10. for anyone who is interested i have 2 keys for this weekends beta test . if you are interested contact me in teamspeak. Dave(OD)
  11. Dave(OD)


    Want a time table for their spawn. https://wiki.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?title=Bosses
  12. Dave(OD)

    bdo witch

    well i found some good guides. https://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/witch-class-guide/ https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/707/bdo-guide-witch-awakening-skill-guide
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. i wish to extend my congratulations to our winners WillTurnup(OD) with 8 recruits, and Chknwg1(OD) with 3 recruits. i will be working on the prizes
  15. Well everyone knows that the recruitment challenge is over. If the division leaders would kindly post their winners on this thread we will get to the prizes. If not I will be getting in touch with division lead leaders bit later. Thanks in advance Dave
  16. thank you, Try to find all of the question marks in a town or in an area there is useful information there and you get a benefit for opening them all up
  17. Well the recruitment challenge is just about over. We would like to have the division leaders let us know who their winners are so we can assign the prizes this is helpful especially in the large divisions. So around the 18th of becoming around to get the names of the winners. Thank you very much for all your help in this competition. Dave (OD)
  18. send the re invites to any of your recruits that are not currently active in the clan
  19. I'd like to thank everybody who's worked on getting our DSL system accessible from team speak, discord and steam. Everyone has done a great job on this one out now it's time for the recruitment and retention committee to throw out a few ideas. I had an idea, there are no prizes for this one and other than getting some more people into the clan, the idea is for all the recruiters to take a minute and send everybody they have ever recruited an invitation to come back and check in with us we miss them, and would like to know what they're doing and maybe they'll even stay now that you don't have to log onto the website to keep your DSL down. I thought I'd throw this idea out to the general clan. All comments are welcome and if you want to be a part of this well send a couple emails we can do it bulk we can do it individual I would suggest you put the team speak address or the discard address and the website address on the email, so people won't get lost and when they come back maybe the bring a few new games with them or a new player that's all I have right now but will keep on thinking of new things to do as always. Thanking you in advance.
  20. This is a little game, it involves recruitment. It is possible for each division to have a winner. The Game will go on for two months from the start to the end, with a 14 day grace period to get any last minute trial members through. The Challenge will go From August 17, 2018 to October 18, 2018. Good luck to all. A new recruit is defined as someone who has just passed their trial membership. The rules are simple, you must recruit 2 new overdosed Community members. This your entrance fee for the game after that the recruiter with the most recruits wins. There will be prizes for each division. There will also be a grand prize winner. Each division can have a winner. The grand prize winner must have 15+ new recruits. We ask that all primary division leaders help in this contest, as such they cannot be part of the contest. All winners from the first challenge are also not allowed to enter this game. Other than these two groups all other clan members can enter the challenge. If you are not a recruiter and would like to be one please let me know "Dave(OD)" or contact a general. The prizes For division level winners (Medal, Signature, 1 month VIP channel.) Grand prize: 15+ recruits the winner gets a t-shirt. (only 1)
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