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  1. Dave(OD)

    SWTOR Event - Friday, 22 June 2018, 6:30 PST

    Last night the Star Wars division hosted its first event in a long time this event was arranged by Coffeebean(Od) and Gino(Od) and Compfreak(Od). The Jedi Gino(Od) and his companion Compfreak(Od were found on the planet Quesh. The Empire sent their own to stop the Jedi which became in a great battle both sides were had a lot of killing and running back. A great time was had by all. We would like to thank Coffeebean(Od) for hosting this event. After the event was over the guilds got together for our first operation that was all that was entirely made of guild members and a good time was had by all. So once again would like to thank Coffeebean(Od) for hosting this event and we will see what he hosts in the future would like to thank all the members of overdose community for joining us in this monument is event. We have some pictures that members of the parties took we would like to have them add the pictures to this post. Please also keep your eyes on this page for upcoming events for the times and what you need to bring also what runs we planned to make.
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  3. Dave(OD)

    Recruitment Challenge

  4. Dave(OD)

    Recruitment Challenge

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  7. Dave(OD)

    New And Returning Players!

    we are on star forge, the guild is overdosed , on the light or the dark side . grab someone in teamspeak to get a invite
  8. Dave(OD)

    Community Meeting POSTPONED

    well if it at 9 cst sunday i wont be there , bed time.
  9. Dave(OD)

    Crew Skills

  10. Well this is the second day that I spent most the day in Final Fantasy trying to recruit even when I managed to get somebody to come and join the free company there was nobody on to welcome them this makes it really hard to manage to get any retention out of recruiting. so on this people if want to get some recruiting done please let me know and I’ll come over and we’ll get something going but you have to have somebody to welcome the new members or is this does not work. Did not have anyone to talk to in discord.
  11. Dave(OD)

    R & R

    Good evening this weekend the R&R squad / committee of overdosed got some new management Dave (OD) is now the CO and CompFreak(OD) is now the XO. We were to take our hats off to the former leaders of the R&R committee PJPotter(OD) and the Dabomb(OD). What the R&R committee stands for is recruitment and retention and we need help with both of these if you’re interested in helping the R&R committee please contact Compfreak or Dave. You do not have to be a member of the R&R group to get help from us, if you want to be a member we need your ideas we need your energy. We are trying to do this so our community grows . If you need help in these areas please drop us a line in on the form in the community area. And we will get back to you as soon as possible if you have any ideas please let us know we’d love to help you get them rolling or if you want to do them yourself that’s fine. Currently we have the recruitment challenge going were about halfway through so if you’re in a division that hasn’t started playing this yet you need to. Every division will win a prize if they have somebody that meets the qualifications, the qualifications are minimum three new recruits and then will be happy to give you the prize this this challenge is open to all members who are recruiters of the rank of CWO4 and below. We look forward to handing out prizes. We also need some ideas for prizes for the next one than there’s going to there is going to be another recruitment challenge that will be open for the entire community stuff you have any ideas on what can be a prize for this please let us know. The R&R squad is now considered a committee so instead of having a committee meeting we will do this on the board (our locker) If you need recruitment help on discord we will try to give it to you if your game is a subscription game remember somebody’s will have to sub in to help you recruit so it may not happen every month I would rather train some new recruiters that they can do it themselves
  12. Once again, we are trying to increase the size of the Star Wars division your help would be greatly appreciated if it’s nothing more than running heroics with new members that be great. Recruiting would also be helpful when you’re recruiting remind your recruits that we do have a forum and it is very beneficial for them to join the forum also remind them to login and keep the DSL really low until we get the full TS3 integration which should be coming soon thanks to our web development team. We also would like to invite any of the community members to come and join us in Star Wars. The game has a lot to offer whether you like to play Sith or Jedi we have guilds on both sides and plenty of room for your main characters and your alts Star Wars is also a free to play game to level 50 you can come and try the game out see if you like it if you want to play it. In the future we should be hosting some in-house PVP games what I would like to call naked PVP it will be levels 10 to 15 no modified armor and no modified weapons so that are free to play players can come in and enjoy an evening of killing each other. Please let us know if you’re interested in joining the in-house so we can plan where we can have this Battle Royale and also it would allow us to know how many people may be joining us thank you.
  13. Dave(OD)

    a Bad Case of altitis

    so i come in and pick a seat and sit down. i think its called atlitis. Edit
  14. Dave(OD)

    Division Icon Changes

    aw shucks, i thought i had her , and there you go popping my bubble.
  15. Dave(OD)

    Division Icon Changes

    what is this a one word post, and you know the rules, for shame.