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  1. Helping

    There is many ways to help a division grow. One way is to watch the board and help division members get promoted through OD, from Sergent to warrant officer . its just a little thing but it helps a division grow stronger. This is one of the ways to show others what we expect them to do. it also shows people that we really help each other both in the game and in the community. Think about it , how long does it take to vote. Recruiters remember git your recruits on the forums, this also helps the clan grow. and teach them how to vote for each other.
  2. music from ff

    Nightwish - she is my sin - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mtlDc072cE
  3. Raid Day/Night

    week ends
  4. city of titans

    City of Titans Launch Date Revealed Chris Hughes | 26th November 2016 There’s still a lot of time between now and then, and in-development MMORPGs shift their releases all the time, but a recent announcement of the City of Titans launch date has been made on the game’s Facebook page. The reveal arrived as a simple image: the City of Titans logo and the proclamation of “Coming Fall 2018”. Responses on the Facebook page outline that the release window is a “best guess” as a result of internal calculations. “As we promised over a year ago, when a calculated date is found internally, and does not slip for 6 months, we would put it up,” reads one response. Other replies in the announcement indicate that Steam support for the title is still not quite finalized yet, and that the Mac version of the game is “doing fine”. The most recent active development update to the game focused on costume creation, and a recent supplemental video of the game’s costume creator in action can be seen below. Our Thoughts We really hope that City of Titans is able to meet this launch goal, because there are several of us who desperately miss City of Heroes and would love to have a game like that arrive to our hard drives once more. Best of luck to the devs of Missing Worlds Media! Your Thoughts Does this new date make the game feel more tangible to you, or are you still waiting to see more of the actual final product before you’re excited? Give us your input in our comments section below. Source: Facebook Articles Related to City of Titans City of Titans Costume Prototype Shows Off Customization Speed Round: City of Heroes Successor Showdown – City of Titans vs. Valiance Online City of Titans Prosthetic Limb Development Spawns from Cosplay Related: City of Titans, Launch Date, MMORPG, News
  5. Teamspeak or Discord?

    a good chat helps the unity of the division. we have a text chat in the game.
  6. The music topic!

    do not use my name without permission

    sounds like fun
  8. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    well discord is missing a few items , the ability to adjust the volume of each member if some one is too loud you have to turn down everyone, this causes a problem for me, another is you cant close it it demands to be on it takes mutiple key strokes to turn it off.
  9. HAPPY 50th birthday

    you are not old you have gotten to the trustworthy age for me

    FF14 Event December the 2nd at or around 7pm cst. If I remember correctly one of the events that we used to enjoy was a Fate Run We meet up and as a free company we run fates. WE can group up to do this. I would like to see if there is any interest. Now you would like to know what you can get from fates, Well experience, money, seals. For more information see Dave(OD)
  11. Dungeon Running 11.25.17

    New list pharos Sirus thornmarch (E) haukke manor (H) grudea (E) levinetha (H) Brayflox (H) Stone vigil (H) aurum vale cutters cry need dungeon as of now
  12. Dungeon Running 11.25.17

    pharos Sirus urth fonut dzemael darkhold the ultimate balade haukke manor (H) quarn (H) haiatail (H) copper bell mines (H) wanderer place (H) sastasha (H) Hull island (H) Ampordor keep (H) Brayflox (H) battle on the big bridge Stone vigil (H) yhis is what i have open will be less by sat.
  13. might be interesting if we could get some total Lalafell parties together. Ever think about playing the FF14's master race. come on over and try.
  14. Hunting

  15. Primary Playtime

    I am available most days of the week from 5 cst to 9 cst and all day on the weekends. Fridays i will be up past 9pm unless i have to work the next day. and every other Friday will use the weekend scheduled.