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  1. The music topic!

    do not use my name without permission

    sounds like fun
  3. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    well discord is missing a few items , the ability to adjust the volume of each member if some one is too loud you have to turn down everyone, this causes a problem for me, another is you cant close it it demands to be on it takes mutiple key strokes to turn it off.
  4. HAPPY 50th birthday

    you are not old you have gotten to the trustworthy age for me

    FF14 Event December the 2nd at or around 7pm cst. If I remember correctly one of the events that we used to enjoy was a Fate Run We meet up and as a free company we run fates. WE can group up to do this. I would like to see if there is any interest. Now you would like to know what you can get from fates, Well experience, money, seals. For more information see Dave(OD)
  6. Dungeon Running 11.25.17

    New list pharos Sirus thornmarch (E) haukke manor (H) grudea (E) levinetha (H) Brayflox (H) Stone vigil (H) aurum vale cutters cry need dungeon as of now
  7. Dungeon Running 11.25.17

    pharos Sirus urth fonut dzemael darkhold the ultimate balade haukke manor (H) quarn (H) haiatail (H) copper bell mines (H) wanderer place (H) sastasha (H) Hull island (H) Ampordor keep (H) Brayflox (H) battle on the big bridge Stone vigil (H) yhis is what i have open will be less by sat.
  8. might be interesting if we could get some total Lalafell parties together. Ever think about playing the FF14's master race. come on over and try.
  9. Hunting

  10. Primary Playtime

    I am available most days of the week from 5 cst to 9 cst and all day on the weekends. Fridays i will be up past 9pm unless i have to work the next day. and every other Friday will use the weekend scheduled.
  11. Division Status Requirements

    i m ready to switch
  12. Final Poll: Where Shall We Go?

    i will be on most of the day , here is a note for new jenova players i made lvl 25 in 3 days or about in 15 hr's. you lvl like a bat out of one of the seven hells. look forward to seeing everyone and am waiting to get started building the free company
  13. Final Poll: Where Shall We Go?

    i had a similar problem i went to amazon and brought it
  14. Final Poll: Where Shall We Go?

    Creating a Free Company Requirements: Be a member of a Grand Company Reach level 25 Restriction: A player can not found a new Free Company until 24 hours (Earth time) has passed after leaving a Free Company regardless of their previous rank. Acquire a Company Petition Locate and speak with an OIC Administrator in any of the three City-States. Name the Free Company A Free Company’s name can be anywhere from 3 to 20 alphanumeric characters long including punctuation. Spaces cannot be used at the beginning or end of the name, or in succession. Names consisting of only punctuation are not allowed. This can only be chosen once. Choose a Free Company Tag A Free Company Tag is displayed above the player character to represent the Free Company to other players. It may consist of up to 5 characters and can be changed after chosen by speaking with an OIC Administrator. Acquire Three Signatures The player must find or know 3 players currently online and invite them by targeting and selecting 'Invite to Free Company from the subcommand menu. The current signatures acquired will be displayed on the right side of the screen by default. Pay Registration Fee Pay the OIC Administrator 15 000 Gil in order to found your Free Company.
  15. Final Poll: Where Shall We Go?

    i got 2 more players on jenova , they dont do the forums. GC dont matter, i like uldah . still need a name for the FC think some fate parties would be fun'