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  1. Technix(OD)

    November RP Skin Draw

    Hey, this is awesome - thanks! My in game name is: gankzRus Goodluck everyone! Hope I win though :P
  2. Technix(OD)

    Current Ladder Top Ten Levels (HC)

    Technix(OD) Level: 95 Sorceress: OD-TalRasha
  3. Technix(OD)

    Current Ladder Top Ten Levels (HC)

    Technix(OD) Level: 94 Sorceress: OD-TalRasha
  4. Technix(OD)

    Current Ladder Top Ten Levels (HC)

    Technix(OD) Level: 93 Sorceress: OD-TalRasha
  5. Technix(OD)

    Trivia Bot...(Suggested at the meeting)

    I'm not a fan of trivia bots, but then again, that's just me. I agree with bringing up the point that it may spam the channel too much. For me, if I am on d2, i am playing, not sitting in a channel doing trivia Just my opinion! I know some people enjoy it!
  6. Technix(OD)

    New Member Saying Hello.

    Just wanted to say, ITS OFFICIAL - i made it through the trial. 15 / 7 votes - thanks everyone and cant wait to help the clan as much as you all have helped me so far! Enjoying this group a lot! special thanks to my recruiter HeartBound(OD)!!!
  7. Technix(OD)

    New Member Saying Hello.

    Thanks hari I got my new sorc up to lvl 75 now.
  8. Technix(OD)

    Funds for Snicker66(OD)'s new computer!

    Asus Z87-pro motherboard is good route and just get the 1x8gb ram stick, then when you get more money upgrade another 8gb stick you can have dual channel. 2x4gb is gonna be oldschool soon imo. The corsair xms3 ram is only $69 i believe And that second build DOTA PLS made is a lot better than the first. You don't need water cooling to be honest man. Here is a build I did for myself last July: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/6nK8TW Since then, I have added another 8gb stick of ram as well as the Corsair H100i cooler, but the cooler is overkill, you could easily get away with the Noctua NH-d14 cooler I would also suggest spending a little bit more on your graphics card... like a GeForce GTX 760 for the future.
  9. Technix(OD)

    New Member Saying Hello.

    Thanks! I always play some league as a minor break from Diablo 2 I added you, name is TChapula -- I will have a mic soon too
  10. Technix(OD)

    New Member Saying Hello.

    Thanks alot, I am already having a blast with some of the members here on D2 HCL
  11. Technix(OD)

    New Member Saying Hello.

    Thanks for the welcome guys! Who here is active on D2HCL East? Haha I don't know about that
  12. Oh my god.... founders of TWITCH probablly reallllll happy haha.
  13. Technix(OD)

    New Member Saying Hello.

    Name: Teddy Age: 26 Location: Florida Games: League of Legends and Diablo II Account name on LoL: TChapula Account name on D2exp: Technix(OD) I have played Diablo for many many years. Taken many breaks also But now here I am again, drawn to one of my favorite games of all time and getting back into it and I am having a blast. I had a lvl 78 sorc just die on east HCL, was debating whether to remake or not, I decided to and ran into Heartbound in a chanting game. After playing and chatting for several minutes he told me about the clan and I took a look on the website and applied, here I am. I am very excited so far, the activity is very live which makes the playing experience even more enjoyable. People have all been very nice and helpful so far. I hope I can help others as well once I get back on my feet.