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  1. Ganker(OD)

    Banned from channel for no reason.

    like i said....what does it matter when the channel can hold over 200 people? u either using it to chat or when u login to play u turn it off.....easy edit: everyone knows OD is one of the last active d2 channels to join....few chats bots aint gonna change that
  2. Ganker(OD)

    Banned from channel for no reason.

    if he was using it to chat theres no reason to ban him....regardless of it being a bot because we have no reason to kick idle users anymore with a channel that can hold over 200 people. the only people i kick usually are people with 9 damn accounts
  3. HBD Nickelodeon

  4. HaPpY HaPpY BiRtHdaY nIcK 🙂 

  5. Ganker(OD)

    Nominations for Clan Awards!!!

    i brought these back 4 years ago after however log it was done by Silentkill before me. Im glad to see they are still goin and kickin. and its always nice to see the next person put their own spin on it
  6. Ganker(OD)

    Farewell Everyone!

    cmon bruh, smoked da weed and chill out......u know dis
  7. Ganker(OD)

    Ladder Reset Announcement

    can play 2nd Hdin or trapper spot....dont care
  8. Ganker(OD)

    Farewell my comrades!!!

    good luck bro...see ya around
  9. Ganker(OD)

    Leaving OD

    Posted this 1 day after i told you to stop bringing 5 accounts into the channel. :thinking: i would tell anyone the same, if it makes u feel any better. Good luck
  10. Ganker(OD)

    Microphone suggestions?

  11. Ganker(OD)

    Passing the Torch

    Shoes that will never be filled.....good luck Tris. you are someone im sure 100% of this clan admired in one way or another. Everything you said and did was for this place...this "clan"....this family of like minded gamers. for that we thank you
  12. Ganker(OD)

    Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    i like the dynamics and customization Teamspeak has over Discord.....but to reach a broader range of members/potential members/people to game with......Discord is a more used platform for many more games than Teamspeak
  13. Ganker(OD)

    BigFella(OD) LoL

    GankerOD, dont play often but can add me
  14. Ganker(OD)

    New account

  15. Ganker(OD)

    Getting Kicked or Banned

    the ClientFloodBan x0 thing