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  1. Ganker(OD)

    Farewell my comrades!!!

    good luck bro...see ya around
  2. Ganker(OD)

    Leaving OD

    Posted this 1 day after i told you to stop bringing 5 accounts into the channel. :thinking: i would tell anyone the same, if it makes u feel any better. Good luck
  3. Ganker(OD)

    Microphone suggestions?

  4. Ganker(OD)

    Passing the Torch

    Shoes that will never be filled.....good luck Tris. you are someone im sure 100% of this clan admired in one way or another. Everything you said and did was for this place...this "clan"....this family of like minded gamers. for that we thank you
  5. Ganker(OD)

    Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    i like the dynamics and customization Teamspeak has over Discord.....but to reach a broader range of members/potential members/people to game with......Discord is a more used platform for many more games than Teamspeak
  6. Ganker(OD)

    BigFella(OD) LoL

    GankerOD, dont play often but can add me
  7. Ganker(OD)

    New account

  8. Ganker(OD)

    Getting Kicked or Banned

    the ClientFloodBan x0 thing
  9. Ganker(OD)

    Getting Kicked or Banned

    @R.agnarok(OD) my bot is still client banning if there is a script update i need
  10. Ganker(OD)

    Season 7 Goal Achived

    Nice one Myth!! i havent played in awhile but i know ill be going hard in rank when next seasons starts
  11. Ganker(OD)

    Sncker66(OD) Returns

    rejoin us on League sometime....Welcome back homeboiiiiiiii
  12. Ganker(OD)

    Autumn Award Winners

    congrats all, well done
  13. Ganker(OD)

    September/Autumn Award Nominations

    Fixed that line u wanted fixed Jester. Good luck everyone
  14. Ganker(OD)

    Need a patient transferee

    also available...pm me on teamspeak