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  1. HawKeye(OD)

    Merry Christmas OD

    Merry Christmas as well. We need to remember why we celebrate this day though. Jesus is the Reason for the Season. He was born today over 2018 years ago (around there) to save us from our sins. Peace on Earth and Good Will to Man. Have a blessed holidays.
  2. HawKeye(OD)

    Yo guys. New trial member. :)

    Welcome to the alliance/clan/community man.
  3. HawKeye(OD)

    Sup guys.... new to the clan....

    Thank you so much for allowing me into your prestigious alliance/clan. I will do my best to be a good soldier and worth of wearing the (OD) tag. I want to become a runner for D2 members and a role model for all.
  4. HawKeye(OD)


    Ya, I am going to be either a HDin, a Berserker Barbarian or a Ice Sorc
  5. HawKeye(OD)


    From one new guy to another (sort of new guy). Welcome man.
  6. HawKeye(OD)

    Sup guys.... new to the clan....

    A fellow Canadian! I was born and raised in Calgary, AB. I now live in a small town 20 minutes otuside of Saskatoon, SK.
  7. HawKeye(OD)

    Sup guys.... new to the clan....

    Thanks to all who voted for me so far. I appreciate the fact that you are allowing me into Over Dosed. This is awesome!!
  8. HawKeye(OD)

    Tattoos and Piercings

    Third one is a logo from a christian metalcore band called The Devil Wears Prada. It also stands for the holy trinity Are you a Christian PaiN_fuL?
  9. HawKeye(OD)

    Lebron James or Michael Jordan

    MJ is THE MAN... Nuff Said!
  10. HawKeye(OD)

    Clan Overdosed Fantasy League 2013

    Would this be a free league? I might want to join next year.
  11. HawKeye(OD)

    Clan OD Member Locations

    Added myself. Am I the only Canadian in the clan?
  12. HawKeye(OD)

    Installed Starcraft

  13. HawKeye(OD)

    Installed Starcraft

    I installed Starcraft and when I entered the channel I was banned by: ODD2(Mike) (Client xFloodBan0). Why was I banned?
  14. HawKeye(OD)

    Sup guys.... new to the clan....

    Thanks. I was good at SC1 I think I had a 483-260-12 record or something like that
  15. HawKeye(OD)

    Sup guys.... new to the clan....

    Is SC2 similar to original SC?