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  1. CSGO Squad RESTART!

    Have we got a server up and running?
  2. Passing the Torch

    No idea who you even are / were. Must have been somebody when I wasn't around. Good luck to you.
  3. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    Again - I reiterate - rank is meaningless. Beyond some administrative commands.
  4. E-A-G-L-E-S - EAGLES!!!

  5. Not sure where this belongs...

    Sometimes I wonder if OD is really just like seven dudes in their mother's basement's pretending to be 200+ unique individuals.
  6. Not sure where this belongs...

    I remember he cried to me on ventrilo. He had been found out, and was trying to talk to me about it, in some kind of panic, and thats when the suicide routine started.
  7. Not sure where this belongs...

    That happened. Yes. I'm thinking of someone different though. This person was like a weird, goth kid. I remember he posted pictures of himself on the forum, and he had like black eye liner, a spiked choker, the whole get up. Super high pitched voice too. And the whole internet-suicide drama was like off the charts. Loki? I think it was a kid named Loki. Not Bryce (gringo) - he started using that name later.
  8. Not sure where this belongs...

    The internet was wild back then. The internet was wild back then. - Also, I can't remember if it was ghostd or not, but like, some crazy mother fucker was pretending to be two different people in the clan. One female, one male, and like, got found out, and was all like, I'm gonna kill myself because you guys discovered my homosexual double internet life. Good times. Lmao
  9. Not sure where this belongs...

    Pretty sure that was Danny. Lmao. Maybe Jake. Maybe Andy. Not too many other people from those days would have both been a jerk to you, and nice to snowwhite.
  10. Not sure where this belongs...

  11. Not sure where this belongs...

    Ah. without a smurf or username, I would not be able to confirm who that was. If it was me, I apologize for being a dick to you a decade or longer ago.
  12. Not sure where this belongs...

    Looked at this thread. Whatever picture Kherios posted doesn't show up any more. Was it an embarrassing picture of me when I was young, a jerk off, and had long hair? Lol.
  13. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    Honestly, does it really even matter? Does rank actually matter? Beyond some additional console commands, and administrative features, does this shit seriously matter? If you're here to have some fun with like minded people, and you are able to do so, then rank is totally insignificant. Might as well get rid of it all together. If you're unable to have fun with other people without rank being a compelling factor, you're doing it wrong.
  14. hows that bronze taste in your mouth cuz golds gonna taste so much sweeter #americanhockeyis2ndratecanadianhockey

  15. FIFA 18 - PS4

    Anyone play ultimate team? Would love to play with some more folks.