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  1. BigFella(OD) LoL

    Hello LoL Team, So I used to play League back in college before I left for the military and now I'm back after almost 3 years, and I'm actually trash haha. Was hoping I could get a few really active friends that'll help me get better. Appreciate Ya'll BigFella(OD)
  2. Thankyou

    Welcome Boss!
  3. BigFella(OD)'s Absence.

    So I was just gone for about 293 days according to the website. Due to joining the military, I am back though and hoping to meet a lot of people and make some cool friends, My main game currently is LoL which I suck at so hoping to get better. Also have D2, Can get D3 back but didn't like it. PM me with any questions Much love BigFella(OD)
  4. Division 1 Men's Volleyball Player

    Title says it all.. No college pics yet because we haven't started yet! Plus I'm only a freshman, so I won't see the court. Below are just two high school pictures, then the one in the grey jersey is Junior Olympics
  5. Greetings from Drewnation (trial member)

    Welcome to OD mate!
  6. Don't let haters bring you down, do whatchya wanna do with your life with no regrets.

  7. BigFella(OD)'s Introduction

    Couldn't remember if I did this yet so might aswell! Well I'm a freshman in college at Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania. I play Men's Volleyball here. I'm joining the Fraternity called Sigma Chi. Maybe some of you in college or graduated know of that Fraternity. I love to party lol. I love going out with friends and just having a good time. Some people may call us immature but we all go by one thing. Work hard to play hard. We get all of our school work done by Friday so we can just enjoy the weekend without worrying about school. Oh yeah, I'm also 6'9". In the picture with the three guys, I'm obviously in the middle lol. The other picture is an old High School volleyball picture from my senior year.
  8. BigFella(OD)'s Intro!

    Hey guys, I'm BigFella(OD) or Devon I'm an athlete at my high school, I play volleyball lol. I'm pretty good at it, 4 year first team all-star, 1 time all-american and I almost made the Junior National team. I'm going to UCLA on a Volleyball Scholarship and playing there. Then hoping to play professionally over seas after college. I'm 6'8 1/2" Almost 6'9". In my free time, I go to parties, chill with friends or play Diablo 2 of course haha. I like to tell people about me so if you want to know anything, just like pm me, or add me on D2 Later on! Devon
  9. I'm 6'8" That's where I get BigFella :)