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  1. DTwo(OD)

    Hello Gang

    Point taken Xayj(OD), was basically pointing out experience which is irrelevant and should have been left unsaid. Really is too bad that this has become a gossip column and 3 ring circus and not the pride of Chobo(OD). The forums are corrupt with pollution and garbage with everyone attacking each other instead of assisting. It is used as a coliseum for brutality instead of a reunion for family. It has become corrupt with "not what you know or can do, but who you know" and is shameful it has been left to go unchecked as long as it has. To all those turning a blind eye, ignoring these insights do not make the truths go away.
  2. DTwo(OD)

    Hello Gang

    When you see yourself as part of the problem and not necessarily the solution then maybe I will. Just because not everyone agrees with you Terra, doesn't make you right and them wrong. As for my leadership abilities that you so like to trash, I've overseen more men on one job in one day then you have in your lifetime.
  3. DTwo(OD)

    Hello Gang

    I'm already disabled.
  4. DTwo(OD)

    Hello Gang

    Since I have been on IA, a lot has definitely changed in my absence. After the drama topic and posts yesterday, I made an effort to put my members again on hold to research the issues at hand. Evidently, I was not aware that decisions were once again made behind my back and no PM's were sent to me explaining of these. Then after reading some previous posts made while I was on IA, I find that those outside of our Division can make a majority vote on decisions we've made and override it without even informing us. I realize after yesterday's events had taken place, that I was no longer needed in the position that I am in. I also realize that all the countless hours we have spent giving members a cleaner place to legitimately game is no longer wanted by the corruption within. Because we set our sights on cleaning out the channel, we have also cleaned up part of OD. We have help build back the reputation tainted by illegal gamers and created much growth for our Division and the Clan. To all those members looking up to us for keeping the Division and channel free, they will not see nor understand how badly our hands are tied by all the policy. All we have ever attempted was to make a safe place to game. We are more lenient than what we have been accused of and it's tough trying to juggle all that while trying to explain to one why your giving another a second chance. I'm truly amazed by our numbers and at maintaining them, just goes to show how much more important it is for people to know that they have a safe and reputable place to hang in. Maybe one day everyone will see that very few want to spend their time on the site dealing with drama when they can be gaming. So much policy has definitely wore out the other Divisions' numbers and it shows. Because of our leniency, we have not made those demands from our members and have shielded them from this crap. Don't get me wrong, I have dedicated my time here to help protect and grow this Division and channel. I have enjoyed my stay here and at times, it's been one hell of a ride. Since evidently the job we've been doing donating our time does not suit some other members not within our Division, I find that my concentration for establishing growth and safety is being distracted yet again by this needless drama and have decided to resign as Division Leader of ODD2 and from Clan OD as well. I request Windstorms(OD) to honor with disablement please.
  5. You have to cook me more then just eggs and toast or we wont get along.....I thought we settled that last night. Anyway welcome back I enjoyed the visit. Hope you get a laugh outta this too.
  6. DTwo(OD)

    Hello Gang

    Hi everyone, ISP is extremely slow but I'm glad to be back. Thanks everyone for helping while I was away on IA.
  7. I thought Aerineth had fixed this for him when we realized then, that he had been here previously.
  8. Ray, hate to see you go and I'm sorry to hear about the illness in your family. Probation is not the end of the world either, just a turning point in your life. Wish you well and and your familys' recovery and also look forward to seeing you when life allows. Take care of yourself, Sincerely, DTwo.
  9. How can you be in top 10 DaveRoberts?, you've been disabled.
  10. You can trouble shoot and replace the hardware, but before you pay some one to fix it: You can build a new tower w/ OS for around $550-$650 using the HD graphics of an i3 4170. For entry level on high end desktop PC's, it hits 5k on the benchmark and with a decent 250GB SSD, 1TB HDD and 8GB ram, you'll have substantial speed and storage.
  11. Congratulations everyone, well deserved.
  12. I checked this post this morning, see if we have you unbanned please.
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