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  1. Trump(OD)

    Daddy's home

    I would like to announce my return to the d2 division, looking forward to coming back. I am looking forward to taking over the runs!
  2. Trump(OD)

    How many Genders are there in 2018?

    1st comment
  3. Trump(OD)

    Does anyone here collect Pops?

    You mean to tell me Beanie babies aren't still a thing?
  4. Trump(OD)

    Returning from IA

    Glad you're alive bro
  5. Trump(OD)


    You guys tired of leveling? all you really wanna do is throw each other around gringito's moar! Come to D2pK! Instant 99 Gear on vendors intown 08's Any gear that is not on a vendor can be rolled, all rolled items spawn with 100% perfect mods. Moar is already cleared so ppl can't ll off mobs! ( Buulby(OD) Cough Cough* ) How to Download d2pk http://annihilus.net/content.php?r=128-connect-install-guide&tabid=37 Ppl who can help you if you mess up some how! Dbz(OD), MooMoo(OD)
  6. Trump(OD)


    I was saying i'd miss him :(
  7. Trump(OD)


  8. Trump(OD)


    I would like to resign, it was fun guys.
  9. Trump(OD)

    What size t-shirt do you wear?

    Pming you on here, and everywhere else.
  10. Trump(OD)

    [RESOLVED]With A Heavy Heart.

    Why? Afk~
  11. Trump(OD)

    Want to be a stronger PVPER?

    Which video is of you?
  12. Trump(OD)


    Its a Grief of doom zerker, thats not the only hybrid runeword on him either.
  13. Trump(OD)


    Iso to see some of your sexy chars on our forums kevin <3
  14. Trump(OD)


    This is my pvp vt, lmk what you guys think? Main Gear Stash Credit for the gfg photo shopping skills goes to Heartbound(OD) <3
  15. Trump(OD)

    My zon finaly build. aka my d2 pride

    Iso your awesome paint skillz