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  1. DeathBy(OD)

    Don't count Star Wars out Yet

    best of luck Dave!! You guys can do it.
  2. DeathBy(OD)

    Twitch Stream

    Yeah I am still alive lol
  3. DeathBy(OD)

    Twitch Stream

    Hey OD, I'm trying to reach my goal of 50 followers so anyone on here wish to help me out and come chat with me and/or trash talk me about my plays?? https://twitch.tv/xxsaintsxrobxx
  4. DeathBy(OD)

    Revitalizing LoL Inhouses

    I'd be willing to try and help revive the inhouses
  5. DeathBy(OD)

    Help me!

    Yeah definitely need to get my fundamentals down to 100% first
  6. DeathBy(OD)

    Help me!

    Yeah I have seen him play quite a few times he is a very nasty player and his outplay is ridiculous.
  7. DeathBy(OD)

    Help me!

    This is very true will try and keep that in mind.
  8. DeathBy(OD)

    Help me!

    I myself wish to believe I have come to that aspect of the game since I mainly play adc/top/mid. I do fairly well at it I am just trying to become a better player overall you know. I think the rest of that also falls on my support as well with the zoning part and most people in my elo aren't good at that.
  9. DeathBy(OD)

    Help me!

    Looking to become a better player for myself and a team that I am playing for in ranked. If anyone has pointers or tips and would love to help me I am willing to learn either comment here or add me on League DeathByOD
  10. DeathBy(OD)

    DeathBy comeback!?

    Could it be possible? Lol Hello my friends how is everyone doing!!
  11. Happy birthday buddy. I hope you get what you want.

  12. What's up everyone y'all miss me?

    Probably not LOL

  13. DeathBy(OD)

    Swapping main games

    thank you sir
  14. DeathBy(OD)

    Swapping main games

    Oh okay I'll go away and back away
  15. DeathBy(OD)

    Swapping main games

    So I just rejoined recently and the game I play mostly is League so I have officially changed my main game to this. With that said I understand I am joining this division as a 2* Gen and I do not expect anything from anyone I am just here to help the division as a whole. I am not here to step on any toes of any of the leaders already running the division. I will take the time to get familiar with the LoL community and learn the new rules laid out before I even try to make any decisions for this division it is not my place. That does not mean anyone from this division can't come to me with a problem if it has anything to do with the Clan or the division itself. It is something to do with the Clan I can most likely handle it myself or I will seek help from my peers. As far as coming to the problems of the LoL division I will not do anything about it without speaking with the leaders before I make any rash decisions. So with that said I am welcoming myself to the division and would love to play with many of you in game. Add me DeathByOD Thanks everyone if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.