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  1. The Journey to Antorus Heroic

    if you guys need a macro 101 class, ill break it down barney style and also save you like 3-4 extra bind slots to open up. i can do 3 in 1 trait macros, offensive and defensive into 1 button (purge/dispell) also arena 1 2 and 3 macros, also focus, assist macros, and even simple macros to include cancel casting and self target or party target 1-5, also include mouse over macro and cast on mouse pointer for ground cast skills. if you see my page of macros on my shaman you would crap your pants. oh and i forgot burst macros. macros are not a clutch and for me it feels like cheating thats how crazy macros are in warcraft. literally the game plays itself and it also saves you from a tab target and a click while 1 macro can target and then cast a spell. saves time on your worst enemy which is the global cooldown. i can also help out people with key bind mapping and layouts to include shift and ctrl keybind mapping and also UNBIND YOUR S KEY IF YOU ARE NOT A TANK! one thing though is keep your addons simple and not clutered, you want to see things happen than have your eyes NOT glued on your party window hp bars. use deadlyboss mod and simple default UI layout and expand mini map and hp bars if you are a healer. here is an example of a simple but complex layout of a UI even though i ate a full clone, my team was under no pressure and i am now on cc diminish, look at my hp bars as a healer so i can easily look at them and then also check my key mapping for shift1-5 and shift q e r f and i also have a mouse with 6 key binds and also shifted those. simple addons i use are sArena, omnibar, recount, and gladiatorLOSA for pvp. for pve addons i highly recommend deadlyboss mod for it helps you with encounters. make it simple but effective so you can see. just doing these steps by just improving your key mapping, macros, and adjusting UI to see things can change the difference from a challenger player to a gladiator player in arena, same goes for raiding and general game play. please take the time to do this guys, it doesnt hurt and once you get the hang of it, the game feels much easier to play and people think you are really good at your class but in reality, you just pressed 1 damn button.
  2. Just can't take it any more

    it's hard to see a family member in a bad situation. i can relate with my mother almost dying on me like 4-5 times from strokes and watching diabetes destroy her body and shes only 53, its rough. one thing that helps me is just talking to my mom and putting at least a smile on her face. take all that emotional pain you feel and turn it into positivity for them. get her mind focused on good things and motivate her to fight the good fight. motivation is contagious and it will help her go through the day. for me, i know that yeah it sucks but don't make it suck for them because they are in the worst spot, always be mindful of them. i'm not a fan of the whole narcotic scene with medical these days since its only temporary and it makes them feel like total crap. hopefully your sister is more responsive after the docs figure out to reduce the pain without the meds. don't rush these things either, take a step at a time so you don't feel overwhelmed or helpless, patience is key.

    so my case still stands, basic understanding of pvp is hitting break points to be efficient at pvp, player skill level is not an issue, maybe for players who don't understand what bp's to hit with their build but i mean we are in 2k18, highly doubt that's an issue. plus dont get me started on assassins, weapon block+fade is retarded.
  4. Got scammed:/

    when trading in public games, just use redundancy and always read the main stat on the gear(the stat that will make the price higher or what people seek for), example is that every enigma's main stat is the armor so always check the armor on the enigma even through different trade windows to match what you are trading for. arreat summit will help you know what stat varies on all rune words and just take your time doing trades. don't trust anyone but yourself in d2 and you wont get scammed. when xfering items always whisper the person who is helping you with it and dont type the game in the channel. hope that helps. http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/runewords-110.shtml

    it takes more than 10kfg just to not even hit break points still. tals es fber even cost over that and use to be one of the cheapest competitive builds out there.
  6. Magic Event!

    if my kids are not crazy i should be able to play. what time would the event start? i live in PST zone.
  7. Even though they use the same codec, Discord has a lot of problems with distortion, could be because of how the codec is implemented in the software, hopefully they fix it but that's the news on the block.
  8. I totally agree to this. Seems like Discord is one of those "it's new" type of trends. For me it breaks it down to price and doing its job. TS3 has a great permission package and is more reliable for hosting and uptime. Quality codec as well while Discord is lacking in this area. The big thing though is cash money. Discord is free while TS3 has a price tag on it. That is HUGE! Something to consider. Personally I like TS3 because 1, no one likes change and 2, I'm not paying for it, but if TS3 is dropped, hopefully that money that was being used can go to something else for the community. Or just buy alcohol, whatever works.
  9. Sup Clan OD, Mursaat coming at you with some nostalgia game called Warhammer Online. This game was shut down in 2013 due to EA's inability to run the game and ruined it. Thankfully there are people who care about the game still and have created their own private server to play. Here is the link: https://www.returnofreckoning.com/ Easy to install and set up with their step by step process. Great community in which people help you throughout the game. Game is more focused on PvP, but they do have a great public quest, dungeon, and raid system. Try it out!
  10. Un-INSANE!

    You heard it from the EDH committee themselves. ALL silver bordered cards are now playable in the Commander format excluding their ban list. http://articles.edhrec.com/news-update-silver-bordered-cards-legal-until-january-15th/ Thank god Ashnod's coupon is banned!
  11. Here are a few links for those who are interested in the Commander format for Magic: The Gathering. Official rules committee website. http://mtgcommander.net/rules.php MTG Gatherer database. http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Default.aspx Another database and also the ability print proxies out to test out cards in decks. https://magiccards.info/ Commander deck building tool and database. https://edhrec.com/ Community forum and primer deck lists. http://www.mtgsalvation.com/
  12. Magic The Gathering!

    yeah in like 1997 lol
  13. Magic The Gathering!

    i first played it in portal block when my step bro showed me when i was like 8 lol.
  14. D3 Elite Squad

    gr96 solo crusader
  15. Magic The Gathering!

    I play EDH at my LGS (local game store) every Friday since I started back up in Theros Block. I have been to a PTQ for standard and played Golgari Aggro to table 20. Also have been top 8 consistently in Modern playing Grixis Delver but now I am only focused on EDH Commander. I have over 12 decks built. Mtg is basically my second life. Austinhyperdrive(OD) and myself have our own facebook playgroup and we are IRL friends who play MTG. If you guys need any help in the EDH format or rulings. let me know! I do have MTGO but I only play pauper on it. My tag is Mursaat1337