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  1. New WoW Player

    @horoxix(OD), we will be starting horde characters on Detheroc server this coming expansion, i will gladly level a toon with you and help you along your adventure.
  2. PVP?

    if its non lad and you got a tals sorc i can use and abuse ill do it up
  3. Division Meeting April 8th 6:30pm est

    topics to add: recruitment methods
  4. Tier 3 in Artifact Weapon?

    best way is to farm the essence stuff to 1000 to get a guaranteed legendary but its on chance of which one you get. you can do daily dungeon rewards/mythic/raids/pvp to obtain it.
  5. DPS Minimums for Antorus

    these standards are tailored to worse than what casual players can push that maybe have 3 times to play a few hours of the week. we arn't conforming to just one person to just benefit them. standards need to be held and this standard is no where "fanatical" in any shape or form. playing the game is about mechanics, the whole reason for raiding. if you dont like this standard, find another gun club.
  6. PvP addon bundle *BEST ADDONS FOR PVP*

    that would be more of sArena since gladius changes the ui frames and tracks dr but sArena has a better base layout and you can change size of things easier to see.
  7. how would you deal with this?

    pain retain is a great way to learn not to do something, but that is better behind closed doors than out in public. everyone is a judge these days but for public punishment i would let him stand and take his chair away or make him do wall sits. and if he keeps doing it just take him outside and leave. consistency is key for sure. and for those assholes who like to be nosey, i am not afraid to put someone on blast if they want to be an idiot in public, i let everyone know how stupid they feel but i use a lot of tact to do it, kind of an art for me haha. or id call cps in front of them and give them the phone to see how stupid their reaction is and tell them to shut up. or just whip out the good old la chancla(flip flop) and instill fear! jk.
  8. WSG has been fixed :(

    well it takes a little bit of more effort for the druid stun/stomp mechanic which works well only vs sorcs, but i know what you mean by wsg as necro vs dvn and zons just get screwed by class mechanic lol, but overall people will just roll sin to make it easy mode which is what i was referring to.
  9. Hey folks, For those players who want to get into PvP here is the list of addons I use as they are really helpful for awareness and overall use for any pvp situation: GladiatorlosSA- arena call out of specific skills such as enemy trinkets, polymorph, its like a gps system that yells at you for immediate threats to interrupt. Ominbar- enemy cool down tracker to know when you can free cast or when you can burst someone down knowing when their defensive's are down. Recount or Skada -just a damage meter and dispell tracker so you can see who is not ccing in your group or interrupting the right spells sArena- easy arena ui frame layout that tracks all diminish returns and trinkets of the enemy so you do not overlap cc This addon I'm about to mention is really cool but it bugs out a lot so its up to you if you want to DL it, its called PAB or partyabilitybars, tracks your teammates defensive cooldowns. IF YOU ARE GOING TO PVP WITH ME AND PUSH RATING IN ARENAS, PLEASE USE THESE! Thanks and see you on the battlefield. All these can be downloaded in the twitch/curse app
  10. WSG has been fixed :(

    blizzard works as intended. hoping a patch comes by to balance the trash class of assassin. and people wonder why i make auradins to slap these trappers around.
  11. Guild Events

    im glad finally they put zone scaling all they need to do now is create a node system and remove flying mounts. blizz finally following the footsteps of arenanet.
  12. Your characters and Alts

    alliance: kickaroni- main/alt- monk- ww/mist steezy- main/alt -shaman- all specs badiator-alt- rogue- sin/sub steezyd-alt -druid -rdruid/feral/boom horde: ammo-alt hunter mm/sv reason why im listing my monk and shaman as both mains is those are my favorite or go to classes to play and i play them quite evenly, next would be my druid for resto or feral and off spec boomkin, rogue was to just troll people and my hunter is horde on garrosh which shouldnt matter since its not a stat for guild roster on the alliance side just thought you would want to know. and you can see how well i can play a lot of specs and classes but the rust is still noticeable haha.
  13. Guild Events

    the only 2 classes that have a rupt at 20 are shaman and rogue. while other classes have stuns (excluding rogue) or heal debuffs, fear, poly, etc its still a healthy dose of cc at lvl 20. shaman only has a rupt at 20. so i can see rsham comps to take shear. rls comp seems very viable but remember skill cap still is the majority of the fight since twinks are not twinks anymore and pvp is now based off of template and ilvl.
  14. Guild Events

    meta is meta if you compare the skill and ability, but for those who want practice and have at least a little bit of competitiveness but friendly at the same time its great. some classes can be a little stronger than others, that would be blizz's problem if there is a stale meta in where you see the same thing over and over but some comps just go well together such as main comps you see at high end pvp in the 3v3 bracket, just have a little less skills to push at lvl 20. with the new changes to pvp its all based on ilvl so the template does help a lot in balancing it. people say twinking is dead but i say the gap of twinking has been almost removed which is good. since its in a war game all arena mechanics apply that blizz has put into effect.
  15. Guild Events

    here was an idea i had in mind