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    From normal to hell- the journey of Morgoth(OD)

    Nice man. Depending on your resistance needs, do consider https://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Duress and https://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Treachery Might take a bunch of countess rune farming, but it'd be worth it if you need the FHR and CB, or the GG skills you get from Treach on proc. It's not tooooo crazy either, their both moderate runes to make. Keep er movin mate.
  2. Townkill(OD)

    Member Behind the Mic Suggestions

  3. Townkill(OD)

    OD Movie Challenge!

  4. Townkill(OD)

    OD Battle Royale

    @Tris(OD) on PUBG lawts. I don't think he'd kill you for your stuff most days anyway. But I have watched, llgplayer2me.
  5. Townkill(OD)

    Brood War Night!

    Sorry I missed it. I was pre-occupied on a mini vacation. Looking forward to another time with yall though.
  6. Townkill(OD)

    Path of Exile Usernames

  7. Townkill(OD)

    The Greatest Thread Ever

  8. Townkill(OD)

    Brood War Night!

    ğŸ˜ž Darn. I can only friday/saturday nites, QQ
  9. Townkill(OD)

    How to speak to other players?

  10. Townkill(OD)

    Overwatch Battle.Tags

    Kindiliniak#1460 Gettting betterrr..
  11. Townkill(OD)

    Guild Boss Event Thread

    Satisfaction! 😛
  12. Townkill(OD)

    From normal to hell- the journey of Morgoth(OD)

    Awesome job.
  13. Townkill(OD)

    Purplez House

    Definitely a hold over from when porn shops also had viewing rooms for hook ups. Nice find.
  14. Townkill(OD)

    Classic Christmas Contest. HC STYLE

    Snicker66 the best. Nice progress guys.
  15. Townkill(OD)

    How to speak to other players?

    Thanks Jiraiya!
  16. Townkill(OD)

    How to speak to other players?

    Have you tried removing the speakers, restarting the PC, running teamspeak in admin with the headphones plugged in. Last set I had, there was atrocious issues like that as different apps would pull sound or use the card. Are you sure your settings in the volume control panel are correct as well. like being set not to default but to the headphones for outbound.
  17. Townkill(OD)

    What I'm Appreciative For

    gee shucks. Thanks Ray. So does Canadia get thankful for Christmas because you have no Turkey day? Niceee.
  18. Townkill(OD)

    New addition to poe

    Kinda, not really, tho there was this one time in her career she flirted with leaving Diablo 2 for 12 hours, and even threw the wedding band into the English Channel.
  19. Townkill(OD)

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    ...and you never would have thought in the end, how amazing it feels just to live again. It’s a feeling that you can not miss and it burns a hole through every one that feels it.
  20. Townkill(OD)

    Hows everyone been . Back in OD and D2

    Look what the duck dragged in, hai Donald.
  21. Townkill(OD)

    Squad of the Month

    Does scbw play with remastered scbw?
  22. Townkill(OD)

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    Why do I get the feeling this isn't copy pasta. <333
  23. Townkill(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Respectfully i resign

    This topic is now marked as resolved. If you feel your problem/situation was not fixed please get in contact with Administration.
  24. Townkill(OD)

    New Guild Emblem Suggestions

    Yep neon blue wins.
  25. Townkill(OD)

    Kudos to Skribbzz and Pops!

    @HeartBound(OD) they finally catered to your loli fan club, I mean french bretheren.