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  1. Townkill(OD)

    Whats with the diablo community these days

    Thanks for the feed back, and Ray has this correct indeed.
  2. Townkill(OD)

    Football is here

    5 rings baby, but no not Tom Brady or that shitty cheating team. Philly's in the same state as this team, who do I like guiz!?
  3. Townkill(OD)

    Thank You For Everything

    Much respect for you buddy, and I earned a good friendship with you I hope. Get your shit together man, you can help us a lot when your on point, or cause way too much trouble for yourself, and eventually someone else.
  4. Townkill(OD)

    The Bestest Java Build EVAR

    I'm pretty sure if you don't get Eth Tyrael's and Zod it, you can lose to like smiters, without charge desy hammers, and d(r)00ds and Asses. Maybe Boner necro practicers too.
  5. Townkill(OD)

    Behind the Mic Interview #10 with Purplez(OD)

    Good stuff, looking forward to it tomorrow. Where's my damn interview. ;(
  6. Townkill(OD)


    Happy birthday brother. Hope you enjoyed the day, as well as hope the rain held off for you like it did me. 😉
  7. Townkill(OD)

    A fresh new face and new recruit to join your ranks!

    Welcome to the OD from myself and the 2007 Titans welcoming committee.
  8. Townkill(OD)

    Another new guy...

    Welcome to OverDosed from myself and the 2006 Ravens hello ladies.
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  10. Townkill(OD)

    R & R committe

    Days since login. If you use Discord, and link your account you will be automatically reset. We do not have it for Battle.net 2.0 yet, however if you login to the website and click a link, you reset your days since login.
  11. Townkill(OD)

    Bumpa(OD) is Back

    Welcome back to the Overdosed from myself, and here are the 2017 Dallas Cowboys hello ladies in line with a warm hug!
  12. Townkill(OD)

    The moon during daytime for Sassy!

    Nice pictures, thanks for the sharing.
  13. Townkill(OD)

    Just joined

    Welcome to Overdosed from myself and the 1985 Dallas Cheerleaders.
  14. Townkill(OD)

    New Diablo II member - Dreg

    Welcome from myself and the 1995 Jaguars hello ladies!
  15. Townkill(OD)


    I play classic!
  16. Townkill(OD)

    Hypotheticals - The Alien Dilemma

    Life as we know it, has the will to survive. I say let them pick one, with the satisfaction in my head that I expect as the cockroaches my species is we will find a way to assimilate or even survive, most like via inter-species mating. They can't be any less "lonely" then us anyway at the end of the day.
  17. Townkill(OD)

    How Do I Install Another D2?

    Don't quote me on this but if I remember correctly you cannot get a seperate install even cross HD's. The OS itself has a registry problem, and multiple other conflicts for seperate real installs and that is why we sandbox. Ask @snicker66(OD) he'd most like be well equipped with the knowledge to assist you if there is a way.
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  19. Townkill(OD)


    M777matt777(OD) look like the badass as he plays. Awesome picture guys. Congratulations Tris! I hope that rushed holiday dinner pays itself off for years to come! Best wishes and merry times be with you both!
  20. Townkill(OD)

    Diablo II LOD: Introduction

    Welcome to Overdosed from myself and these here Raiders girls from 2008!
  21. Townkill(OD)


    Welcome to Overdosed Jared. The 03 Seahawks cheerleaders would like to welcome you here as well!
  22. Townkill(OD)


    Welcome to Overdosed buddy from the great 2012 Dallas Cowboy hello ladies, and myself!
  23. Townkill(OD)

    Thank You All

    Welcome to the Overdosed from myself, and the 2005 Cleveland Cavalier welcome ladies!
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  25. Townkill(OD)

    Welcome to the Wow Squad

    I've unpinned the remainder of the old topics, and pinned this up for you. Edit: Nvm, I see you got forum moderator. Congrats, and good luck forward, you can do it!!