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    MBTM Interview #11 Suggestions

    I'm a narcissist. Me.
  2. Townkill(OD)

    Recruitment Challenge #2

    PoE, did terrible. Well, in the end anyway. @Triny(OD) has one PoE recruit. Kaisler(OD). @Chknwg1(OD) has 3 PoE recruits. Majorleague(OD) in the running, with 4 from PoE, one in D2 was disabled. GG @Chknwg1(OD) wins. PoE better find some recruiters, and somewhat fast. We could of had 21, 3 of Major's passed recruits didn't make it back, likely due to loss of contact and not having a guild to find them in game on. 19 members, and counting. The count will only go lower if we don't recruit. GJ though guys and Triny. We looking somewhat good, actually pretty good. Let's keep it moving forward. ^^
  3. Townkill(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Ghostdog(OD) promo

    Funny fact, I was named after the movie the Omen. It's too bad my parents didn't read enough of the good book to know Damian from there. But your first statement in this sentence is essentially the message I tried to parlay to you last night. We have a very big misconception with the promotion system, in so much as it is usually only positive "promotions." We don't demote there. And the next promo within a week, used to be two can wipe away any misfortunes of the event. The promotion system, with the ability to negative vote, neutral or approve is essentially the equivalent of how we do Evaluations for generals. But they are once every 3 months. Last much longer. The game, the OverDosed game I spoke to of is not for all the feint of heart. I agree. However, his actions to me(And mind you Ive given well into 30-40 points in two months into this man's promotions) has reminded me of why I have generals, and sometimes more then one in each division. In fact, I'm sorry dissipointed they did not stand by their decision. At the end of the day he needed another 10-15 points even with all the negs. It's hard to get anybody with "no vote power" to drop negs ever, as he clearly pointed to in his last post here. I also tried to explain to him to get this before officer, or mid officer ranks was a blessing in disguise. The truth of this matter will play out none the less. With or without participation, and no matter what anyone says. Actions, and the behaviors which drive the attitudes when actions are taken will be clear enough. Good luck ahead, Ghostdog.
  4. Townkill(OD)

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    Truth hurts some may say. I say it doesn't have to. But what are you going to do about it?
  5. Townkill(OD)

    Winners - October 2018 Awards

    @Collin(OD) I got you an award buddy. Lmk when you want an eval. 😉
  6. Townkill(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    Story of my life.
  7. Townkill(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    Old timer. But it is better, so I'll quote ya on it for a second showing. 😉
  8. Townkill(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

  9. Townkill(OD)

    My Time Spent playing Diablo III

    That's cool you stepped up in your local area DAV. You don't have to login every day, thanks for the update! Do what you can when you can, and don't burn yourself out trying! Here, nor there. Good luck buddy.
  10. Townkill(OD)

    Revival of Social Media!

    My bad. I thought that was the new link. Anyway, here ya go.
  11. Townkill(OD)

    Revival of Social Media!

    Link pl0x.
  12. Townkill(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    It's the choices we get to make. Whether we break laws, like me, or abide by them. Whether we murder someone, or just visualize it in my head when I order a large coffee no extras, and the Starbucks lady just stares at me and adds 4 questions. All of which I want to just say I said, plain black LG coffee, but I instead amuse her for her own sanity in job. I'd say its real. Just real hard to find. I left a prison a long time ago, to find myself in a global size prison. The worst prison of all is within the mind, but today I have found I have my own key, and can check my own self out.
  13. Townkill(OD)

    Expansion of OD into a new game

    Yea that should be it.
  14. Townkill(OD)

    A Young Man's Resignation

    JUAN-E. Good luck buddy, and may you find fortunes in anything you do. You were one of the people I started Overdosin' with, and I for one will miss you. Feel free to keep in touch. Respect is earned, never given. :) Keep your head up out there, ain't nobody gonna pick up your pride for you if you ever drop it.
  15. Townkill(OD)

    Recruiting in POE

    Currently friends list. Here's something you could help with to fix this, so we get access to the current guild sooner. @ support@grindinggear.com Thanks!
  16. Townkill(OD)

    Terra's Guide on How to Vote

    So what's it called every time you que with @Ghost(OD)?
  17. Townkill(OD)

    Expansion of OD into a new game

    Nailed it.
  18. Townkill(OD)

    Hello im mannhor (OD)! Glad to be here

    Welcome to Overdosed from myself and the 2018 New Orleans hellOOO ladies.
  19. Townkill(OD)

    Expansion of OD into a new game

    Any volunteers from our current player base willing to get with this guy on this topic? Looking @Altros(OD), @Bahafresh(OD) this could be some shining moments for youns guiz. :DDD I think Baha, you've been the same rank since I helped us die to Bakarma for 6 hours... Almost up there with Altros DSP. Xd You could consider this a bribe, but I make no promises, other then the likelihood of making BDO Squad of the month. 😉
  20. Townkill(OD)

    Terra's Guide on How to Vote

    Annnd we have our volunteer!
  21. Townkill(OD)

    Staff Sergeant Rank - The power to vote

    There is a golden rule. It exists on the forums, if it does not, odds are your search parameters were bad. Very few and far between will you find a genuine new topic, aside from @Ray(OD)'s Greatest Thread Ever of course.
  22. Want the tldr @Sassy? Quite a few promos didn't pass, and almost didn't pass the longer and longer your absence was felt. We were over in PoE waiting on the day D2 would die. In fact, we had one day, where 14 hours went by when I left in the morning, and came home at dark to see no promotions all day long on a meeting day at that. ❤️
  23. Townkill(OD)

    Just joined OD

    Welcome to OverDosed my the 2018 Texans hello ladies, and myself.
  24. Townkill(OD)


    Welcome to OverDosed from myself and the 2018 Falcon hellO ladies.