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  1. a Bad Case of altitis

    I can relate on the name holding thing. :X
  2. a Bad Case of altitis

    I fully support and believe in this disease, as well as support and offer interest to any cure of it.
  3. Nice to meet you all

    Hello from myself, OverDosed and today's google results of Hello Ladies.
  4. DPS Minimums for Antorus

    I don't currently know the requirements for either raiding or the boss fight however these things do exist both in Clans and the mechanics of the game. You can disagree about whether or not you want to play this game with that in mind however that's not an infraction on the forum and I wont warn him for it here. Either see a ranked WoW member for more discussion, explain to him why he is holding himself and more back, and preferably discuss this with your raid leader. If Triny wants, she shall reopen this. Thanks for sharing what needs to be worked on with the guilds boss encounters. Please continue to work with members for improvement, be it efficiency or positioning, and continue to grow the groups progress with knowledge not just outright oppinions. By all means, remake this thread, and let's not debate how to do what you need to in order to gain more raid progress, but stay focused on what you must do to continue your raids progress. Good luck.
  5. Promotion Voting and Rank Expectations

    This is accurate, and properly working. Think fun, yet positive work environment, crossed with please help where best applicable. It's really I think one of the only ways to get as many potential opportunities to those who both seek, and outright earn it. Thanks. I'd like to also say, written testimony is required from Sr Officer's to General. After you've had practice with the tools, we like to keep you accountable most of all to yourself. As you'll know best where you can use work, and best where you did well. Bringing that to us, whilst taking positive feedback and some good constructive criticism is good for anybody looking to put themselves forth as a problem solver for our many varied members with problems, and problems with members.
  6. Promotion Voting and Rank Expectations

    Some of us see you, and more with the same ailments as you speak of buddy. Thanks for sticking with us, and both bringing people to play with us and to share fun with everyone. I can't do much directly today in your plight, however it is something I put effort into. I want you to know if it's any personal satisfaction, I literally within the last 36 hours shared a post of yours in a forum you cannot see, and advised some to pay more attention to the rank and your wisdom I see and respect, as I did indeed refer to your post from none other then General Sunset(OD). Respect is earned never give, we do give pixels but real rank is a position earned. PS: shit you not I called you general looool.
  7. Promotion Voting and Rank Expectations

    What can I say, the man has got a point. I'd Like to posit the idea, a lot if us are just an older class of of gamers. Forums and VoIP changes to those reading here is like changing underwear, just once a month. Sometimes daily.
  8. Teamspeak or Discord?

    A lot of our old members still play with OD, however mostly it seems anymore people prefer the blizzard chat, as it comes installed.
  9. Steam Accounts

  10. Anyone play any custom D2 mods?

    Get me a time hikato you were thinking. I'm mostly available after 3:00 Tues/Weds, all day Saturday and Sunday. But who knows when else I can find time.
  11. Discord and Eggplants

    I'd wager too much communication was had. Just not enough by the people who could or would have solved it, at least not as much as those perpetuating anything relayed to them at lightning keystrokes and at any expense of shame.
  12. Daddy's home

    Come. See. Me.
  13. Discord and Eggplants

    But you sir can compare responses in our pm, from Terra, the lack of an aerineth response, franks, and Dave's or mine. Then look at most of the rest. We're no different then them, the star just explains some of our experiences before hand.
  14. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    Pretty sure you won't until they change the core program not be making a call as chatting. Lulz
  15. Expectations

    Indeed, thank you for both your participation and feedback. We always appreciate it, and spread the word to your OD friends to take part. The more engaging the better the results always will be.