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  1. Collin(OD)

    Path of Diablo

    So does anyone else play? Me and Catchy do.
  2. Collin(OD)

    Selling my EVGA GTX 1080 FTW DT

  3. Collin(OD)

    Selling my EVGA GTX 1080 FTW DT

    Sold it. 1080 Ti mustard race.
  4. Collin(OD)

    Selling my EVGA GTX 1080 FTW DT

    You're still not gonna get much out of Pascal anyhow unless you also shunt mod it to bypass the thermal limits by GPU Boost. @Badboi(OD) time to dump that 780.
  5. Collin(OD)

    Selling my EVGA GTX 1080 FTW DT

    No mining, although even if someone does mine (and if they're not an idiot) they typically run it low power to keep temps down. You can't overvolt and damage a Pascal GPU. They limit the max voltage in the card's BIOS so no matter what you set it to it won't go over a certain point. It's actually super annoying because it limits overclocking compared to Maxwell cards that didn't have that safeguard. Idiots ruin everything. T_T Uh... probably like on Diablo 3 reset day. A year / no. Nope. Selling it cheap because I think it's a fair price for a used card. Prices have come down some.
  6. Anyone interested? Decided to upgrade so I would like to sell it. I'd send you a PayPal Invoice for Goods & Services and that's how you'd pay. Protects everyone involved... not that I don't trust y'all. 😉 Looking for $475 shipped.
  7. Collin(OD)

    Artist work for Streams

    I didn't say anyone was being malicious or sinister for the record. I typed two sentences. I simply said the community has money, can afford throw him a little love for his work, and that your response kinda sucked. The rest is you projecting.
  8. Collin(OD)

    Artist work for Streams

    This seems like guilt tripping to get someone to work for free. We all know work for this community is volunteer, but unless something has happened to community donation funds recently I'm fairly certain OD could afford to throw a few bones at someone for their work (if leadership were so inclined). Probably also explains Jesters reaction. Anyone want a $25 t-shirt? 🙄
  9. Collin(OD)

    I am back

    Glad to have you guys. I knew you'd be back.
  10. Collin(OD)

    Season Reset Teams!

    Wanna group? Might be looking for fast reset vets.
  11. Collin(OD)

    Thoughts on these icons?

    Old WoW better New D2 better Old PoE better
  12. Collin(OD)

    We're here for you Julie <3

    Sorry to hear.
  13. Collin(OD)

    Is this division dead until BFA release?

    I might end up just transferring a toon over later this week. I'm grinding to 110 to get the Heritage Armor.
  14. Collin(OD)

    Is this division dead until BFA release?

    You're reading into it. I was just trying to move along. I don't have a desire to get OD WoW going personally. I just want to play the game. You of all people should not be lecturing others on how to act. Literally 0 interest in leading a division, keeping a division going, getting a division running, or anything of that sort. Just trying to play video games in my relatively little amount of free time these days. So what's the decision @horoxix(OD)? Are we going to your server? Make a call. Get a guild made.
  15. Collin(OD)

    Is this division dead until BFA release?

    It's weird. You all keep saying "division leaders should do this" and "division leaders need to act this way" and "you'll never succeed as a division leader if you don't act this way." The one thing no one is realizing is... I never asked to be a division leader or even suggested I wanted to be one. I just wanted a squad made with horoxix. He's the one who wanted to do it and I just offered to help him. He even PMed me about it on Thursday before this topic even really got going, and I right away told him exactly how I felt about running a division. You can all hop off your high horses now.