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  1. mouse?

    What grip type? Check out www.rocketjumpninja.com. He has great guides for finding a mouse for you.
  2. Switched to Ryzen

    Probably. Volta will be out by June I'd wager. DDR5 who knows when. Samsung is having issues with it.
  3. Switched to Ryzen

    Well I got deals... so that's not really fair. R5 1600: $60 (brand new in box) ASRock AB350M Pro4: $35 (open box) The Intel roadmap leaked. Nothing new coming in 2018 as far as consumer processors go.
  4. Switched to Ryzen

    The differences are actually much more pronounced at 1080p, but at 1440p it's either not noticeable (1-3% fps) or Ryzen flat-out wins. Good thing I play at 1440p! AMD really did a good job closing that IPC gap. Hopefully Zen 2 brings 5GHz AM4 processors. It's exciting times! Also, the FireStrike overview says the i7 was at 4GHz, but it was actually boosted to 4.5GHz during benching.
  5. Switched to Ryzen

    Here are some Benchmark comparisons between my i7-6700k overclocked and my Ryzen 5 1600 overclocked.
  6. UserBenchmark Performance Discussion Thread

    Yeah userbenchmark is more of a "look at me" bench than anything else. It's basically Whose Line Is It Anyway? The percentages are made up and the scores don't matter.
  7. https://streamable.com/aoxfy Turn on sound. Some swearing!
  8. Intel Coffee Lake announcement

    We already know what current performance is at current clock speeds, and you can measure percent performance gained when overclocked. With the fall Windows update, AMD is within ~5% IPC of Intel's processors. A boost in clock speed to match Intel would just about close the gap completely in single-core performance at 1080p. At higher resolutions the gap is already so small that I could see Ryzen potentially even coming out ahead (depending on IPC gain with the refresh).
  9. Returning from IA

    I would recommend maybe not doing meth anymore.
  10. Intel Coffee Lake announcement

    Well you'd have thought wrong because Zen refresh is in Q1 2018 and is expected to push core clock speed to match Intel. The TR refresh is next year as well IIRC.
  11. Overdosed Gaming T-shirt

    Like this one?
  12. Show Us Your Ink!

  13. Show Us Your Ink!

  14. Intel Coffee Lake announcement

    I think if you can get a 6 core to 5+GHz all core that's pretty dang impressive and an interesting buy for people who want high end without getting that X299 garbage.
  15. Which Absorb ring do you think is best?

    Agreed on Raven. It does what you need it to do and has 20 dex on it which is always welcome.