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  1. Collin(OD)

    Lets say goodby to a old friend

    Good effort man. I've seen many come and go over the years, but you definitely put forth an effort that was beyond that of most. It's never easy to keep an MMO division going and you created the longest lasting of them all. Well done.
  2. Collin(OD)

    Basic Low Level Duel Builds

    My old LLD barb:
  3. Collin(OD)

    BDO New player Competition

    I want to like this game so badly but... I can't. Am I missing something? It's beautiful as far as style and environments goes. The combat animations and effects are cool. The control scheme is terrible but that's OK I've played games with poor key binding systems. That being said... am I missing something or is the PvE / leveling system wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too easy. Like, they might as well start me at level cap I think? I've played for a total of like 20 minutes and am almost level 20. What gives? Why does every area seem to have tons of mobs that all die in 1 hit no matter what skill I use? Is it supposed to be like that?
  4. Collin(OD)

    Tutorial on Trading

    I want to play this game but I can't figure out what class to play and the character creation is giving me anxiety. Also I wish there was a button to make my character look like Taylor Swift.
  5. Collin(OD)

    Expansion of OD into a new game

    OverDosed Gaming
  6. Collin(OD)

    Plans for Start of Season 15

    I'll probably play.
  7. Collin(OD)

    My recent absence

    Do you just use vector art?
  8. Collin(OD)

    My recent absence

    Can it engrave or whatever in metals?
  9. Collin(OD)

    need guild on wow

    Either or. Just find me on Discord and PM me.
  10. Collin(OD)

    need guild on wow

    Be on later tonight and I'll add you to the community.
  11. Collin(OD)

    need guild on wow

    Added as friend. Added as friend.
  12. Collin(OD)

    need guild on wow

    I'm on Dalaran Horde. I'll make an OverDosed Community thing tonight so people in the clan can talk and meet each other. I don't think there's much traction with the Silvermoon guild unfortunately.
  13. I had one of just a few perm B Tals back in... 2009ish? That was quite expensive. I don't remember how much, though.
  14. Collin(OD)

    M.2 Drives... The more you know...

    Tons of people are still using Z97 and Haswell / Devil's Canyon processors. Like.. probably a lot more people than are using Kaby Lake or Coffee Lake processors. I think your timeline is off. PCIe 3.0 debuted in 2010? PCIe 3.1 was 2013/2014. Haswell / Devil's Canyon processors were end of 2013/2014. These are all relevant: Also, PCMark simulates the actual applications. Such as specific games or applications. Not just arbitrary reading/writing I said M.2 is dope. I didn't say NVMe is dope. M.2 != NVMe. NVMe is silly.