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  1. Thank you Collin!

    Too bad you left the thread up all day for people to look into... :P
  2. Anyone play any custom D2 mods?

    I play I have two toons. I can do rushes, but no one does grushes really.
  3. Anyone play any custom D2 mods?

    No unfortunately. Super annoying, but they want it to be as close to the original iteration of D2 as possible. Just some QoL/balance changes. Like one major change is you have a charm inventory as well as backpack-type inventory. Charm inventory is 40 slots and your other inventory is 50 or so slots. Also, Enigma has been nerfed so that less people care about it. The Teleport skill it gives you has a high mana cost and hard cooldown.
  4. Anyone play any custom D2 mods?

    Started playing Path of Diablo with some friends recently. It's basically D2 with balance changes, some skills tweaked/added/removed based on need, and a different end-game. They pulled aspects that people liked from Path of Exile and improved Diablo with them. www.pathofdiablo.com
  5. Microphone suggestions?

    How much do you wanna spend?
  6. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Challenge Snicker yo (when possible)
  7. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    I want in.
  8. Discord and Eggplants

    Good fucking question.
  9. Just can't take it any more

    We all noobs it's nbd.
  10. Just can't take it any more

    Sorry to hear bud. Keep your head up.
  11. Discord and Eggplants

    I had reluctantly accepted the previous decisions, but I am glad to see this has been sorted out. "Gamer trolling" is commonplace in a gaming community, and I think some of us need to remember that this is a place to goof around and have fun. If you're uncomfortable or upset by someone messing with you or having fun at your expense (or at the expense of another), then you should PM that person and let them know how you feel. I think you will find that people are reasonable and that honest and open communication can solve most problems. To anyone looking to torpedo someone's reputation or push an agenda based on personal grievances, know that in the future you will see a much more aggressive response to your actions. This shit isn't cool to do and is not welcome in this community. Now that all of that's been said... anyone who decided to judge me or anyone else after hearing only one side of the story should be ashamed of themselves.
  12. My first community opinion post

    You say that... but web updates are notoriously slow around here.
  13. My first community opinion post

  14. 15IAS 30+ED Jewels

    These are all over jsp. One guy has 3x 40/15 jewels.
  15. Your (OD) Account!

    It's my name.