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  1. FFXIV Division Meeting - Poll

    I probably will not be there if it's on Friday. :(
  2. Raid Event - Sigmascape (4/8 @6pm)

    I'll be thy here for this as well. Weekends are still my own. I'll delegate some things irl better so I have more time.
  3. Drunken Rocket League - What should I drink?

    I should have drank and attended last night. xD
  4. I feel like hell, im forwarding the d3 division to you for the day and Im gonna reuse the term you used on me : dont fuck it up :P

    1. Purplez(OD)


      He can't help, he has to maintain his "idle" award LMAO  

  5. Raid Group - Let's Get Started!

    I have posted my available times and current gear score on both my WHM and my SAM. I have a preference to go in as Healer. Also, to avoid any possible confusion, it's currently CDT, not CST.
  6. Event Ideas?

    I think this would be a fantastic idea for an event. It gets people together having fun! Plus it could potentially help us make more gil to move to a bigger plot! And we know how much we wanna move.
  7. Website development tool

    I prefer Notepad++. I like the layout of Microsoft Visual Studio, but it's laggy as hell. Usually I'm content with Notepad++. Haven't had much experience with others.
  8. The music topic!

    Not usually much for rhythm games, but this looks really cool. Lightsaber training 101.. besides the song's pretty nice. Jaroslav Beck - Escape (ft. Summer Haze)
  9. Share your pics!

  10. you better be caught up by monday :P im back to work tonight so you have a chance

  11. Revival of Community Meetings

    Anything but Friday night. I can be there.
  12. s13 Characters and Group ups

  13. Division Memebers! We want your input!

    I noticed this last night when Rose and I played. I started last night and intiially we asked for help and were more or less ignored. A few hours later, when Type got on, there were several interested in helping me get to 70. We were able to get Rose and Hikato to 70 in the end. It's concerning to say the least but I can vouch for the apparent unwillingness to help people who are either new or someone people have never met.
  14. Thank you Collin!

    And I was at work, barely had enough time and a chance to lock it and edit out the link.
  15. Thank you Collin!

    No worries :) I'm just glad that either the damage was minimal or threat neutralized completely neutralized. Either way, happy to be of service.