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  1. The music topic!

    The Birthday Massacre - Sleepwalking
  2. Passing the Torch

    You've gotten quite enough lately. :P Let's not de-rail this thread though out of respect to Tris and everything he's done for the Community though.
  3. Passing the Torch

    Tris retiring has been in the making for months now. It wasn't anything you did. That said, I'll say what I've told you many times over. You were always the one I looked up to the most. You earned so much respect from me and you taught me a lot of what I know today. You always held us accountable for our actions, and I can't possibly thank you enough. While it saddens me you're leaving, nothing makes me happier for you and your future man. Don't forget about us and stop in from time to time. :)
  4. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    Be careful what you wish for Terra. It might come true. You remember last time..
  5. What's the best thing you've found so far?

    Wasn't this season, but @Onee(OD) and I found a Tgods, first day, within like 10 hours. He was the lucky one to pick it up. I cant' remember if he sold it or not. But it was nice to see it drop first day. Lol. Few seasons before that one, I rolled a perfect Spirit on the first roll. Decided to keep it instead of sell it. FML
  6. Winter Awards 2018 Part 1

    You have to have 2 options or the question can't be asked. Obviously for ghost and Xayj, they're going to win by default. I don't know why Dabomb's on the second question twice. Error?
  7. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    As I stated in discord, I think the process is being misunderstood here. Brigadier Generals, Major Generals, Lieutenant Generals, and Generals can be evaluated every 3 months. Commanders, after being promoted from General get a 6 month grace period. On that 6th month, they may be evaluated every 3 months afterwards. Furthermore, Colonels, for that matter, may potentially also be evaluated every 3 months. There's no stipulation that requires us to post an evaluation unless we're called to. Failure to post one after being called to does result in a demotion. However. If you would instead wish to see an evaluation from us, I have no issue posting one. I'll be the first up to the plate to post an evaluation if the community deems it necessary. We are judged by you, the community, and if you feel I am not doing my job, then I should be judged.
  8. I see you in the current eval thread process, thanks Dad. ;D

    1. Aerineth(OD)


      Lulz, you see nothing. I'm hiding.

  9. Event Calendar

    I forgot to unhide this the other day. I will now make it public for people to view it.
  10. Undisable me PLZ

    Welcome back. I have re-enabled you and you should be good to go. If you need a password reset, please let us know, we'll be happy to help you! Staff Sergeant Bob(OD) has been successfully re-enabled. Commander Aerineth(OD) re-enabled Staff Sergeant Bob(OD) for Requested via the forums. http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/66434-undisable-me-plz/ Welcome back. - Aer was written into log.
  11. Share your pics!

    I changed my settings and am now running in the games 4k setting, but the screenshots don't do it any justice.
  12. MF hell Andy with bad gear

    There's a face I haven't seen in a while. Nice to see you're still around buddy!
  13. Melrak(OD) is here

    I see now. Once someone's been changed and given a custom forum title, they gain access to it in their profile to change it themselves from there on. I remember talking to Melrak for the title now. I literally just woke up.
  14. Melrak(OD) is here

    No we change it in acp. Least I do.