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  1. No problem. That's why I, the self proclaimed forum whore and expert, am here. 😛
  2. This is a status message! @JR(OD)

    1. Ray(OD)


      @JR(OD) And this is Cookie.

  3. Definitely not the shoutbox (albeit it's there too at the top). I'm referring to the bottom of the list on the right is a place for recent status updates.. you can post your own in the box above it. Regardless of your theme, it's located in the same location and you can update your status from here. Alternatively, you can navigate to your own profile, and at the top of the page, you can post on your profile, but this is your wall, not your status update.
  4. Right.. forgot about that.. it's been a long day today.. 15 hours before I got home.
  5. Status update? Are you referring to your rank as Purplez said? Or are you looking to do a status update like on the right hand side of the forum? If it's rank, then any 4* or Commander can update it.
  6. I don't think Bran will die till the end.. but I'm pretty sure that Brienne will be dying next week. I had considered Jaime, but that'd be too good for him. I also think that Gendry will die next week. Beric is just too much of a hardass to really die, even if he's lost his healer, though I could be surprised. I also think that Samwell Tarly will die. I do think Edd will be dying though. Almost 100%. I'm torn on Theon and Grey Worm. I doubt Davos will die either. I think there's a chance that we'll perhaps see another Dragon fall this coming battle as well. We already know the Night King can kill a dragon, and if Dany is smart, she'll leave the dragons away from them.. but I think that's part of the plan to try to use Dragon Fire on the Night King.
  7. I'm not sure playing through the den of evil counts. 😛
  8. Well after discussing it with A few members I think its time we put me back at the top , You need sometime off and I wanna practice being a tyrannical dictator, We can do this the easy way and just set me there or I can rally the armies of Mordor and take it balls in your court Chief

  9. SOrry I missed it but you didnt think Id let you off easy

    1. Purplez(OD)


      Don't forget to log in 😛

  10. Thanks everyone. For some reason I thought I responded to this thread Tuesday night.. guess I dreamt it. My apologies. It's nice to get some love around my Birthday 😛 Considering I was of the fastest to climb the ranks without skipping any ranks in the history of OD, what's that say about everyone else? I'd like to think everyone likes me and I haven't pissed anyone off.. especially lately. =P Lmao, well, my skills in Rocket League were never stellar 😛 Thanks Triny 🙂 Thanks Pops 🙂 Can I have a cookie for my birthday Sassy? 🙂
  11. Aerineth(OD)

    RC ban?

    Scrub. Gotta space that stuff out! xD
  12. Aerineth(OD)

    RC ban?

    What the hell did you do to get banned for over a month?
  13. She's gonna hunt you next! That'll get you some glory.. if you put up a good fight. xD
  14. I left a loaded handgun in the officers bathroom went outside to get high came back and it was gone We might have an issue

  15. The ~ is to denote when someone wishes to speak, not requiring push to talk. Just makes things go smoother. Of course, ptt is encouraged as well.
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