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  1. I left a loaded handgun in the officers bathroom went outside to get high came back and it was gone We might have an issue

  2. Aerineth(OD)

    D2 Meeting Poll!

    The ~ is to denote when someone wishes to speak, not requiring push to talk. Just makes things go smoother. Of course, ptt is encouraged as well.
  3. Aerineth(OD)

    Share your pics!

    Blue Mage: 'Be a good student and I won't have to smack you. Reow'
  4. Aerineth(OD)

    Clan Awards Voting Poll - January 2019 - Part 3 of 3

    igitrdunn and Aerineth: Terra: Ghost (Not a picture so a link will have to do): https://www.facebook.com/joe.mokos/videos/10156984339608960/?t=25 best blender_18-12-09_20-47-23.mp4
  5. Aerineth(OD)

    Plans for 2019

    Plans for 2019 in Black Desert Online announced by the Executive Producer of Black Desert Online. https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2221?lang=en
  6. Aerineth(OD)

    On the Use of Clubs

    You should be able to yes. As a General you should be able to join/leave clubs at will regardless of public/private status. (you may need to manage the club to invite yourself but you can rejoin a private club)
  7. Aerineth(OD)

    Disabled Messages

    I can re-enable you. Would you like me to re-enable you?
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  9. Aerineth(OD)

    Black Desert Screen Shots

  10. im being extradited to finland for apparent death threats towards their junior hockey team, HOW are you gonna get me outta this mess !?

  11. Aerineth(OD)

    OD Movie Challenge!

    I did it again for the lulz and got like 46k. xD told me i was the 47th highest scorer on that puzzle. I could probably get even higher.
  12. Aerineth(OD)

    Brood War Night!

    I might have actually joined if it wasn't during a meeting. Been debating a few games recently.
  13. Aerineth(OD)

    OD Movie Challenge!

    You should possibly limit the categories. The Video Game one was really too easy.
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  15. Aerineth(OD)

    Black Desert Screen Shots

    Hello little one! (The camera is inside of a melting pot) @Gino(OD) And.. @Purplez(OD) mentioned she hadn't seen my character..