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  1. Aerineth(OD)

    Bumpa(OD) is Back

    Now.. there's a name I've only heard about and not actually met from D2 history. It's a pleasure to finally meet you. Judging from the logs, I just barely missed you by about 6 months. 😕I do hope to play a game or two with you! Be sure to kill those demons of Sanctuary for me in the meantime!
  2. Aerineth(OD)

    Share your pics!

    Pretty. 🙂 Nice Windy. I seem to recall a screenshot thread somewhere in the Diablo 2 forum though. Perhaps we should revive it. 🙂 And if I'm remembering wrong, you can just create one for you guys in Diablo 2, which works just as well!
  3. Aerineth(OD)

    Is there a guide/FAQ/article contribution section?

    Aah, yea that'd be game specific. I don't think there's a guide forum for d2. You are more than welcome to start writing guides though if you wish. We can rename the character builds forum to include any d2 guide, not just builds. Sorry bout the confusion. You didn't ask about game specific guides, just guides in general.
  4. Aerineth(OD)

    Is there a guide/FAQ/article contribution section?

    There is, it's just combined into a single thread. It's found within the Clan Info forum. http://forum.overdosed.net/forum/263-clan-info/ The thread I'm referring to is the Guide to Everything Also, the Clan Info Index has a list of all the useful links you may ever need.
  5. Aerineth(OD)

    Hypotheticals - The Alien Dilemma

    I mean.. if they're not wanting to share some information then we can't trust them. For all we know they screwed their own planet up.. I mean.. has anyone even seen Independence Day?
  6. Aerineth(OD)


    I love this picture on so many levels. Quite possibly the biggest OD meetup yet, and perhaps the first OD wedding. Definitely the first officiated by 2 standing Commanders, 1 General, and 1 past Commander. =P
  7. Aerineth(OD)

    Hypotheticals - The Alien Dilemma

    How many aliens are we talking about, and what caused the accident on their planet?
  8. Round 2 I need your avatar 😄

  9. Aerineth(OD)

    Banned from channel for no reason.

    But, when you connect to the channel with Stealthbot, it appears as an open char, not as a stealth bot or the actual character. It's just how the connection works with Stealthbot. Just by looking via client, you can't tell who's running an open char or stealthbot, they look identical. Just an observation that may not be apparent. That said, I don't think it's that big of a deal to enforce it if the channels not near a cap. I idle'd with mine before I even became an ops a long time ago. Given that there are 200 available slots in the channel, unless it even gets close to that, it's not an issue. But that's my opinion.
  10. Aerineth(OD)

    Banned from channel for no reason.

    Unless things have changed or I'm not remembering correctly, when you join a channel on a stealthbot your character looks like an open character. However, I'm still confused because your username was Trysts(OD) so, I have no idea why you would have been banned. It's up to Pops to weigh in on why he banned you as I don't personally know. The bots have always done that. Anti-flood precautions since people used to flood channels with SC and BW clients (usually). Are there still floods that happen with the updates to the server that Blizzard has done? If not, do we even need to ban SC accounts if the channels not full?
  11. Aerineth(OD)


    Commander Aerineth(OD) disabled Chief Warrant Officer CWO4 Hikato(OD) for Hikato is resigning via the forums. http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/67401-adios/?tab=comments#comment-828643 Since your return you\'ve touched many people. You\'ve made great connections since you came back. It makes me sad you\'re leaving, but it is your choice. You\'re welcome to return anytime you desire. I hope you continue to hang out with us and spend time with us. It\'s really been good having you back. Either way, I wish you well in life and everything you do. - Aer - was written into log. I have done as you asked. I'm sorry to see you go, and have tried to convince you to stay but sadly you've made up your mind. It was really good to have you back man, and I hope you continue to hang around. If not, I wish you the best in life. You're welcome to return anytime.
  12. Aerineth(OD)

    King's Raid

    dic maybe? No idea lmao. That's weird. But glad you're in now. 🙂
  13. Aerineth(OD)

    What is truly Purple?

    Do you have any other colors that you like as much as Purple? Or is purple pretty much it?
  14. Aerineth(OD)

    Steam Accounts

    Basically a place to centralize video game access. I have like 200 games in my library, and you can add non steam games (like Diablo 2) to your library. It basically just allows you to manage all the games you own. You can buy a great many games from Steam to own. Websites like www.humblebundle.com will sell bundles of games that you can get multiple games for cheap pretty much.
  15. Aerineth(OD)

    The Next Interview is with...Sassy(OD)!

    What makes you different from the rest of the Generals and Commanders? How does that benefit your division and the clan as a whole? What is your secret desire/goal in the clan?