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  1. HeartBound(OD)

    New to expansion

    Low budget build : Blizz sorc High budget build : Lightning sorc skills are pretty straigtforward for both build: 1pt in tele 1pty in static 1pt in warmth Max (blizz or lightning) + synergies
  2. HeartBound(OD)

    Looking to buy sorc and barb stuff, hardcore ladder US East

    I'm not technically in the clan anymore, but I have +3 bo and +2bo weapons, myth armor and arreat for barb. Also have some throwbarb gear but throwbarbs arent very good at low budget
  3. HeartBound(OD)

    A Song About The Worst Armor in D2

    if you make a melee char, fortitude is better and cheaper than coh if you make a caster, enigma is better than coh and takes 2hr with coh you waste um ber ist on an armor that only gives resists, when you can get resists from anywhere else The only reason you would use coh is on a mercenary in ubers, but even then, the merc is useless in ubers. Tyrael might, you can use it to farm nilatak so that monsters can't get corpse exploded, or on a merc running nilatak if hes doing most of the kills. But these scenario are both not optimal.
  4. HeartBound(OD)

    A Song About The Worst Armor in D2

    Depends how you see it, both are overpriced, only have ONE specific use and are outshined by other better armors
  5. HeartBound(OD)

    A Song About The Worst Armor in D2

    by the title I expected coh
  6. HeartBound(OD)

    Pin a topic of buildings?

    I thought I would come see what's up in these forums ^_^ The thing I don't like in this subforum is that everyone posts new builds in they're all mixed together, but the pinned ones always stay the same. In my opinion it needs a little cleanup. I just noticed that pinned topics are not locked... so technically we could post our builds in the dedicated threads... I guess it's just that no one does it(me included ^_^)
  7. HeartBound(OD)

    Looking for a Barb Build

    eth Reaper's Toll, it can procs decrepify to remove physical immunities to monsters and has high attack. Otherwise, I suggest you make a lawbringer phase blade that you carry either on switch or go 2 hand weapon. For merc setup I recommend treachery armor, guillaume helm w/ 15 ias jewel and Reaper's toll with shael in it. This setup make your merc hit the IAS breakpoint of 4.5 fpa
  8. HeartBound(OD)

    Looking for a Barb Build

    pretty much all barbs are expensive (cost at least 2 Lo) but you can make a goldfind barb by maxing leap and let your merc kill trav. Get some goldfind gear for you and your merc and go to trav, keep leaping to stun all monsters in the area and your merc is safe to kill them(trav wont be able to cast hydra if you keep leaping). It will give you a few million gold that you can use to gamble or sell on jsp. This is the cheapest build I can think of. Doesn't need a single hr :) gear : ik helm with 2 lem 2x 6os crystal sword with 6x lem goldwrap dwarf star inferno stride wealth on switch have 2x 3warcry wepaon to bo Get a edge bow in your stash to gamble at lower price merc : crown of thieve wealth/treachery tombreaver with lems, bonehew with lems or obedience
  9. HeartBound(OD)

    I was going to make a Zon

    Aptom from Guyver
  10. HeartBound(OD)

    What are the most expensive items you've ever encountered?

    I think the most expensive item I ever had was legit Rune Slippers
  11. HeartBound(OD)

    Dregs PvP Hammerdin

    I'd get a coa + 10fcr ring in stash to reach 86fhr + 50%dr for some matchups and shako + arach for others
  12. HeartBound(OD)

    The Holy Fire Zealer: Kickstart Build

    I'd say to stop using holy fire in act 4, whatever level you are when you get there, unless you're running with a party
  13. HeartBound(OD)

    Pin a topic of buildings?

    I like this idea
  14. HeartBound(OD)

    Need help hc javazon

    You can't put a facet in titans, but here's a good build : Griffons cham'd highlord enigma eth titans 4os monarch with 3facets and one 15/15 jewel OR spirit 3/20 gloves razortail silkweave or tri-res or aldur sojs (a raven if you dont cham your griff) merc : andy w/ 15ias 30fr jewel or guillaume's treachery infinity (tresher or giant tresher)
  15. HeartBound(OD)

    The Good Runewords

    It's pretty hard to rate them, like ancients pledge, I agree with you, but I wouldn't call it bad because it's an amazing shield for day 1. They should also have a pvm rating and a pvp rating. Whatever, here's what I think Ancients Pledge [Okay] This runeword isn't good, unless it's very early on in the ladder (First few days or so). A 3socketed shield with 3* perfect diamond gives more resist. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Black [Good][Niche] Best weapon for a budget smiter. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fury [Niche] Only good for ghost assassin, but ww is broken so not useful unless blizzard fix their game. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Holy Thunder [Awful] No use.(doesnt work for stacking aura back then either) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Honor [Niche] On battle.net, Honor has ONE use. a level 30 pvp weapon (Made in a Naga primarily) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kings Grace [Awful] This weapon has virtually no viability for much of anything. The 100% Enhanced Damage for 3 low-runes is enticing, but typically, other better options are open to you by the time you can make it. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Leaf [Good][Niche] Best weapon for sorc/sin/druid for a speedrun or walkthrough of normal. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lionheart [Good][Niche] Good armor for a budget smiter. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lore [Not Too Bad] Lore is a great early-ladder option _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Malice [very bad] Malice is a great single-player option for a melee weapon at very low levels, but it's not viable for anything else. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Melody : Awful Memory : Awful Nadir : Awful Radiance : Awful Rhyme : Good for mf early ladder Silence : Bad. It has some ok mods on it but I wouldn't waste a vex and ist on it. Smoke : Good. Good armor for resists and easy runes. Stealth : Good/Niche Best Armor for speedrunning and early ladder Steel : Bad, didnt write awful because it has its use if you come across these runes when starting the game as a melee Strength : Bad, same as steel. Venom : Awful and it cost a mal lmao Wealth : Niche, great armor for goldfind barb White : Very Good for bone nec Zephyr : Awful Beast : Very good for summon nec/bearsorc/bearsin Bramble : idk what char would use it... a nova nec maybe? botd : bad, only used by hacker w/ mercdin and aura shifting, and maybe some beardruid + it cost zod, on a merc, infinity or reaper toll is better. on a 2handed ww barb...well ww is broken atm, grief is a better alternative cta : optimal, only build that wouldnt use it is barb with 2x hoto and some specific niche build that I made a few years ago coh : awful. Enigma/Fortitude is better on any char that would use coh, a waste of ber/ist/um.The only use of coh is if you want your merc to survive uber meph Chaos : ww is broken so awful atm, but Optimal on ghostsin Crescent Moon : Optimal. Best weapon for lightning sorc and fun for dream zealers Delirium : Good. Cool runeword for +3nado 3os helm and doesnt cost much Doom : Bad. Expensive. there are better runewords for pvm and its bm in pvp Duress : okay. Doesnt cost that much, I can see being used on a budget build Enigma : Optimal Eternity : Niche. Very fun for revives, either to pk with nihl snakes or just run a pvm revive chant sorc Exile : Awful. Bm in pvp and cost 2 high rune for a shield that can only be used by smiter, a build thats only purpose is to run uber. And its not even the best shield for ubers. Outclassed by 45res shield w/ 4* pdiamond or uppd hoz Famine : awful. Cost a lot and better runewords exist. Gloom : Awful, outclassed by smoke/treachery Hand of justice : Awful, not good at anything, the fire aura,even stacked with dragon is pretty bad. Maybe niche if you are doing a melee sorc. Hoto : Optimal. Pretty good for caster all around Kingslayer : Awful. Cost way too much for what it gives. Passion : Niche, only good for zeal sorc Prudence : Awful, outclassed by other armor that cost less. Sanctuary : very bad. Its pretty expensive for the little thing it gives. Splendor : Good mf shield Stone : Awful. Outclassed by other armors Wind : Awful and cost a high rune Brand : Niche. Only used by obscure builds like procs chars or bear necro Death : Optimal. Very good weapon, probably best for zerk barbs Destruction : Niche, best weapon for procsdin, otherwise awful. Dragon : niche, only used on procsdin or aura sorcs Dream : Optimal, best helm/shield for bearsorc,auradin,meleesorc,dreamdin etc.. Edge : Niche, best weapon for pacifist runs and shopping at vendors Faith : Optimal, best bow weapon Fortitude : Optimal, best armor for melee that doesnt use enigma Grief : Optimal, best weapon of most melee chars Harmony : Good Ice : Good, has some uses Infinity : Optimal Insight : Very Good Last Wish : Awful, only use is if you want to make your hdin do uber by only changing 1 piece of gear, otherwise, grief is better and cheaper Lawbringer : Very good, used by some melee chars and some a3/a5 mercs Oath : good, cheap runeword for melee chars Obedience : Very good, doesnt cost much and a merc wielding that can clear the whole game Phoenix : Awful. The 400ed might seem cool but the firestorm procs interrupts your attack, lowering your dps compared to other shields. I dont see what char could use it + its expensive Pride : Niche, only used for the conc aura, usually on summon necros to make a golem out of it. Can be used on a might merc too for some characters Rift : Niche, only used by riftsin Spirit : Optimal Voice of reason : Good. Nice mods for budget builds Wrath : Awful Bone : Awful Enlightenment : Awful Myth : Niche, good option if you have a bo barb w/ sandbox Peace : Okay, cheap early on Principle : Awful Rain : Awful Treachery : Optimal. Best armor for merc and some melee chars. Also used to procs fade before ubers.