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  1. That's some good advice if you're playing alone, but in a party, the best build for sorceress is to max static and let the others land the finishing blow, then respec to blizzard. For additionnal tips, you can farm andy with using only mf gear safely as I explained there : In addition to moat trick meph, you can easily find the path to durance level 3 from the waypoint by tracing a box around the waypoint and going left of that box's exit. Here's an example The reason this works most of the time is because lvl3 entrance's box shape will ALWAYS be the waypoint's shape rotated 90 degrees clockwise, so the odds of it being left are very high. I also want to add into this : 7. Mf areas that dont have many immunes to your element, ex: for cold sorc ancient tunnels/ andy/ meph/ pindle Other good areas are Mausoleum(very easy and no cold immunes) + Maggot Lair lvl 3
  2. Low budget build : Blizz sorc High budget build : Lightning sorc skills are pretty straigtforward for both build: 1pt in tele 1pty in static 1pt in warmth Max (blizz or lightning) + synergies
  3. I'm not technically in the clan anymore, but I have +3 bo and +2bo weapons, myth armor and arreat for barb. Also have some throwbarb gear but throwbarbs arent very good at low budget
  4. if you make a melee char, fortitude is better and cheaper than coh if you make a caster, enigma is better than coh and takes 2hr with coh you waste um ber ist on an armor that only gives resists, when you can get resists from anywhere else The only reason you would use coh is on a mercenary in ubers, but even then, the merc is useless in ubers. Tyrael might, you can use it to farm nilatak so that monsters can't get corpse exploded, or on a merc running nilatak if hes doing most of the kills. But these scenario are both not optimal.
  5. Depends how you see it, both are overpriced, only have ONE specific use and are outshined by other better armors
  6. I thought I would come see what's up in these forums ^_^ The thing I don't like in this subforum is that everyone posts new builds in they're all mixed together, but the pinned ones always stay the same. In my opinion it needs a little cleanup. I just noticed that pinned topics are not locked... so technically we could post our builds in the dedicated threads... I guess it's just that no one does it(me included ^_^)
  7. eth Reaper's Toll, it can procs decrepify to remove physical immunities to monsters and has high attack. Otherwise, I suggest you make a lawbringer phase blade that you carry either on switch or go 2 hand weapon. For merc setup I recommend treachery armor, guillaume helm w/ 15 ias jewel and Reaper's toll with shael in it. This setup make your merc hit the IAS breakpoint of 4.5 fpa
  8. pretty much all barbs are expensive (cost at least 2 Lo) but you can make a goldfind barb by maxing leap and let your merc kill trav. Get some goldfind gear for you and your merc and go to trav, keep leaping to stun all monsters in the area and your merc is safe to kill them(trav wont be able to cast hydra if you keep leaping). It will give you a few million gold that you can use to gamble or sell on jsp. This is the cheapest build I can think of. Doesn't need a single hr :) gear : ik helm with 2 lem 2x 6os crystal sword with 6x lem goldwrap dwarf star inferno stride wealth on switch have 2x 3warcry wepaon to bo Get a edge bow in your stash to gamble at lower price merc : crown of thieve wealth/treachery tombreaver with lems, bonehew with lems or obedience
  9. I think the most expensive item I ever had was legit Rune Slippers
  10. I'd get a coa + 10fcr ring in stash to reach 86fhr + 50%dr for some matchups and shako + arach for others
  11. I'd say to stop using holy fire in act 4, whatever level you are when you get there, unless you're running with a party
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