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  1. Hikato

    Remember this?

    Stick to old.
  2. Hikato

    Squad Cleanup 2018

    You can remove my leadership for the 7 Days Squad.
  3. Hikato

    [RESOLVED]Abuse of Power by Major General of D2.

    Damn Seth, still causing trouble? @Sil3NtKilL(OD)
  4. Hikato

    Squad Cleanup 2018

    Don't care.
  5. Hikato

    Small request for baal / diablo runners on clan od

    If you're in a game and your quest doesn't show as "completed by another player", then the quest is available to be completed. If it is available and they are waiting at the star for Diablo to spawn, or going into the Chamber for Baal, you're probably going to want to roll out of there. 😛
  6. Hikato

    Automatic DSL resets

    My bot is back in the channel until the final version of the DSL script is active.
  7. Hikato

    OD D3Stats 2.0

    My members database is a little older, so that could be it.
  8. Hikato

    Path of Diablo

    I'm down to play this on their ladder reset for sure.
  9. Hikato

    Warcraft 3 1.29

    I have it installed, I'm down to play. @TypeReaL(OD)
  10. Hikato

    Nominations for Clan Awards!!!

    Can you send me a screenshot of the page (and error) when it happens?
  11. Hikato

    OD D3Stats 2.0

    I have a fix for this waiting to be uploaded! 🙂
  12. Hikato

    OD D3Stats 2.0

    I believe the # policy for Battletags has changed, we will just need to update the site to allow 5 #s in the ID. I'll work on getting it updated for you, hopefully this afternoon.
  13. Hikato

    OD D3Stats 2.0

    From about 5 minutes before I posted. 😛
  14. Hikato

    Farewell Everyone!

    I'd like to thank you for doing such an amazing job with working with everyone and giving such a huge push/effort to get Diablo 3 into something amazing. You are a great leader, and a stand up guy. I wish you the best of luck, and hope to see you again!
  15. Hikato

    OD D3Stats 2.0

    So years ago, when the Blizzard/Battle.net API (the system that lets us grab stats from Blizzard servers) was a youngin', I wrote a stats system for OD's site to pull stats for everyone every 15 minutes or so. The API was changing a lot at the time, and because of that, it constantly broke the OD site side. Fast forward to today in 2018! Their API is pretty simplified and solid, so time to bring back D3 Stats! And needless to say.. I may or may not have been a little busy..... This is an exert from my test script to make sure I am getting the exact data I want, and this is what the output gives so far. This is being run on my test site, so it is not accurate (especially accounting for the new influx of members). I would like you guys to take this time and remember to add your Battletag to your OD website profile. To do so, go to the Overdosed.net site, click Console, then under Account Management you should see "Change Profile". Click on that and there will be a box in there to set your Battletag. This system should go live during the week, and along with that will be leaderboards for a ton of different criteria (sheet DPS, sheet toughness, paragon to start, then eventually main stat leaderboards, monster/elite kills, highest solo rift, etc) for each type of character (seasonal, nonseasonal, softcore, hardcore). Get ready to have an Overdosed specific leaderboard. 😉